Kyle Morris jailed after fleeing police, punching medic in face on Broadway

32-year-old Kyle Morris had a scuffle at the 4th Avenue South and Broadway intersection in the early hours of February 29th. NFD medics flagged officers down regarding the fight, and when they arrived, they noticed Morris lying on the ground. Morris was visibly intoxicated and was belligerent to medics as he refused medical attention. Medics were removing Morris from the gurney to detain him when he started running away from them. When Medics tried to gain control of Morris, he started swinging, and then he punched Patrick Nolan, a medic, in the face, breaking his $600 prescription glasses. Morris continued to flee, disregarding officers’ commands to stop, and was caught following a brief foot pursuit. Morris was taken into custody for the assault of a first responder, vandalism, public intoxication, evading arrest, and resisting arrest.

Public Defender Kevin Coker says news coverage of his client violates the Constitution, he’ll have it taken down.

#LISTEN: “There’s an article on Scoop: Nashville about an arrest that happened back in 2020 … by the article being up in would be in violation of his [client’s] constitutional right to a fair trial… I’ll take it up with the judge, and if I need to, get an order to have it taken down”… those are the words spoken by Nashville Public Defender Kevin Coker as he called Scoop: Nashville owner, Jason Steen. A recording of the phone call is included in the story.

Nashville ‘Patriot’ assaults MNPD officer in elevator after public intox arrest

30-year-old Kristy Regis, an aspiring social media influencer and self-described Trump Patriot, faces multiple charges after Metro says she repeatedly kicked the police officer who arrested her.