Illinois Tourist Andrew Hellmich booked after refusing to leave Legends Corner Bar

30-year-old Illinois Tourist Andrew Hellmich refused to leave Legends Corner Bar late February 11th. Security for the bar flagged officers down and advised them of the situation. When officers arrived, Hellmich was in a fighting stance towards security officers, yelling at them. Officers approached Hellmich, observed him as highly intoxicated, and determined he was a danger to himself or others. Hellmich was taken into custody for public intoxication and disorderly conduct on February 12th.

Massachusetts Tourist Errol Walshe deemed too drunk for Broadway

61-year-old Massachusetts tourist Errol Walshe was jailed in Nashville early February 11th after becoming too intoxicated to remain inside Honky Tonk Central on Broadway. Bouncers attempted to escort him outside, but Walshe refused to leave the venue. Walshe remained disorderly and was given a chance to leave with his friends once the police arrived. Walshe also refused that opportunity to walk away. Walshe began to get into officer’s faces and was eventually taken into custody and transported to booking.

Texas Tourist Dylan Kinnett vomits on himself in police car after resisting arrest at Kid Rock’s Honky Tonk

23-year-old Texas tourist Dylan Michael Kinnett entered Kid Rock’s Honky Tonk from the side door late February 3rd. Officers arrived and began removing people from the side door entry area since they aren’t permitted to enter this way. While Officers spoke with patrons, Kinnett tried to push through them to fight an unknown party. Officers attempted to detain him, but he resisted, tensing his muscles and hindering them from putting his hands behind his back. Then, after officers brought him to the ground, they arrested him and noticed he was intoxicated. Kinnett vomited on himself when they placed him in the patrol car, and then he was taken into custody for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

Jamison Whatley resists arrest, refuses to leave Jason Aldean’s Bar

24-year-old Jamison Whatley was being disorderly at Jason Aldean’s in downtown Nashville on February 3rd. Security for the establishment flagged officers down, advising them that Whatley refused to leave after being asked repeatedly to do so. Officers arrived and told him he needed to leave the bar or would be arrested for trespassing, but he did not listen. Officers tried to detain him, but he became resistive, swinging his arms forward and locking them out. After minimal force, they were able to arrest him, and he was taken into custody for criminal trespass and resisting arrest.

Stephanie Manley urinates in men’s room at Kid Rock’s bar; slips handcuffs, resists arrest

41-year-old South Carolina tourist Stephanie Stone Manley urinated in the men’s restroom at Kid Rock’s Honky Tonk in the early hours of January 14th. The security at Kid Rock’s alerted the officers, and when they arrived, they spoke with Manley, who was still in the men’s restroom, refusing to leave. Manley became aggressive and started yelling at officers and security, walking towards them in a fighting stance. Officers escorted her out of the establishment and guided her to sit down outside, but she slipped her left hand out of the handcuffs. She was resistive and refused to put her hands behind her back, kicking at officers as they tried to detain her. Manley was taken into custody for criminal trespassing, disorderly conduct, and resisting arrest.

Englishman Sam Loveridge jailed after Broadway Brawl in downtown Nashville

35-year-old Englishman Sam Loveridge was part of a large Brawl on Broadway Friday night when they were confronted by security and the manager of Rippy’s about their tab. The manager was shoved, and several people, including security, were assaulted by members of the party. Loveridge was identified as one of the involved parties and attempted to flee when officers informed him he was not free to go. He took off running and was eventually taken into custody, and continued to resist arrest. Loveridge complained of a pre-existing heart condition and was cleared at Metro General Hospital before being transported to booking.

James Isaacs brawls on Broadway over tab at Rippy’s Honky Tonk

32-year-old James Isaacs was a part of a large party at Rippy’s Honky Tonk late Friday night that erupted into a brawl over the tab being paid. The entire party was asked to leave the bar by security, at which time they reportedly began to shove and assault security, one of whom was punched in the face. Isaacs, along with the other members of his party, were taken into custody and transported to booking.

London tourist Christopher Lee fights & flees from police downtown, #PreTrialRelease

19-year-old Christopher Lee, who was visiting from London, was one of the individuals involved in a fight on January 1st on Broadway in downtown Nashville. Witnesses and bouncers advised officers of the scuffle, and they located Lee, but he began to flee, ignoring their commands to stop running. Lee was actively resistant when they detained him, and he was pepper sprayed during the altercation, so he had to be medically cleared before being taken into custody for evading arrest, resisting arrest, and disorderly conduct.

Drunken tourist Kameron King attempts to fight everyone he meets in Nashville

21-year-old Kameron King of Chunky, MS, was irate and yelling at security at The Lookout at Ole Red late Saturday night when he escalated to fighting other patrons. As he was being removed from the bar by security, he continuously shouted, ‘I’ll fuck that motherfucker up!” While en route to booking, King told police he was glad he was arrested; otherwise, he would “kill that motherfucker!” Once at booking, he attempted to fight other arrestees in the transfer room.

Canadian Daniel Ross flees from police downtown; free on pre-trial release

30-year-old Canadian Daniel Ross and his friend met with another man in a back alley in downtown Nashville, one which police say is known for heavy drug activity with tourists. Police attempted to stop all three individuals; however, Ross fled the area. Officers spoke with the other two individuals, who denied any drug transactions, while another office caught up with him a short distance away and placed him into custody. Ross initially demanded an attorney, but then continued to talk to officers, stating he gave his friend $5 but wasn’t sure what it was for.