Ronny Edmonds flees from THP Troopers — they wait for him in his neighborhood

18-year-old Ronny Edmonds sped past a THP Trooper on January 19th and crossed several lanes of traffic, nearly colliding with another vehicle. The Trooper attempted a traffic stop, and Edmonds slowed his white BMW as if he were complying. Suddenly, Edmonds accelerated to 90 mph and sped away. Due to the snow and ice covering the road, it was not safe to pursue in real time; however, the Trooper recorded his license plate number. Troopers relocated to his neighborhood and observed him pulling into his driveway on Jay Street just twenty minutes later. Edmonds was taken into custody. A bag containing 12 grams of marijuana was found in the center console.

18-year-old Fischer Krebs found with 80 THC vape pens, gun, and two bags of marijuana

18-year-old Fischer Krebs was in the driver’s seat of a pickup truck on December 29th, which was the subject of a call to police. The caller believed the driver and passenger to be trespassing on private property. Krebs exited the vehicle when officers arrived, along with the passenger. When speaking with Krebs, officers noticed he had a strong odor of marijuana, to which Krebs admitted they had smoked a THC vape pen inside the vehicle. A search of the vehicle yielded 80 THC vape pens, a handgun, and two bags of marijuana. Fischer Krebs was taken into custody, transported to the Davidson County Detention Center, and booked without incident.

Connor Hart says he smoked marijuana before getting half-naked in elevator, destroying lobby

23-year-old Connor Hart was booked Wednesday after trying to fight people and damaging property in the lobby of Kenect Nashville apartments. There were three emergency calls made in reference to Hart’s behavior. When police arrived, they saw damage to the lobby of the building. The victims did not wish to press charges but directed police to Hart, who was lying in the elevator shirtless, smelling of alcohol, and having large pupils. Officers asked him what he had taken, and he admitted to smoking weed with his friends. Police helped Mr. Hart up, and he was unsteady on his feet. He refused medical treatment and was taken into custody.

Keshon Woodard: sizzurp, weed, tramadol, oxycodone, fake tags, and a gun, oh my!

21-year-old Keshon Woodard was jailed on March 26th after police found several types of narcotics in his vehicle while he was parked at Victory Fuel gas station with fake temp tags. when officers approached Woodard, they saw an empty holster in his waistband and asked him if there were any weapons in the car. He replied “yes” and gave officers permission to go through his glovebox to find his car registration.

Officers opened the passenger side door and saw marijuana buds on the floor and a small plastic bag of marijuana under the seat. Officers found the gun and ran the serial numbers. The gun came back stolen out of Russellville Kentucky. Officers continued searching the vehicle and found two more bags of marijuana totaling 5.4 grams. There were five tramadol pills and one oxycodone pill tied up in a baggie. Officers found two empty bottles of promethazine syrup and one full bottle, two scales a box of sandwich bags, and another fake temp tag.

Woodard told police he doesn’t sell drugs but if he did it would only be to his friends and family. He told the police that he got the tags from the dealership he bought the car from. Once thoroughly searched officers were informed that 7 grams of marijuana were found on him inside the jail.

Ahmed Bader stashes two pounds of marijuana after fender bender; flees the scene

Police say 19-year-old Ahmed Bader was involved in an automobile crash in Antioch, and instead of stopping to exchange information, he drove his black Infiniti into the parking lot of the Knights Inn and hid two pounds of marijuana and a pistol behind a conex box. He then drove to the Target parking lot and got into the passenger side of another vehicle, which drove away. Unmarked cars were able to follow the silver Chrysler to Craftwood Drive, where he was taken into custody. $500 in cash was recovered from his wallet in small bill denominations.

Victoria Huicochea says she smoked marijuana before crashing into three garages

19-year-old Victoria Huicochea was jailed Friday night after crashing her vehicle into three garages. Police responded to the accident and witnessed Huicochea wobbling from the EMS vehicle to her car. Police could smell a strong odor of marijuana emitting from her person and her vehicle. She admitted to smoking marijuana the day before. She consented to do sobriety testing for impairment but refused to provide a blood sample. Once Huicochea was at mobile booking, she pulled a small amount of marijuana from her bra.

Teanna Gardner & Monterio Taylor jailed after being stopped by spike-strip on roadway

19-year-old Teanna Gardner & 18-year-old Monterio Taylor were jailed for fleeing the police when a traffic stop was initiated on I-24 Saturday night. Police tried to pull over a silver Hyundai Sonata for the left brake light not properly working. The driver of the vehicle, Gardner, fled at high speed. Detectives deployed spike strips which stopped the car before Shelby St. The back seat passenger, Taylor, got out of the car and ran. Police chased him on foot briefly before taking him into custody. It was later found that during the chase, Taylor threw a gun on the side of the interstate to try to get rid of it. There was a strong odor of marijuana coming from the vehicle. When officers searched Taylor’s body, they found 10 grams of marijuana.

Vanderbilt Student Matthew Liendo jailed with drugs after disorderly conduct at women’s dorm

19-year-old Matthew Liendo was jailed after causing a disturbance in Lewis Hall at Vanderbilt University just after 2 a.m. Monday. Officers say he was asked to leave the building as he loudly and repeatedly knocked on the third floor door of a female student. He was instructed to leave the building and refused, stating, “or what?” He then continued, “I will not leave the building or stop knocking and shouting unless I am arrested!” He was ultimately granted his wish and taken into custody. A search of his person incident to arrest revealed a gold Spiderman grinder and 0.7 grams of marijuana.

DUI: Michelle Jacobs asleep behind the wheel with a handgun

53-year-old Michelle Jacobs was arrested for driving under the influence. On February 25th, officers approached a car parked on Murfreesboro Pike. Jacobs was asleep in the driver’s seat with suspected marijuana in her lap. Officers woke her, and she was able to tell them where she was. When asked what was in her lap, she looked down and said it was CBD and brushed it onto the floor. When Jacobs exited the vehicle, officers could smell a strong marijuana odor. Jacobs agreed to take the sobriety test, which she performed poorly on but insisted it was because she had braces on both knees, although from the starting position, she was swaying heavily. Officers say Jacobs exhibited multiple physical factors of being impaired. While conducting a search, a bag of suspected marijuana and a handgun were found. Jacobs was taken into custody.

Petty Vanderbilt Police charge George Woods with marijuana possession in parking lot

Sgt Orlando Dixson of the Vanderbilt University Police Department charged 22-year-old George Woods IV with marijuana possession on January 20. Dixson says he approached an illegally parked vehicle in a Vanderbilt University parking lot and noticed the seats were laid all the way back. Two small bags of marijuana were in plain view, and the driver, Woods, admitted it was his marijuana for personal use. Woods was booked on the citation this week.