Public Defender Kevin Coker says news coverage of his client violates the Constitution, he’ll have it taken down.

#LISTEN: “There’s an article on Scoop: Nashville about an arrest that happened back in 2020 … by the article being up in would be in violation of his [client’s] constitutional right to a fair trial… I’ll take it up with the judge, and if I need to, get an order to have it taken down”… those are the words spoken by Nashville Public Defender Kevin Coker as he called Scoop: Nashville owner, Jason Steen. A recording of the phone call is included in the story.

Woman charged after attempting to pay for beer with hotel keycard — Laura Kathryn Kelley

30-year-old Laura Kathryn Kelley tried paying for her beer at SandBar Nashville with a hotel keycard. When it wouldn’t work, she became upset and caused a scene, resulting in her being asked to leave the location by property management, security, and police – each of which she declined. She was charged with public intoxication and criminal trespass.