Matthew Walker jailed for trespassing while waiting for his Uber

19-year-old Matthew Walker was seen trespassing at Hadley Park on 28th Avenue on July 7th. Officers were called due to a large gathering after hours. When officers arrived, they began dispersing the crowd. Officers then noticed Walker leaning on a car but was not leaving. When officers told him to leave, he claimed he was waiting for his Uber. Officers then told Walker to leave the park and stay on the sidewalk while he waited, which he did. Officers then went back to the property. When officers made it back toward the entrance of the park, they noticed Walker back on the property. Officers once again told him to leave, or he would be arrested. Walker insisted he was just waiting for his ride before officers directed him back to the sidewalk. When the crowd left, and officers returned to their patrol vehicle, they noticed Walker on the property again. Due to Walker not listening and the two warnings given, Walker was taken into custody for criminal trespassing.

BUI: Matthew Walker tells officers he had “not too many” drinks before driving boat on Percy Priest Lake

28-year-old Matthew Paul Walker was observed operating a vessel while sitting on the sundeck above the boat’s gunnel in Percy Priest Lake on the evening of July 5th. After officers noticed this, they initiated a stop, during which they found Walker reeked of alcohol, showing signs of intoxication. Officers then asked Walker if he had consumed alcohol, to which he then admitted that he had, but “not too many.” After performing poorly on sobriety tests, Walker was taken into custody for boating under the influence and an implied consent violation.

Teen Matthew Walker in Michael Myers mask jailed after pretending to stab people in downtown Nashville

18-year-old Matthew Walker was jailed Friday night after alarming citizens on the streets of downtown Nashville. Police say the teen, who was armed with a prop knife and wearing a Michael Myers costume, walked up to strangers and acted as if he were stabbing them. Walker says he was just having fun and was attempting to scare people in the costume. Metro Nashville Police says he intended to cause “public alarm” and took him into custody, charging him with disorderly conduct. 

Conrad Cannon, 84, strikes grandson in forehead with metal broom handle

84-year-old Conrad Cannon was jailed Thursday afternoon after hitting his grandson with a broom. According to Matthew Walker, as he was getting ready for work, his grandfather told him to clean the house. He stated that he told his grandfather he was getting ready for work and didn’t have time to clean the house when Cannon became angry and hit him in the forehead with a metal broom handle. When Cannon was questioned, he told police that his grandson was threatening him and admitted that he hit him with a broom. He explained that the threats Matthew made were “hit me, hit me” and cussing at him. Matthew wished to press charges, and his grandfather was taken into custody.