Shane Martin headbutts officer, threatens to kill his children after fighting vendor outside Honky Tonk Central

33-year-old Shane Martin was seen starting a fight with someone outside of Honky Tonk Central on June 29th. Officers were flagged down by Honky Tonk Central security to assist in the situation. As officers approached the location, the individual pointed out Martin at the corner of Broadway and 4th Avenue South. Officers went to Martin, who tried to pretend that he was playing with the vendor. When officers told Martin that he had to leave because of the several complaints he had, Martin became belligerent, saying, ” fuck you! You ain’t a real cop.” Martin proceeded to shove officers. Martin then made his way to the Honky Tonk Central, where he was stopped by security and handcuffed on one hand. Martin had to be taken to the ground to be completely handcuffed due to his violently resisting. While cuffing Martin, officers observed the strong smell of alcohol coming from his person.

Martin was then taken into custody and transported to booking. During the drive to booking, Martin threatened to kill the arresting officer, Officer Beaudu’s children, multiple times. After arriving, Martin continued being uncooperative by yelling and cursing at officers and staff. Staff came to see if they could check Martin’s temperature for their process. During this, Officer Diesel stood Martin up to assist him because of his level of intoxication. As Officer Diesel grabbed Martin’s arm, Martin grabbed the back of his head and then headbutted him. When officers restrained Martin, he continued to make threats of violence to Officer Diesel. Shane Martin was charged with 2 counts of assault of an officer, resisting arrest, public intoxication, and disorderly conduct.

Sara Keith assaults police officer during brawl outside of Morgan Wallen’s This Bar

23-year-old Sara Keith was seen pushing her boyfriend, Scott Aaron Satterfield Jr., and assaulting police officers outside of Morgan Wallen’s This bar near Boot Barn on Broadway on June 29th. When officers arrived on the scene, they observed three male individuals about to start fighting. As the officers moved to detain the victim, who was Keith’s boyfriend, Keith approached Officer Ferrari. Keith forcefully pushed the officer in an attempt to intervene and remove him from Satterfield Jr. Ferrari was able to get Keith back; however, she ignored all verbal commands and grabbed Officer Ferrari by his outer vest again to try and stop him from detaining Satterfield Jr. Proceeding this, Keith was detained as she had assaulted an officer. Officers then detained and spoke with two of the males from earlier, who said they were walking past a couple and noticed Satterfield Jr. striking Keith in the face. They immediately attempted to break up the fight, and that is when officers arrived. Officer Ferrari was able to obtain video footage of the incident that showed Keith violently pushing Satterfield Jr. three times before stepping out of camera view. Keith then stated that she and Satterfield Jr. had been together for one year and had no children. Officers then attempted to speak with Satterfield Jr., but he did not want to make a statement about what happened. Based on the footage and statements made, Keith was deemed the primary aggressor and taken into custody for domestic assault and assault on an officer.

Latina McClure punches police officer in face for arresting her brother

30-year-old Latina McClure and her brother, Gerald McClure, were escorted out of Rippy’s bar around 7 p.m. on June 9th. After being removed for their intoxication, Gerald approached a hotdog vendor and started yelling racial slurs at them. Officers attempted to calm him down, but he continued being disorderly, so they detained him, during which Latina started interfering. They directed her to step away, or she would go to jail, to which she responded by turning away from officers and then punching one in the face. Latina was then taken into custody for disorderly conduct, public intoxication, and the assault of an officer.

Daniel Hudson throws drinks at officers from second floor of Honky Tonk Central

28-year-old Daniel Wilsford Hudson tossed a beverage from the second floor of Honky Tonk Central in the early hours of June 8th. Officers Forrest Tucker and Arismendy Balbi were hit by the liquid and then a witness pointed out Hudson as the culprit. Officers detained him and reviewed footage from the establishment showing him throwing the drink at them. Hudson was taken into custody for two counts of assault of an officer.

Tourist Rebekah Schrum spits on Nashville Sheriff’s Officer & punches security guard in face

23-year-old tourist Rebekah Schrum was being escorted out of Rippy’s Honky Tonk in downtown Nashville late May 31st when a Metro Nashville Police Officer observed her punch a security guard square in the face with a closed fist. Staff say she had become unruly and attempted to enter the back of the bar, resulting in her ejection. Officers transported her to booking, where she then bit a Davidson County Sheriff’s Department officer who attempted to pick her up for processing. Rebekah Schrum was taken into custody for disorderly conduct and assault of an officer on June 1st.

Daisean Thomas hocks loogie on Whiskey Row security guard during altercation

24-year-old Daisean Thomas had an altercation with a security guard, Bradley Lewis, at Whiskey Row on April 21st. When officers arrived, they spoke with Lewis, who had Thomas detained and advised them that he declined to service him at the front of the location. Lewis stated this caused Thomas to become hostile towards him and other staff members. Then, Lewis said that Thomas had spit on him and attempted to run away. Officers noticed mucus/saliva on Lewis’ shoulder while speaking with other employees at the establishment, who corroborated Lewis’s statement. Thomas admitted to spitting on Lewis but stated he “did not assault” him. He was then cited for the incident that day. Thomas was booked on the citation of assault on an officer on May 28th.

Anthony Wolf spits blood in officers face while being kicked out of Kid Rock’s Honky Tonk

38-year-old Anthony Ryan Wolf was being disorderly at Kid Rock’s Honky Tonk late April 28th. Security for the establishment flagged officers down regarding the incident. When they arrived, they located Wolf, who was on the ground being detained by Ian Matthew Ray, an off-duty Police Chief for the Bell Buckle Police Department. Officers tried to identify themselves to Wolf, to which he replied, “I do not give a fuck.” Officers then went to detain him, but he became resistive, pulling his arms away and tensing up. When officers got him on the ground to arrest him, he spat in Officer Danielle Prader’s face. Wolf’s mouth was full of blood due to a cut inside of his lip from an unrelated occurrence. Wolf was then transported to Nashville General Hospital.

Then, officers spoke with Ray, who stated that security from the bar approached him, advising him that there was an issue in the bathroom and that Wolf needed to be removed from the establishment. Ray said he went to the bathroom and told Wolf he needed to leave, which he refused. Ray attempted to guide him to the door, causing Wolf to become agitated and spit in his face. While security escorted Wolf outside, he kicked Ray about five times, causing soreness, and then Ray detained him. Aaron Nolan Staten, a security guard, told officers he witnessed Wolf kicking Ray repeatedly, adding that he was also kicked and did not wish to prosecute. Wolf was taken into custody for resisting arrest, two counts of assault on an officer, criminal trespass, and disorderly conduct on April 29th.

Kaur Harneet spills beer on police officer from balcony at Honky Tonk Central

29-year-old Kaur Harneet spilled a beer off the second-floor balcony and hit Sergeant Kristen Morgan at Honky Tonk Central in the early hours of April 27th. Officers spoke with Morgan, who stated she and the medics were looking for their patient when they were struck by falling liquid. Morgan said she observed a dark-haired female, later identified as Harneet, in a black dress, holding a cup over the balcony. Morgan said she watched Harneet hand her cup to a friend. Nicholas Pecoraro, security for Honky Tonk Central, said he saw Harneet leaning over the balcony with the cup in her hand. While security escorted Harneet out of the business, she uttered, “It was me,” as officers approached them. Morgan spoke with Harneet’s friends, who stated it was an accident and she did not mean to spill her drink. Once Harneet was detained, officers noticed she showed signs of impairment and reeked of alcohol. Harneet told officers that she had been drinking and that she was not as drunk as she may seem. Harneet was taken into custody for the assault of an officer.

DUI: Crystal Fennell whips children while high on drugs at Waffle House

41-year-old Crystal Fennell was jailed on March 3rd after complaints of a woman pushing her kids and swinging a whip at them inside the Waffle House on Old Hickory Boulevard. Witnesses stated that Fennell had entered the restaurant with two children and began behaving erratically. During this time, the witness observed Fennell push both children and swing a whip at them. Officers tried to speak with Fennell, but she wasn’t making sense. From their professional experience, the officers believed that Fennell was under the influence of either meth or cocaine due to her behavior. Officers determined the abused children were ages 5 and 6 and belonged to Fennell. Officers also discovered that she was in possession of a multi-lashed whip.

 Multiple complainants stated they saw Fennell arrive, driving a white Chevrolet suburban. Officers decided that it was unsafe for Fennell to perform sobriety tests due to her fidgeting and constant pulling away, fearing Fennell would run into traffic.

 When Fennell was arrested, she began complaining of chest pains, to which officers requested an ambulance. While at Nashville General Hospital, she admitted to drinking some alcohol and then spat in Officer Heaton’s face. Crystal Fennell was taken into custody on March 3rd for assault on an officer, DUI with a child, and two counts of child abuse.

Deutsche Bank Broker Crosby Kisler attempts to bite officer in booking, says he is “an assassin trying to kill him”

35-year-old Crosby Kisler, broker at Deutsche Bank, had an incident at Whiskey Row in the early hours of January 29th. Whiskey Row security flagged officers down regarding a male, later identified as Kisler, who had fallen on the ground. When officers arrived, they noticed Kisler had visible injuries to his forehead and nose, using the building to balance himself. Kisler showed signs of intoxication as he told officers that the Whiskey Row security personnel “ganged up on him” and assaulted him as he tried to walk away. Security spoke with officers and informed them that they turned around and saw Kisler fall over. They attempted to help him up but had no other interaction with him. Officers tried to ask Kisler where he was staying. Kisler stated he was staying at a place that was paid for with his own money and refused to give them an address. Then, officers explained to him how they would need an address due to his level of impairment, but Kisler tried to leave, stating he was going to walk home. He was deemed a danger to himself and others, so they detained him. On the way to booking, Kisler gained an Irish accent, calling officers “c*nts” and “f*ggots,” saying they do nothing to better this country. Then, once at booking, Kisler said that Officer Sprouse was an assassin who was trying to kill him. Kisler stood up repeatedly, so Sprouse had to assist him back to the bench. Kisler then kicked Sprouse in the leg twice and tried to bite him. Kisler was taken into custody for two counts of assault on an officer and public intoxication.