Gregory Hall ignores no-trespassing signs, booked for trespassing

47-year-old Gregory Lee Hall was sitting on the steps at Plaza Art on Middleton Street on the afternoon of November 1st. Officers patrolling the area observed this, even though the location has multiple visible no-trespassing signs, so they cited Hall. Hall was booked for criminal trespassing on December 1st.

Small town Mayor Michael Cherepko jailed in Nashville after causing drunken disturbance 

46-year-old Michael Cherepko, who is the Mayor of the small town of McKeesport, Pennsylvania, found himself in a Nashville jail cell just hours after his own city’s Christmas parade this weekend. Just after 2 a.m. Sunday, Metro Nashville Police Officers were flagged down near Whiskey Row for a man causing a public disturbance. Cherepko was reportedly “extremely intoxicated” and was ranting about losing his credit card. Security confirmed that the Mayor closed his tab at 1:15 a.m., when his card was returned to him. Mayor Cherepko admitted he was “messed up” when talking with police. He was advised to come back tomorrow and see if he could locate his credit card, and he seemingly left the area. Twenty minutes later, Cherepko returned, too intoxicated to reason with, and caused another disturbance with security. He was detained for Metro Police, who took him into custody after he was unable to locate anyone to retrieve him to a safe place.

Bambi Fae causes a scene at Olive Garden

29-year-old Bambi Fae was jailed after causing a scene at Olive Garden on Gallatin Pike. The manager told police that Ms. Fae was acting erratically toward other customers and wished to have her removed after she paid for her meal. Ms. Fae gave the manager a Visa gift card, but it declined, and she had no other form of payment. Police asked the manager if she wanted to press charges for theft of service, but she declined. The officers escorted Ms. Fae off the property and warned her not to return or she would be arrested for trespassing. Ten minutes later, the manager called back, and officers again found Ms. Fae inside the restaurant. She was then placed under arrest and transported to booking.

Glenn Beauchamp drunk and disorderly in emergency room

61-year-old Glenn Beauchamp was drunk and disorderly at Ascension Saint Thomas Hospital Midtown in the early hours of October 25th when he was told numerous times to leave the property. Beauchamp was visibly intoxicated as he admitted to having five beers earlier to officers. Security at St. Thomas advised officers that Beauchamp was not being seen for anything but was visiting a friend. He began to be vulgar towards the nursing staff as he started filming inside the emergency room and became aggressive when security asked him to stop filming and cursing. Beauchamp was forced out of the hospital by security as he told officers that he was okay to remain on hospital property because he called the police and that he was upset because he did not think that his friend needed the treatment that the staff administered. Beauchamp was taken into custody for criminal trespassing and public intoxication.

Norman Douglas charged after trespassing at Vanderbilt University

20-year-old Norman Renard Douglas was taken into custody on November 14th for disregarding a Criminal Trespass Warning issued by Vanderbilt University in August. Officers observed Douglas outside a basketball game on campus, having purchased tickets to attend even though it was prohibited after his expulsion. Douglas was searched and arrested for criminal trespassing.

Brandon Hawkins threatens safety of American Idol contestants

38-year-old Brandon Hawkins was at the Graduate Hotel on November 12 when security had to detain him due to his continuous attempts at entering the VIP area after being told to leave numerous times. The manager of Graduate Hotel was a witness to this and told Hawkins that he had to go. American Idol contestants stayed in the VIP section, so Hawkins was placed in handcuff for everyone’s safety. Hawkins was taken into custody and charged with trespassing.

Christopher Kemp found drunk in parking lot, runs away from police

21-year-old Christopher Kemp was jailed on November 12th after officers observed him lying in the parking lot of the Horton Events Building on Lafayette Street. When officers approached Kemp and asked for his ID, he stood up and started walking away. They stopped him by restraining him, but he pulled away and ran into the middle of the intersection of 7th and Lafayette. When officers displayed their taser, Kemp finally complied. He had bloodshot eyes, dilated pupils, and sluggish speech and movements consistent with the use of narcotics. Officers also observed a bottle of beer beside him. A trespass waiver was already on Kemp’s file for that location, so he was taken into custody.  

Melvin Lainez jailed after refusing to leave Wash N Roll during paycheck dispute

24-year-old Melvin Lainez went up to Wash N Roll, his former employer, demanding his last check on the morning of October 20th. The General Manager of Wash N Roll advised Lainez that his last check was sent to the address on file. Lainez never updated his new address with the company and became very aggressive after being told it would be a few days before receiving his last check. The General Manager called the police after Lainez refused to leave, and as officers responded, Lainez continued to tell them that he was not leaving until he was paid his money. Lainez was taken into custody for trespassing, and left without his money, after all.

Jessica Royster pistol-whips her husband’s ex wife

40-year-old Jessica Royster was arrested after she was caught on video pistol whipping her husband’s ex-wife, Yasmine Easley, over a custody disagreement on October 17th outside of the Nashville Rescue Mission. Following verbal arguments that lasted throughout the day, Easley was upset with Royster because she does not have custody of her children, along with stating that the defendant is abusive toward them. The fight broke out when the defendant drove to the Nashville Rescue Mission and found the victim sitting on the sidewalk. The defendant pulled out a handgun and proceeded to strike Easley multiple times in the face, causing bleeding from the forehead.

After Easley was able to pull the handgun from Royster, she handed it to Nashville Rescue Mission staff. After losing the handgun, the defendant got into her vehicle and drove off before police arrived. In addition to the Nashville Rescue Mission staff, there was also surveillance video that showed the altercation with the firearm. Due to the damage to the victim and video evidence, a warrant was issued for criminal trespass, weapon possession with intent, and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. She was arrested on October 18th.

Elleisha Bryant charged in assault at Dunkin’ store

22-year-old Elleisha Bryant was booked this week on an outstanding warrant from July 6th when she failed to appear to be booked on a citation. Officers were initially dispatched to the Dunkin’ store on Briley Parkway regarding an assault on June 11th. When officers arrived, they were told that Bryant entered the restaurant with another party that went behind the counter to assault the victim after being told to leave multiple times. Bryant joined in with the other party and began to hit the victim as well. The victim sustained injuries from the assault.