Jacob Andrews drunkenly causes over $2,000 in damage at Mellow Mushroom

25-year-old Jacob Aaron Andrews was rowdy at the Mellow Mushroom in Downtown Nashville on January 28th. Security advised police that Andrews had become hostile over an argument about the band. Security then asked him to leave, which he refused. Andrews repeatedly attempted to pull away from security as they escorted him outside the establishment. Andrews slammed himself into the door during the scuffle, causing $2,000 in damage. Andrews also kicked over the business sign in front of the Mellow Mushroom, which cost $50 in damage. Andrews remained belligerent as security from a neighboring business assisted in detaining him. Officers observed him visibly inebriated, lunging at the Mellow Mushroom staff, and determined he was dangerous to himself and others. Andrews was taken into custody for public intoxication, disorderly conduct, and vandalism.

John Lepping jailed after urinating on building in downtown Nashville

21-year-old John Lepping was jailed early Sunday morning in downtown Nashville after police say he urinated on the side of the Rutledge building. He told officers that he knew he was in the wrong, and the business did not wish to prosecute. Officers took him into custody for public intoxication and transported him to booking.

Peter Lovell charged with public intoxication after threatening to fight patrons at Whiskey Row

22-year-old Peter Lovell was booked early Friday morning for annoying people at Whiskey Row. Officers were flagged down by security, who stated that Lovell was threatening to fight people in the area. He was also acting aggressively toward workers at a nearby hot dog stand. Police approached Lovell and informed him that he was drunk in public and gave him the opportunity to call his wife, but the number he provided did not work. He then lied to officers, stating that he had a cab waiting for him on Broadway. He finally got into a cab but couldn’t tell the driver the address of where he was staying. He was also dropping his garbage from his hot dog all over the inside of the taxi, causing the driver to refuse him a ride. Officers noted that throughout the incident, Lovell continually asked the same question over and over again, accusing officers of never answering his question even though they had answered him several times. Officers determined Lovell was unable to take care of himself and he was arrested for public intoxication.

Jared Coleman-Jones found with drugs near Barstool Sports in downtown Nashville

22-year-old Jared Coleman-Jones and a group of people scattered when they saw police approach them on 2nd Ave close to Barstool Sports Bar. Police were alerted by a man who said he used to be prior law enforcement and saw four or five guys selling cocaine out of a bag. Police approached the men in a parking lot next to Barstool Sports Bar, but they all ran after recognizing the officers. Jared was caught on Broadway and 4th Ave. He tried to run and resisted arrest. After he was taken to the ground and handcuffed, police found a plastic bag of marijuana on his person. Jared admitted to the marijuana being his.

Andrew Fitzpatrick drinks himself unconscious at Wanna B’s bar in downtown Nashville

31-year-old Andrew Fitzpatrick drank so much at Wanna B’s bar in Nashville Saturday night that he became unconscious. Medics and police arrived to assist bar staff, who were attempting to walk Fitzpatrick down the steps once he regained consciousness. He could not maintain his balance and was stumbling and falling into people, even with assistance. Due to his inability to care for himself, he was taken into custody and charged with public intoxication.

Thomas Hopper throws fit on downtown Nashville sidewalk, angry at bouncers

21-year-old Thomas Aaron Hopper was observed in a shouting match with security in front of Nashville Underground on Broadway in downtown Nashville late Saturday night. He began to flail his arms violently, causing a hazard to others around him, and attempted to escalate the matter with security officers. He was visibly intoxicated and refused orders from nearby Metro Police Officers to disperse and move along his way. He then kicked over a sign on the sidewalk and was placed under arrest.

Sebastian Sigg couldn’t stay away from Luke’s 32 Bridge Bar in Nashville, assaulted security

22-year-old tourist Sebastian Sigg was bounced from Luke’s 32 Bar in downtown Nashville three times late Sunday night. The first two times, he left on his own after being told he was not welcome inside the bar anymore. He returned again and had to be forcibly removed by security staff. As they were attempting to remove him, Sigg pushed one of the bouncers on the stairway while he grabbed onto the handrail and attempted to pull away from the security staff. Sigg was described as “highly intoxicated” and was taken into custody by Metro Nashville Police.

Jennifer Leahy — too drunk for downtown Nashville

27-year-old Jennifer Leahy was charged with public intoxication Saturday morning after being unable to care for her own safety. Officers were flagged down by passersby for an intoxicated female. Leahy could not remember the last bar she was at with her friend and seemed confused and lost. She could not remember the name and location of the hotel she had been staying at. She had bloodshot watery eyes, slurred speech, unsteady balance, and a strong odor of alcohol on her breath. Leahy almost fell over several times in the street while trying to show officers the last bar she was at. Leahy was alone, extremely drunk, and had no means to return to her hotel because she couldn’t remember which one she was staying at. She refused medical aid when EMS arrived to evaluate her after vomiting several times.

Adam Dalessio Comi spits in cop’s face after being booted from Whiskey Row

27-year-old Adam Dalessio Comi became disorderly at Whiskey Row on Broadway in downtown Nashville late Sunday night. Security at the bar detained him due to his level of intoxication and attempted to escort him outside. Metro Nashville Police responded to the commotion and found Comi to be extremely intoxicated and prepared to take him into custody for public intoxication. While swapping handcuffs with security, Comi violently resisted being re-cuffed and spat in the face of an officer. He continued to resist and spit in the back of the patrol car while being transported to booking.

Lee Bishop charged with public intoxication at Honky Tonk Central in Nashville

52-year-old Lee Bishop attempted to intervene during the arrest of Jennifer Bishop Saturday night in downtown Nashville. He was highly intoxicated and attempted to push past officers who were involved in the investigation. Due to his level of intoxication and disruptive behavior, Bishop was taken into custody and charged with public intoxication.