Michael Pepper charged in robbery of his girlfriend at Ascend Amphitheater

41-year-old Michael Pepper was jailed on May 5th after attempting to rob his girlfriend. Police spoke with Emily Cox at the Ascend Amphitheater, who said that Pepper hit her in the head and tried to take her purse when she refused to go with him to another location. A witness, Mr. Donny Isom, was there to stop him before he could take off with the bag.

Andrei Gavaz pulls it out and touches it at Kid Rock’s Bar on Valentine’s Day

Police say 24-year-old Andrei Gavaz unzipped his pants and whipped out his most prized possession at Kid Rock’s Bar on Valentine’s Day. He then thoroughly touched himself and then, using that same hand, smacked the face of a bouncer who had escorted him out of the venue due to his level of intoxication. He was attempting to re-enter the bar when the assault occurred. The bouncer, Shay Thomas, fell to the ground and suffered cuts to both elbows and his knuckle while attempting to detain Gavaz.

Police arrived to find Gavaz cuffed, and as they were placing him in the rear of a patrol car, he had to be hobble-restrained as he attempted to kick Officer Hill in the face, but no contact was made. He was still charged with assault of an officer, as Officer Hill stated he “felt as if he was about to be assaulted.” He then began to spit all over the rear of the patrol vehicle, resulting in an additional vandalism charge.

Wild Beaver leads to fight between Jordan Votruba & wife

34-year-old Jordan Michael Votruba was with his wife, Ashley Votruba, at the Wild Beave in downtown Nashville when the couple was kicked out of the bar due to a disturbance. As they were walking back to the Courtyard by Marriott hotel, his wife walked ahead of him to show her frustration with him. She was far enough ahead that a group of men asked if she was lost, and as Jordan caught up, he heard their conversation and pushed her, causing officers to be flagged down, and everyone went about their night. After arriving at their hotel, the argument re-ignited. Jordan reportedly grabbed the back of his wife’s neck, slamming her into the counter, leaving a bruise on her chin, which was documented by officers. Against his will, Vortruba was taken into custody and charged with domestic assault.

Kevin Sproul — too drunk for downtown Nashville

55-year-old Kevin Wade Sproul was charged with public intoxication on December 28th when police observed Kevin standing unsteady in the middle of Broadway in downtown Nashville, blocking traffic and smelling of alcohol. Due to his inability to move out of the roadway on his own, and his extreme level of intoxication, he was transported to booking.

DUI: David Dybala charged after crashing on Broadway and fleeing the scene

Metro Nashville Police say 39-year-old David Dybala crashed his vehicle into another near 1100 Broadway Wednesday and fled the scene. Officer located him as he was driving away toward the interstate onramp. Officers approached the vehicle, which stopped, and Dybala exited without any prompting. He reportedly reeked of alcohol and had trouble standing. He refused field sobriety tests but was unable to follow simple instructions, such as sitting on a concrete slab.

Edgar Lucero charged with public intoxication in downtown Nashville

Metro Nashville Police were dispatched to a disorderly person call at Demonbreun St & 2nd Ave S Wednesday night to find 27-year-old Edgar Lucero unsteady on his feet and visibly intoxicated. As they spoke to him, his words were slurred, and he reportedly reeked of alcohol. Due to his level of intoxication and inability to care for himself, Lucero was taken into custody and charged with public intoxication.

Tourist Marcel Gonzalez knees MNPD Officer in groin when attempting to adjust his cuffs after arrest

Metro Nashville Police responded to an intoxicated trespasser at the JW Marriott Hotel Friday in downtown Nashville. Hotel staff identified a person in the valley lane, 33-year-old Marcel Gonzalez, as the man who refused to leave and was “frothing at the mouth.” Officers attempted to locate a friend or relative to help him get to his destination or to retrieve him but were unable to contact anyone despite multiple attempts. He was then deemed to be a danger to himself and taken into custody. He refused to be cuffed and actively resisted when officers were cuffing him. Once at the downtown detention center inside the Sally port, Gonzalez complained his cuffs were hurting him due to the tightness. Officers approached him and attempted to loosen his cuffs for his satisfaction, at which point he kneed Officer James Hill in the groin.

Paul Mikkelson deemed too drunk for downtown Nashville #Arrested #PublicIntoxication

Metro Nashville Police found 31-year-old Paul Mikkelson lying down near the Schermerhorn Symphony Center in downtown Nashville before attempting to stand and stumbling into the roadway at 4th Ave South, where he fell onto the sidewalk again. Upon checking his welfare, it was quickly noticed he was extremely intoxicated, and medics were called to respond to the location. Mikkelson refused all medical assistance and didn’t have a phone in his possession to call anyone to assist him. Unable to leave him in his current condition, he was transported to booking and charged with public intoxication.

California man destroys wife’s iPhone, claims she took photo of another man at downtown Nashville Bar — William Hawkins

While in town from California, Jennifer Hawkins called police to report that while she and her husband, 40-year-old William Hawkins, were out at a bar on Broadway she took a photo of a person with her iPhone, resulting in him grabbing her phone and smashing it on the ground, destroying it. She says she was taking a photo of her husband, however, he believes she was taking a photo of another man. Officer Gault transported the wife to a nearby Apple store so she could purchase a new phone, and Officer Hill took Hawkins into custody, charging him with felony vandalism with a domestic violence rider, invoking the state-manded 12-hour hold before his release.

Nicholas Flores charged after starting fight on Broadway in downtown Nashville

26-year-old Nicholas Flores was detained by Metro Nashville Police on Broadway in downtown Nashville after noticing him fighting another bar patron in front of Acme Feed & Seed. As the fight spilled out onto the street, a crowd watched as Flores continued the fight which everyone agreed he initiated. Due to his extreme level of intoxication and inability to control himself in public, Flores was taken into custody, charged with public intoxication.