Thomas Hardy allows store to be robbed in exchange for crack cocaine

57-year-old Thomas Hardy was working at the Mapco on Smith Springs Road and allowed three individuals to enter the store three separate times and steal $9,794.22 worth of merchandise without trying to stop them, call the police, or the store manager. The thieves stole from the front of the store and the employee-only back room. When the store manager, Ms. Heather Azevedo, arrived, she noticed that the merchandise was missing, and Mr. Hardy provided no answers about where it had gone. When she watched the security footage, she noticed that the three subjects conversed with Hardy as they walked past him while committing theft. Ms. Azevedo called the police with the suspicion that Hardy was acquainted with and conspired with the thieves when she heard him tell the subjects, “Come back again.” Mr. Hardy later admitted to officers that he allowed the subjects to steal from the store in exchange for crack.

Cliff Christian: I fought a tree for its sap; now I can speak Japanese

42-year-old Cliff Christian was jailed on Monday morning after police responded to a call regarding a man “assaulting a tree” at the intersection of Wallace and Recovery Road. When police arrived and approached Christian, he was behaving and speaking erratically and sweating profusely. He was screaming that a nearby tree was falling, which was not the case, leading the officer to believe he was on drugs. The officer asked Christian what he had taken, and he told the officer that he had taken marijuana, “a bunch of crack,” and tree sap that was supposed to give him the ability to speak Japanese. On the ride to booking, he kept reiterating how he had taken crack cocaine.

Clarence Carter spits in woman’s face after using crack cocaine

43-year-old Clarence Carter reportedly walked up to a woman who was passing by him and spit in her face on February 6. Nearby officers quickly responded and found an inebriated and agitated Carter. When asked what happened, he volunteered that he had used crack cocaine just before spitting on the woman.

Lawrence Storey jailed after MNPD surveils Homeless Shelter for crimes

Metro Nashville Police were conducting surveillance at the Nashville Rescue Mission on February 3 when they observed 58-year-old Lawernce Storey place a small bag in his right boot after a hand-to-hand transaction. Detectives approached Storey and searched him, locating a small baggie with 7.5 grams of crack cocaine in his right boot. They also retrieved $475 in cash, which they seized, along with 1.5 grams of marijuana. Detectives recorded the transaction on video and took Storey into custody.

Teen wrecks car, police find 8.8 grams of cocaine and a Glock 19

18-year-old Irwinn Rangel was charged with possession of crack cocaine with intent and possession of a weapon during a felony after wrecking his car and police found 8.8 grams of crack cocaine, a loaded Glock 19, and magazines inside a backpack in the car.

Man charged with 12 grams of crack cocaine; never saw it coming

35-year-old Arthur Kinnard was charged with possession of cocaine with intent after getting caught in a drug bust that was executed at a residence on Wharf Avenue near Downtown Nashville.

Man attacks girlfriend over crack

24-year-old Joe Nail was charged with domestic assault after he attacked his girlfriend during an argument they were having over crack.

Woman charged with Class B Cocaine felony (8+ years) gets 6 months probation in plea

53-year-old Vicki Melvin now has 36 charges spread among 21 arrests. Her most recent was on Monday, when Metro Police charged her with a Class B Felony for crack cocaine, which would have carried an 8+ year sentence. The DA’s let her plea to a simple possession charge with a 6 month probated sentence, less than 24 hours after her arrest.

Half-pound+ of heroin, quarter-pound+ of methamphetamine, 24 grams crack cocaine, 29 grams cocaine, & more found in Matthews Ave home

#Inglewood: overnight raid finds over half-pound of heroin, over quarter-pound of methamphetamine, 24 grams crack cocaine, 29 grams cocaine, & more in a Matthews Ave home. Nathaniel Key, 37, is held in lieu of a $375,000.00 bond.

Man punches MNPD officer in face; admits to smoking crack and drinking whiskey beforehand

Roger Lewis Eddings, 63, remains jailed today, charged with assuming a fighting stance and punching a Metro Nashville Police officer square in the face when the officer attempted to remove him from the roadway.