VIDEO: Brenten Jones climbs spotlight tower during Artic Monkeys concert at Ascend

26-year-old Brenten Jones entered a roped-off area and climbed a 40-foot spotlight tower at Ascend Amphitheater during the Arctic Monkeys concert on September 12th. The report states that two light operators in harnesses attempted to help Brenten down the tower, but he fought with them and refused to come down. After he eventually came down, police attempted to place him into custody, but he refused to comply with police, pulling his arms free during detainment. Brenten reportedly reeked of alcohol and was taken into custody.

Soldier Florian Blessing charged in assault of man at Ascend Amphitheater

25-year-old soldier Florian Thomas Blessing was involved in a fight at Ascend Amphitheater on May 11. Officers observed him come into the crowd and tackle and punch a man from Mount Juliet. Blessing was issued a citation charging him with assault and was booked on that citation this week.

Michael Pepper charged in robbery of his girlfriend at Ascend Amphitheater

41-year-old Michael Pepper was jailed on May 5th after attempting to rob his girlfriend. Police spoke with Emily Cox at the Ascend Amphitheater, who said that Pepper hit her in the head and tried to take her purse when she refused to go with him to another location. A witness, Mr. Donny Isom, was there to stop him before he could take off with the bag.

Former Live Nation executive over Ascend Amphitheater charged with DUI — Brian Traeger arrested

41-year-old Brian Traeger, who was formerly president of Live Nation’s Tennessee Business Unit in charge of programming at Ascend Amphitheater, told police he was completely at fault for hitting a parked car while driving his blue Audi A4 Saturday evening in Nashville, claiming he was texting and driving when the accident occurred. Officer say they smelled alcohol coming from Traeger’s breath, and that he was swaying and slurring his words during the interaction. When asked to perform field sobriety tests, Traeger reportedly agreed initially, then retracted his compliance and stated “just take a blood draw because it’s the most accurate”. Traeger was transported to Metro General Hospital for a blood draw and then to the Metro Nashville Jail, where he was charged with driving under the influence. He is free on pre-trial release.

Musician arrested after being too intoxicated for rock concert at Ascend Amphitheater — Scott Garbutt

60-year-old musician Scott Garbutt was denied entry to a concert in Nashville this weekend for being too intoxicated prior to the show. He became aggressive with the staff and was charged with disorderly conduct, public intoxication, and criminal trespass at Ascend Amphitheater. At some point during booking, his hairpiece also failed to appear. He is free on pre-trial release.

Tourist charged with slapping girlfriend in face in downtown Nashville — Anthony Waldner #VisitMusicCity

21-year-old Missouri tourist Anthony ‘Tony’ Waldner was booked into the Metro Nashville jail this weekend, charged with the assault of his girlfriend, Kaelyn Rawie. The two were reportedly drinking during the evening, and once back at their hotel after a concert at Ascend Amphitheater Thursday night, and he slapped her in the face, causing an injury to her lip. Waldner is free on a $1,000 cash bond, charged with simple assault (not domestic assault, according to court records).

Metro Installing SPLnet Sound Monitoring for Ascend Amphitheater – with Technical Difficulties

Over six months ago, Metro Parks and Live Nation agreed to limit the noise level at Ascend Amphitheater, after some complaints from East Nashville neighbors. The solution is still not 100% implemented, and it appears Metro is having technical difficulties setting up the remote monitoring. Worth noting – the agreement, which was signed on 12/01/15, is only for talent & performance contracts signed after that date. So any artist/event that had a performance contract signed more than 6 months ago (which many are planned a year or more in advance)…