Annalesha Kirkendoll punches ex-girlfriend several times during altercation

27-year-old Annalesha Kirkendoll had a domestic altercation with her ex-girlfriend, Marquentta Parrish, on April 6th. Parrish called the police to a Charles E Davis Boulevard home, where she advised them that she and Kirkendoll had fought. During the fight, Parrish stated that Kirkendoll punched her several times before going to her vehicle and breaking the driver’s side windshield wiper. The occurrence was caught on camera. Kirkendoll was taken into custody for vandalism on May 18th.

Shanel Walker stabs woman in face during altercation

31-year-old Shanel Hargrove Walker stabbed Sonya Moore in the face at JC Napier Court on December 20th. Officers arrived and observed a gash on the left side of Moore’s face. Moore was unable to speak due to her injuries and was transported to Vanderbilt. Officers then spoke with a witness who described Walker. The witness stated that a black female who was about 4’11, dressed in all grey, with no shoes and a mask on, had stabbed Moore in the face and fled eastbound on Lewis Street. While officers were collecting evidence, the witness pointed out Walker was returning to the scene. Walker matched the description provided by the witness and was taken into custody for aggravated assault.

Ebony Maldonado assaults man during altercation

23-year-old Ebony Maldonado was jailed Wednesday evening after assaulting a man on Lebanon Pike. Efren Granados told police that Maldonado placed her hands around his neck and pushed him. He advised that she never strangled him. When police spoke with Maldonado, she admitted to placing her hands around Efren’s neck and pushing him. She was then placed into custody and transported to booking.

DUI: Antonio Fort has one drink before falling asleep while driving

41-year-old Antonio Lamont Fort was involved in a single-car accident at Elm Hill Pike and Wanda Drive intersection in the late hours of November 17th. Officers arrived and observed the Nashville Fire Department and EMS working to remove Fort from the driver’s seat of his Chrysler 200sx, but he was unresponsive. Fort was transported to Vanderbilt Medical Center, where he told officers he was at Elm Hill Pike Tavern, had one drink, and fell asleep while driving home, resulting in the crash. Fort was taken into custody on December 8th, charged with driving under the influence.

Javon Edwards assaults sister at McGavock High School basketball game

20-year-old Javon Lewis Edwards was involved in a domestic disturbance with his sister, Eryonae Miller, at McGavock High School during a basketball game on December 8th. Miller flagged officers down and stated she and Edwards were in the car arguing about her not wanting to leave the game. Then, she opened the car door to get out, and he sped up, causing her to fall out. Edwards grabbed her shirt close to her neck and strangled her. Miller was able to get away from him and run into the school, where a female staff member checked her for injuries, observing the red mark on the left side of her neck and the red mark above her right breast, consistent with where she said he placed his hands. Officers spoke with Edwards, who stated he “jacked” her up but did not hit her. Edwards was deemed the primary aggressor and was taken into custody for domestic assault.

Roneka Byrd hits girlfriend in face during drunken dispute

28-year-old Roneka Byrd was jailed on November 16th after assaulting her girlfriend at their home on Lebanon Pike. Terreona Howard told police that she and Byrd were at home drinking together when Byrd became upset for an unknown reason. Byrd then aggressively approached Howard and tried to hit her in the face but missed. Howard tried to defend herself but ended up being hit in the face, getting scratched on her chest and injuring her wrist. Due to the statements and the injuries, Ms. Byrd was determined to be the primary aggressor and was taken into custody.

Tourist Jessica Eaton punches her boyfriend in the nose during an argument

24-year-old tourist Jessica Eaton was having an argument with her boyfriend, Brendan Polichronopoulos, in the early hours of Monday morning on Spence Lane. The victim told police she punched him, and Eaton admitted to the assault. The couple has been in an intimate relationship for approximately six months, according to their statements. East was transported to booking and charged with domestic assault.

Parker Jones spits in officer’s mouth, kicks another in testicles after fighting parents

Police say 18-year-old Richard Parker Jones (AKA rparkeyjones from the forklift video) was in an argument with his parents, upset they would not co-sign a car loan for him. Officers responded to the Whitworth Way home of Donald Bradly Jones and Beth Higgins Jones on the afternoon of January 16 after the teenager had punched his father in the face and head before placing him in a choke-hold in a fit of rage. The mother’s 911 call states her son was attempting to strangle his father, then pushed his mother. The parents eventually restrained him, but he escaped their grasp after a short time and began to punch holes throughout the walls of the home before fleeing. Officers encountered him nearby, and as they were taking him into custody, he kicked Officer Blake Langford in the testicles, spit into Officer Jared Dick’s mouth, and spit on Sgt. Ky Luu. Jones was restrained and contained, and transported to booking. At the time of his arrest, Jones had an outstanding warrant charging him with the theft of two cases of White Claws from a Nashville Mapco store.

Tourist Marcel Gonzalez knees MNPD Officer in groin when attempting to adjust his cuffs after arrest

Metro Nashville Police responded to an intoxicated trespasser at the JW Marriott Hotel Friday in downtown Nashville. Hotel staff identified a person in the valley lane, 33-year-old Marcel Gonzalez, as the man who refused to leave and was “frothing at the mouth.” Officers attempted to locate a friend or relative to help him get to his destination or to retrieve him but were unable to contact anyone despite multiple attempts. He was then deemed to be a danger to himself and taken into custody. He refused to be cuffed and actively resisted when officers were cuffing him. Once at the downtown detention center inside the Sally port, Gonzalez complained his cuffs were hurting him due to the tightness. Officers approached him and attempted to loosen his cuffs for his satisfaction, at which point he kneed Officer James Hill in the groin.