Tyler Gunn drunkenly charges at officers arresting his girlfriend

40-year-old Tyler Alexander Gunn was disorderly at the Renaissance Nashville Hotel late February 22nd. Officers were dispatched regarding a domestic disturbance involving Gunn. Officers detained Gunn until they completed their investigation, then advised Gunn that he was free to leave. Gunn left the hotel while officers spoke with his girlfriend about an unrelated matter. When Officers arrested and put Gunn’s girlfriend in the back of their patrol car, Gunn charged at them, yelling aggressively. Officers placed Gunn into handcuffs and noticed he showed multiple signs of intoxication. Gunn was taken into custody for disorderly conduct and public intoxication on February 23rd.

DUI: Miranda Murray found overdosing on Fentanyl in car near Davidson County Clerk’s Office

35-year-old Miranda Beth Murray was inside her vehicle and passed out behind the wheel near the Davidson County Clerk’s office on President Ronald Reagan Way South around 3 p.m. on February 1st. Medics had Murray on the ground, performing CPR on her when officers arrived. While medics assisted her, security advised officers that Murray had been unresponsive for a few hours before they noticed her, and when they tried to wake her up, she was breathing abnormally, so they busted the windows, removed her from the vehicle, and began CPR.  Then, officers were informed that a dollar bill containing a white powdery substance and two straws with similar residue were found inside Murray’s car, the substance is believed to be Fentanyl. These items were in plain sight, giving officers probable cause for a search, which led to them locating a loaded Smith and Wesson handgun, an opioid rescue kit, a dose of Narcan, and a pill bottle for Penicillin that contained an orange pill. The pill was later identified as Suboxone. Murray was transported to the hospital while they collected the evidence and obtained a search warrant to get a sample of her blood for chemical testing. Murray was Mirandized, agreed to speak with officers, and admitted that the substance in the pill bottle was Suboxone. Murray was taken into custody for driving under the influence, possession of a handgun while under the influence, unlawful drug paraphernalia, and possession without a prescription.

Dalton VonThaden refuses to leave Nashville hotel while intoxicated, police say

24-year-old Dalton Vonthaden walked into the Thompson Nashville Hotel in downtown Nashville late Sunday night and claimed to be a guest at the location. Staff advised he was not a registered guest, and he then stated he had friends staying in one of the rooms. Staff attempted to contact the room but received no response at the door. When asked multiple times, Vonthaden refused to leave the hotel, and eventually, police were called. Officers noted his dilated pupils and slurred speech and believed him to be intoxicated by a substance. He was taken into custody and transported to booking.

Broderick Winger charged with DUI after fleeing from crash

Police say 21-year-old Broderick Winger was the driver of a hit-and-run incident that occurred just before 4 p.m. Saturday. Winger reportedly crashed into a vehicle at 8th & Demonbreun and then fled toward 5th Ave South, where he parked his vehicle in the middle of the road near an intersection. Officers made contact with Winger, who was visibly intoxicated, and had four “Four Loko” cans on the floorboard. He performed poorly on field sobriety tests and was taken into custody, with a stop at Metro General for a forced blood draw.

Alex Sheffer jailed after breakup with girlfriend in Nashville

21-year-old Alex Myer Sheffer was screaming at his at-the-time girlfriend on a bench near Broadway early January 1st. Officers patrolling nearby overheard the yelling, went toward it, and observed Sheffer being aggressive, so they separated him from her. Sheffer was visibly intoxicated as he advised them that he had broken up with his girlfriend and that they got into a verbal altercation. Sheffer admitted to consuming alcohol and was taken into custody for disorderly conduct and public intoxication.

Edward Cardona deemed too drunk and disorderly for Barstool Nashville

32-year-old Edward Cardona was disorderly at Barstool Bar in the later hours of December 19th. Cardona was detained by security as officers arrived, who advised them he was highly intoxicated and refusing to leave. He told officers he was alone with no one to take care of him, so he was placed into custody for public intoxication.

Jessica Royster pistol-whips her husband’s ex wife

40-year-old Jessica Royster was arrested after she was caught on video pistol whipping her husband’s ex-wife, Yasmine Easley, over a custody disagreement on October 17th outside of the Nashville Rescue Mission. Following verbal arguments that lasted throughout the day, Easley was upset with Royster because she does not have custody of her children, along with stating that the defendant is abusive toward them. The fight broke out when the defendant drove to the Nashville Rescue Mission and found the victim sitting on the sidewalk. The defendant pulled out a handgun and proceeded to strike Easley multiple times in the face, causing bleeding from the forehead.

After Easley was able to pull the handgun from Royster, she handed it to Nashville Rescue Mission staff. After losing the handgun, the defendant got into her vehicle and drove off before police arrived. In addition to the Nashville Rescue Mission staff, there was also surveillance video that showed the altercation with the firearm. Due to the damage to the victim and video evidence, a warrant was issued for criminal trespass, weapon possession with intent, and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. She was arrested on October 18th.

Brian Quinlivan offers to pay police for a ride home from downtown Nashville

34-year-old Brian Quinlivan was jailed on May 13th after offering to pay officers for a ride home while drunk on Broadway. Officers got out of the marked patrol car and noticed Quinlivan was drunk and slurring as he told police that he got separated from his friends. He offered to pay officers for a ride home in the patrol car. He couldn’t tell police where he was staying or provide any contact information of someone who could care for him.

Tourist Stacie Gibson charged in brutal assault of daughter in downtown Nashville hotel

51-year-old Stacie LeBeau Gibson is charged with the brutal assault of her adult daughter inside a downtown Nashville hotel room late Saturday evening. Caylie Gibson called 911 from the DoubleTree hotel to report she was being assaulted by her mother, who was punching her at the time of the call; the dispatcher confirmed the commotion. Stacie bit her daughter’s fingers and ripped her hair out. Officers arrived to find multiple locks of the victim’s hair on the floor, visible bald spots on the victim’s head, a deep cup on her forehead, a cut to her left cheek, scratches on her neck, and bite marks on multiple fingers. Staci told police she wasn’t sure who initially started the fight. Caylie returned a few punches in self defense.

Chase Cummins asks for a ride home, MNPD takes him to jail

After a night of drinking in downtown Nashville on Christmas Eve, 22-year-old Chase Austin Cummins approached a Metro Nashville Police Officer at 3rd & Broadway and asked for a ride home. When officers learned he lived in Franklin, they advised they could not accommodate him since he lived outside of the county. He didn’t have enough money for a taxi and wasn’t able to locate a friend to assist. Left with no other options, he was taken into custody and charged with public intoxication.