Devin Orr jailed after violating an order of protection “trying to fix things”

21-year-old Devin Orr was invited by his ex, Ta’nia Mitchell, to her house to “fix things” on August 29th. Police arrived at the residence on Bell Rd after an altercation and found that Ta’nia took out a protection order against Devin earlier in the month, on August 9th. Devin told police that he was served the protection order on August 11th and was contacted by DCSO regarding the specifics of the order. Ta’nia showed officers text messages where she invited him over, where he arrived and violated the protection order.

Tourist Jessica Eaton punches her boyfriend in the nose during an argument

24-year-old tourist Jessica Eaton was having an argument with her boyfriend, Brendan Polichronopoulos, in the early hours of Monday morning on Spence Lane. The victim told police she punched him, and Eaton admitted to the assault. The couple has been in an intimate relationship for approximately six months, according to their statements. East was transported to booking and charged with domestic assault.

Alvionna Jones stabs lover during argument, flees the scene

19-year-old Alvionna Jones was jailed last week on an outstanding warrant from March 12th for stabbing her boyfriend Joshua Cloyd in the hip after an argument at the Super 8 by Wyndham Hermitage on Princeton Place. When officers arrived on the scene, they saw Joshua with a stab wound and additional slash marks on his left hip area, with blood on the bed and floor. Joshua told police that Jones had seen a text message on his phone that she thought was from another woman. Joshua said that they argued, and she eventually grabbed a knife.

According to Joshua, anytime an argument occurs, she always “goes for the knife.” He says it was a kitchen knife this time, and the blade was about three inches. Joshua said that after Jones stabbed him, she fled on foot to an unknown location. He said he blacked out during the altercation and wasn’t sure how it escalated. Joshua was treated on scene by NFD but refused to be transported to the hospital. He made it very clear that he didn’t want his girlfriend to get in trouble. During the investigation, officers discovered Jones has active bond conditions from a previous incident where Joshua was the victim.

Ricardo Greene wakes wife up to argue, slaps her in face, per report

47-year-old Ricardo Greene is charged with the domestic assault of his wife, Shaniqua Greene. As she was in bed sleeping for the night on January 7th, she says he woke her up to accuse her of talking to another man. She got up from the bed, and he followed her to the bathroom, slapping her in the face during the argument. A minor child heard the argument and the slap to the face and forced his way into the bedroom to see Ricardo pushing Shaniqua.

Angelina Federle punches boyfriend in face on way home from restaurant

Police say 31-year-old Angelina Federle and her boyfriend, Eric Doyle, were leaving a restaurant on December 31st when the couple got into a verbal argument. Once they were in the car and on the way home, she reportedly began to strike and punch him in the face multiple times, leaving him with injuries that were later documented by police, who were called once they arrived home.

DUI: Lydia Wilson says she had 2 beers, 2 glasses of wine & was on way to another pop-up bar

Police say 26-year-old Lydia Wilson drove head-on into a guard rail on the exit ramp of I-40E at exit 219 in the early hours of Sunday morning. She claimed the airbags randomly deployed, causing her to crash. She admitted to consuming “2 beers” before driving but refused to say how long ago or what size beers. She later revised that to say she had “2 glasses of wine at the GOAT bar in Mt. Juliet” and was on her way to the Christmas pop-up bar at the Noel Hotel in downtown Nashville. Officers say she reeked of alcohol and performed poorly on field sobriety tests.

Nashfamous ‘Cougar’ Shawna Lynn on Tiktok & ‘OF’ assaults daughter’s boyfriend with hammer, per report

When Metro Nashville Police located the 28-year-old victim, he was found with apparent hammer injuries to his collar bone and neck area from an assault. He explained he and his girlfriend currently live with her mother, 49-year-old Shawna Baker, or ‘ShawnaLynn’ as her hundreds of thousands of fans across TikTok, Instagram, and OnlyF*ns, better know her. He was in his bedroom when he says Baker was “very intoxicated” and believed he was laughing at her from the bedroom. She then reportedly armed herself with a hammer and began to strike the door, which he had now closed and locked out of fear of his own life. At one point, he opened the door to escape and found Baker standing at the door, hammer at her waist, blocking his exit. As he pushed her to make a rush to exit the house, he was tackled, the two rumbled, and he was struck with the hammer. He was able to escape to another location and contact the police. Baker was charged with felony aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

Dontae McFarlane pulls knife on roommate when his weed goes missing #arrested

Nashville Police say 19-year-old Dontae McFarlane came home in the early hours of Friday morning and found that his marijuana was missing from his room. He reportedly became upset with his roommate, Remarr Parnell, and grabbed a knife. While pointing it at him, he asked “so what are we going to do now?”. Parnell says this made him fear for his life and told them “I’m not going to lose my life because of him”. Another roommate confirmed the events when police arrived.