Hubert ‘Bookey’ Shipp charged with DUI after multi-vehicle crash in Antioch

32-year-old Hubert ‘Bookey’ Shipp was booked on July 8th after causing a multi-vehicle crash on Bell Road & Cane Ridge Road. Officers asked Shipp if had consumed any alcohol, and he replied, “Yes, I had a shot of alcohol,” and admitted to being the driver of the vehicle. He had bloodshot eyes and was swaying back and forth while trying to complete field sobriety tests. He performed poorly and was taken into custody.

Chase Hawkins charged with assault of girlfriend at downtown Nashville bar

26-year-old Russell Hawkins is charged with the domestic assault of his girlfriend, Evely Chavez, after a night out at a downtown Bar on June 19. The two were reportedly arguing at the bar when things escalated when Chase placed his hand around her throat and grabbed her, leaving a small red mark observed by police. She then fled the bar and took a rideshare back to her residence, and called police. Officers then spoke with Hawkins, who stated it was only a verbal argument and she may have a mark on her next from him picking her up, but it “was not in a malicious way.” He further added that he believed the two were having a good night.

Carlos Romano Mejia charged with drag racing in Antioch

24-year-old Carlos Romano Mejia pulled up alongside another vehicle near Bell Road and Harris Lane on March 13 as they both stopped at a red light. As the light turned green, a Metro Nashville Police officer observed the two cars accelerate at high rates of speed in neighboring lanes as they raced along the roadway. An officer caught up to the 2015 Infiniti G37 driven by Romano Mejia and during the traffic stop he admitted to racing “a little.” He was issued a citation for drag racing and was booked on that citation this week.

Ahmed Bader stashes two pounds of marijuana after fender bender; flees the scene

Police say 19-year-old Ahmed Bader was involved in an automobile crash in Antioch, and instead of stopping to exchange information, he drove his black Infiniti into the parking lot of the Knights Inn and hid two pounds of marijuana and a pistol behind a conex box. He then drove to the Target parking lot and got into the passenger side of another vehicle, which drove away. Unmarked cars were able to follow the silver Chrysler to Craftwood Drive, where he was taken into custody. $500 in cash was recovered from his wallet in small bill denominations.

Talha Ahmad charged after doing donuts in Antioch parking lot

Police say 19-year-old Talha Ahmad was doing donuts in his red 2010 Infiniti QX60 in a Hickory Hollow parking lot on January 28th at 5 p.m. Officers observed a children’s function ongoing nearby where the car was doing donuts. He was issued a citation for reckless driving and was booked on that citation this week.

Dylan Simmons charged in brutal assault of girlfriend in Antioch

25-year-old Dylan Shayne Simmons is charged with the domestic assault and strangulation of his ex-girlfriend, Savannah McClanahan. The January argument reportedly began after he “wasn’t being honest to his parents about their relationship,” according to the victim. During the assault, she says he called her a “bitch” and “cunt” while grabbing and pushing her, causing her to fall back. He then grabbed her throat and took her to the ground by force, and continued to strangle her on the ground for a period of time. Officers documented marks, bruises, and injuries on the victim, and a warrant was issued for the arrest of Simmons, who had fled the scene. He was booked on that charge this week.

Kevin Davis brutally assaulted his lover while wearing gloves and socks over his hands

Gabrielle Norman says her 41-year-old lover Kevin Davis put on fingerless boxing gloves and then black socks over his hands before he pulled the sheets off the bed and grabbed her by the throat, and tossed her to the ground. Once on the ground, she said he accused her of cheating. He then began to brutally punch and kick her. Officers documented bruising “all over her body.” The incident occurred in June, and a warrant was issued for his arrest at that time. He was booked on that warrant this week.

Seafood Sensation scores 61, was cooking food in home kitchen, using bucket to wash dishes, sink with no water

The owner of Seafood Sensations in Antioch told a Health Inspector Thursday that he cooked 20 pounds of rice in the kitchen of their home and brought it to the restaurant to be served to the public. Additional factors that contributed to the score of 61 included being open without approval or any permits, thawing raw chicken on a table, having cooked rice four days past the last use date, steamed food not at temperature, having no running water at the dish sink, no sanitizer or bleah at dish sink – the owner stated was using a bucket of water to wash dishes.

Steven Zierke strangles his wife twice after leaving Monster Jam in Nashville

After leaving Monster Jam Saturday night, 32-year-old Steve Zierke was driving back to Antioch with his wife, Christine McGarry Zierke, in the passenger seat. While he was driving, Steven reportedly reached over and grabbed his wife by the neck in anger. Once they arrived at their Post Oak Drive residence, Christine was sitting on the couch when she said Steve once again reached over and grabbed her by the neck, this time using both hands. She states she was unable to breathe during the strangulation. Officers observed redness and markings on the victim’s neck and took Steven into custody.

Mya Delgado calls 911 on her girlfriend, but she goes to jail for assault

23-year-old Mya Delgado called 911 to report her girlfriend, Chelsea Channel Bryanton (AKA Cinko), wouldn’t allow her to retrieve her belongings from their shared apartment. The couple returned home after being out at a nightclub and got into an argument as Mya had a flat tire on the way home with no way to call for help due to Chelsea taking her phone. Mya says Chelsea came at her, so she threw her keys at her in “self-defense” from approximately 8-10 feet away. Chelsea told police that Mya came home and began destroying the bedroom looking for her phone, and then pushed Chelsea down in anger. Once she found them, Mya reportedly hit her girlfriend in the head while holding the keys. Due to the victim’s documented injuries and the damage around the home, Mya was determined to be the primary aggressor and taken into custody.