Thomas Hardy allows store to be robbed in exchange for crack cocaine

57-year-old Thomas Hardy was working at the Mapco on Smith Springs Road and allowed three individuals to enter the store three separate times and steal $9,794.22 worth of merchandise without trying to stop them, call the police, or the store manager. The thieves stole from the front of the store and the employee-only back room. When the store manager, Ms. Heather Azevedo, arrived, she noticed that the merchandise was missing, and Mr. Hardy provided no answers about where it had gone. When she watched the security footage, she noticed that the three subjects conversed with Hardy as they walked past him while committing theft. Ms. Azevedo called the police with the suspicion that Hardy was acquainted with and conspired with the thieves when she heard him tell the subjects, “Come back again.” Mr. Hardy later admitted to officers that he allowed the subjects to steal from the store in exchange for crack.

Jeurmell Hendrix robs ACE Cash Express… after applying for a loan with his personal information

29-year-old Jeurmell Hendrix filled out an application for a payday loan at ACE Cash Express with his actual name, social security number, address, bank card information, and phone number. When his application was denied, he robbed the location.

Michael Pepper charged in robbery of his girlfriend at Ascend Amphitheater

41-year-old Michael Pepper was jailed on May 5th after attempting to rob his girlfriend. Police spoke with Emily Cox at the Ascend Amphitheater, who said that Pepper hit her in the head and tried to take her purse when she refused to go with him to another location. A witness, Mr. Donny Isom, was there to stop him before he could take off with the bag.

Ebikebina Seifegha robs his attorney, prevents call to 911

44-year-old Ebikebina Elvis Seifegha was jailed on April 8th on an outstanding warrant from April 2020 when he went to his attorney’s office to pay a portion of legal fees, and things didn’t go as planned. John Iwu is an immigration attorney and told police that Seiegha dropped off $300. However, as John placed the money in his pocket, he informed Seifegha that the money would go towards fees he alleges he had never agreed to. During this conversation, Seifegha became enraged and started fighting and pushing the attorney to get the money back. During the fight, Seifegha got the money back from John’s pocket and kept him from entering his office to call the police. He left shortly after, but the attorney provided police with his personal information, and a warrant was issued for his arrest.

Police say tourist Joseph Boyington assaulted his girlfriend & robbed her at Nashville hotel

33-year-old tourist Joseph Boyington stayed at the Sheraton Hotel in downtown Nashville this week with his girlfriend, Chelsea Matthews Dyer. The couple was enjoying Broadway Monday night when an argument erupted, and Chelsea returned to the hotel and checked into a new separate room. Later in the evening, after Boyington returned to the hotel, she eventually provided him with her new room number, and he visited her on the 23rd floor. She says he grabbed her by the throat and pushed her against a wall, and then took her cell phone and fled the room. She found him on the 3rd floor and encountered him about taking her phone, and he then reportedly threw her against a wall again, and he fled the hotel. Officers documented marks and injuries on the victim and took Boyington into custody.

Escort financially drains, kidnaps, and drugs man in Nashville; he’s abandoned in Detroit

When Ryan Raidel found escort Destiny Murray online, met her in Nashville, and paid for her services, he never imagined he would end up drugged, kidnapped, financially drained, and stranded in Detroit, MI — but that’s exactly what he says happened to him. Murray is jailed on a $175K bond, and two accomplices remain at large.

Robbyn Black & Jayla Warner smash dozens of liquor bottles in brawl at Weiss Liquors

18-year-old Robbyn Black & 22-year-old Jayla Warner face a multitude of charges after they rushed Weiss Liquors in East Nashville, destroying dozens of bottles of liquor and assaulting the people inside. An employee fought back with a baseball bat against one of the women.

Jacob Petitt charged with assaulting MNPD Officer during arrest for burglary

Metro Nashville Police were attempting to serve a felony burglary warrant on 24-year-old Jacob Petitt, who they observed under the awning at 825 Murfreesboro Pike. As they approached the very identifiable young man he attempted to give officers a fake name and said he was staying with a friend at the motel, pointing to a man on a bench — who shook his head ‘no’ that he had no idea who Petitt was. He then claimed he was just someone stopping for coffee, and as officers told him he was being detained he attempted to flee and both he and the officers fell to the ground, while each grappled for control. Petitt got in several kicks to an officer’s arm and legs, leaving him with abrasions before the officer got him into handcuffs. The outstanding burglary warrant for an April incident in which Petitt was caught on camera ransacking and burglarizing a business on Plus Park Blvd, stealing over $12,000 in electronics.

Florida man charged with burglary of hot sauce from Nashville taco restaurant— Bryan Noll

Nashville Police say 25-year-old Bryan Noll, from Florida, kicked in the door of Baja Sexto Taco in downtown Nashville, made entry into the closed business just after midnight, and stole a small bottle of hot sauce. He was located nearby when police arrived and taken into custody. The hot sauce was turned into the evidence room. Boll is charged with felony burglary and is free on pre-trial release.

Roommate charged with felony robbery and assault after dispute over money — Eliza Green

23-year-old Eliza Green is charged with the domestic assault of her roommate, Bonnie Harmon, who says the pair got into an argument over money, and Green threatened Harmon with severe bodily harm if she did not pay her. Harmon says that Green actually owed her money, and she would be deducting that amount from any money she gave her. It was at that point, as Judge Judy was unavailable to settle the dispute, when Green reportedly assaulted Harmon and forcibly took her tablets out of her hand. Police say the incident was captured on a home security camera which they viewed.