Tourist Marcel Gonzalez knees MNPD Officer in groin when attempting to adjust his cuffs after arrest

Metro Nashville Police responded to an intoxicated trespasser at the JW Marriott Hotel Friday in downtown Nashville. Hotel staff identified a person in the valley lane, 33-year-old Marcel Gonzalez, as the man who refused to leave and was “frothing at the mouth.” Officers attempted to locate a friend or relative to help him get to his destination or to retrieve him but were unable to contact anyone despite multiple attempts. He was then deemed to be a danger to himself and taken into custody. He refused to be cuffed and actively resisted when officers were cuffing him. Once at the downtown detention center inside the Sally port, Gonzalez complained his cuffs were hurting him due to the tightness. Officers approached him and attempted to loosen his cuffs for his satisfaction, at which point he kneed Officer James Hill in the groin.

Natasha McGill charged with being drunk and armed at Nashville Waffle House

Nashville Police found 36-year-old Natasha McGill heavily intoxicated with a handgun in her waistband at the Stewart’s Ferry Pike Waffle House on February 26th. Police say she was slurring her words and was unsteady on her feet. She confirmed she had been drinking. Once at booking she refused to go inside the door and pulled away from officers. Once inside she continued to be disorderly, pressing call buttons, and aggressively approaching officers.