Blake Newell drunkenly attempts to enter Music City Center, tells police woman assaulted him

40-year-old Blake Newell was taken into custody for public intoxication on March 26th. Officers received a call regarding a male, later identified as Newell, being hit by a female near 7th Avenue South and Demonbreun Street. When officers arrived, they noticed Newell was trying to enter the Music City Center. Officers also noticed he had a laceration on the right side of his forehead. Newell showed signs of impairment as he told them that he had been hit by a female who had stolen his phone. He refused medical attention and demanded to be taken back to his hotel. Newell admitted to drinking and then referred to the officers as the “Memphis Police Department,” so they deemed him unable to care for himself and then detained him.

Kyle Morris jailed after fleeing police, punching medic in face on Broadway

32-year-old Kyle Morris had a scuffle at the 4th Avenue South and Broadway intersection in the early hours of February 29th. NFD medics flagged officers down regarding the fight, and when they arrived, they noticed Morris lying on the ground. Morris was visibly intoxicated and was belligerent to medics as he refused medical attention. Medics were removing Morris from the gurney to detain him when he started running away from them. When Medics tried to gain control of Morris, he started swinging, and then he punched Patrick Nolan, a medic, in the face, breaking his $600 prescription glasses. Morris continued to flee, disregarding officers’ commands to stop, and was caught following a brief foot pursuit. Morris was taken into custody for the assault of a first responder, vandalism, public intoxication, evading arrest, and resisting arrest.

Noah Kelley charged with buying crack cocaine in downtown Nashville

21-year-old Noah Kelley was booked on a citation for simple possession on February 16th. On January 24th, officers observed Kelley on Broadway walking to an ATM to pull out money with two other individuals before conducting a hand-to-hand transaction with one of them. Detectives stopped Kelley, who admitted to buying “something,” later identified as crack cocaine, from the black male in a blue coat. Kelley told them that he did not know what the substance was. He was cited for the incident.

Jonathan Cormack hides in closet from police after violating bond conditions

44-year-old Jonathan Cormack was jailed on January 4th when officers discovered he had bond conditions preventing him from being with his wife after being arrested for a prior domestic incident in Williamson County. The police were on the scene investigating a separate call for service. They asked Cormack’s wife if they could search her home for Jonathan and found him hiding in a closet. Cormack was taken into custody on January 4th.

Savannah Mcclellan pours drink on woman during altercation

20-year-old Savannah Mcclellan was involved in an altercation at Merchants Restaurant on December 31st with her friend Charlie Masingo. When officers came into contact with the victim, she told them that Mcclellan poured a drink on her, and then Masingo assaulted her afterward. Mcclellan admitted to pouring a drink on the victim. A witness also came forward and said that she observed Mcclellan pour the drink on the victim. Mcclellan was taken into custody and charged with assault.

Tamia Taylor deemed too drunk for Broadway

23-year-old Tamia Taylor was booked on January 1st after an altercation at Ole Red on Broadway. When officers made contact with Taylor, they could smell alcohol coming from her breath as she slurred her side of the story. Officers determined Taylor to be a danger to herself and others, so officers took her into custody.

Rolly Cartwright too drunk for Whiskey Row after celebrating the new year

24-year-old Rolly Cartwright was jailed on New Year’s Day at 2 a.m. after police responded to a call of a disorderly person on Broadway. When officers arrived on the scene,  Cartwright had been detained by Whiskey Row security. They advised that he had been kicked out of the bar and continued to try to reenter. When officers made contact with Cartwright, they could smell alcohol coming from his breath, and he appeared visibly intoxicated. He admitted to drinking and was determined to be a danger to others if left unattended in his drunken state.

DUI: Riley Chlebik drives his scooter into a car in downtown Nashville

27-year-old Riley Nicholas Chlebik was involved in a vehicle vs. scooter accident at the Elm Street and 3rd Avenue South intersection on October 11th. Chlebik was being placed into the back of an ambulance when officers arrived. They spoke with the car’s driver, who stated that Chlebik ran through a stop sign and was turning into the front of his vehicle. Chlebik advised officers that he was going home from work and admitted to drinking before driving, stating, “I am probably over the legal limit.” Officers observed him to be visibly intoxicated and transported him to Vanderbilt Hospital, where he did not know whether he hit a person or a car with his scooter. He was booked on a citation for driving under the influence on December 12th.

Julia Lange charged with assault of her friend at Margaritaville hotel in Nashville

49-year-old Julia Lange was seen by security at Margaritaville Hotel on Rep John Lewis Way slapping Melinda Olson in the face several times. They told police of the incident when they arrived on Friday morning. Security also told police that she took Melinda’s key card to the hotel room and left Melinda in the lobby. Melinda was escorted back upstairs, and when Julia answered the door, she was verbally abusive towards Melinda. Police heard a scuffle inside as well as a voice saying, “I will kill you,” and “Why did you hit me?” Then they heard a slapping sound, they knocked, and Julia opened the door. Inside, police could see Melinda lying on the room floor with blood on her face and knee. When they asked Melinda what happened, she told police that Julia hit her in the face. Police observed injuries to Melinda’s knee, nose, and neck. Melinda had no injuries before entering the room. Julia was determined to be the primary aggressor and was charged with domestic assault.

Lizannette Ronquillo Dolph assaults boyfriend Christopher Greenhill in downtown Nashville

Police say 29-year-old Missouri tourist Lizannette Dolph Ronquillo caused a large disruption near 2nd & Broadway Wednesday night, causing multiple people to flag down officers for assistance. They arrived to find her in an argument with her boyfriend, Christopher Greenhill. During the altercation, she was also lunging at witnesses to the incident after pushing and slapping the victim. The victim told police the argument was about him seeing his ex-wife. Lizanette, who was extremely intoxicated, was determined to be the primary aggressor and was taken into custody.