Deana Wikowski jailed after slapping husband in downtown Nashville hotel

44-year-old Deana Wikowski was jailed early Sunday morning after police responded to the Moxy Hotel on Third Ave, where she reportedly assaulted her husband. When police arrived, Joseph Medlar Jr. was sitting at the bar located inside the hotel. He told police that his wife was initially with him at the bar until they had gotten into an argument about how much he had been drinking. She then went upstairs to their hotel room on the second floor. Medlar went upstairs to speak with her, but they only continued to argue. According to Medlar, this is when his wife slapped him on the left side of his face. She tried to slap him once again, but he was able to block any further attacks. Wikowski then jumped on him, began kicking him, and slapped him again, but this time on the right side of the face. Police observed scratch marks as well as swelling on and around his neck and the back of his head.

Cynthia Pitzen — too drunk for downtown Nashville

61-year-old Cynthia Pitzen was seen on the sidewalk of the intersection of Rep. John Lewis Way and Broadway on August 31st. Police noticed that she was intoxicated and she had trouble standing up and remaining that way. With the smell of alcohol on her breath, she told police that her husband wanted to leave Broadway, but she did not. Police placed her in custody for public intoxication because she was unable to care for herself and had no one to retrieve her back to a place of safety.

Michigan tourist Julian Hall jailed after rowdiness at Jason Aldean’s bar

23-year-old Julian Hall told Jason Aldean’s bar security staff that they were “lucky” that police placed him into custody. Before he was arrested, police were flagged down by security about Julian outside, causing a disturbance. They told the police that they denied him entry due to improper identification. The officers saw Julian arguing with security when he refused to leave the building’s curt ledge. Julian was warned several times to leave, or he would be trespassed from the business. He continued to yell, so police placed him into custody. While in custody, he said to security staff that they were “lucky,” insinuating an altercation would arise if he were not placed into custody.

VIDEO: Johnie Brewington tased after brawl at Barstool Sports Bar in Nashville

45-year-old Johnie Brewington fought two people in Barstool Sports Bar before MNPD officers arrived after getting a call over the radio about a fight. The officer was flagged down by security, Hannah West, and Nazreth Czeskleba, who pointed down 2nd Ave, yelling, “He went that way!” and “The guy in the yellow!” Adam Druingode, a security guard, told police that Johnie Brewington pushed Nazreth and punched Hannah in the face while inside Barstool Sports Bar. When Johnie was escorted out, Adam said he fought against the security, but they did not wish to pursue charges.

Police noted a welt over Hannah’s left eye. Police rounded the corner of the building, security and Hannah pointed out Johnie, who was in a hugging/pushing match with another man. He was instructed to put his hands behind his back while police broke the men up. Neither complied, but police were able to push the other smaller man away, who then fled. Johnie resisted arrest and fought against seven to eight officers while telling them that he was a veteran and said other derogatory remarks towards them. Police instructed him several times that if he did not comply that he would be taxed, he did not comply, so the officer tased him. This incapacitated him long enough to place handcuffs on him, but he continued resisting. When NFD arrived, they sedated and took him to the general hospital before booking. During the fight with the officer, one was kicked in the knee and sought to prosecute. Johnie smelled strongly of alcohol and had slurred speech.

Roger Britton — too drunk for downtown Nashville

53-year-old Roger Britton attempted to enter the Tequila Cowboy again after being verbally trespassed. On July 27th, police told Roger he was being trespassed from Tequila Cowboy. He left then showed back up moments later attempting to get back in. Police placed him into custody due to him swaying back and forth on his feet, not being able to stand, slurred speech, and smelling strongly of alcohol.

Montana Man Riley Griffin whips it out and lets it flow in downtown Nashville

32-year-old Montana tourist Riley Griffin was jailed in Nashville this weekend after whipping it all out and letting it flow in a 4th Ave South parking lot just behind the bars of Broadway. Officers observed him urinating next to a parked vehicle and immediately ordered him to stop the stream and leave the area. Unable to pause the flow, he continued to finish what he had started. Witnesses, including Mary McCants, were in a nearby vehicle and confirmed to officers they witnessed the act and saw his penis during the incident. 

Bradley Knight jailed after interfering in police investigation

28-year-old Bradley Knight was jailed Friday after he continuously disrupted another ongoing investigation by police. Police say Knight was told multiple times to move away from the scene and go about his evening, but he refused each request. He was extremely intoxicated and eventually taken into custody and charged with public intoxication. 

Hunter Trimmer bounced after throwing cups off roof of Honky Tonk Central

23-year-old Hunter Trimmer and another man were fighting with security at Honky Tonk Central early Sunday morning after being escorted out of the venue for throwing cups off the roof. Nearby Metro Nashville Police officers observed the incident and took Trimmer into custody due to his level of intoxication in public.

Drunken Donovan Filla jailed after playing in traffic in downtown Nashville

24-year-old Wisconsin tourist Donovan Filla was extremely drunk in downtown Nashville early Sunday morning when he began to run across traffic, despite warnings to get out of the street on 4th Ave near Broadway. Filla grabbed a traffic cone and threw it at a moving vehicle, and was almost hit by another vehicle. He was taken into custody due to his drunk and disorderly behavior and inability to care for himself.

Peter Freeman resists arrest after being bounced from Kid Rock’s Bar during CMA Fest

43-year-old Peter Jason Freeman was kicked out of Kid Rock’s Bar in the early hours of Saturday morning and told he could not return to the property. He initially walked away but returned minutes later and attempted to regain entry through a side door. He was extremely intoxicated and began to pull away as police were placing him into custody. Through the efforts of multiple officers, he was eventually taken into custody and transported to booking.