Ronald Higgins assaults wife twice, upset over the music at church

65-year-old Ronald David Higgins is accused of throwing a phone which struck his wife in the face as they were “discussing the music at church,” according to the victim, Patricia Higgins. She says he remained agitated and picked up the phone from the floor and again struck her in the face, leaving bruising that was documented by responding officers.

Street Racer Derrick Vassar free on pre-trial release after police chase [VIDEO]

Despite an initial $10,500 bond, 23-year-old Derrick Vassar is free on pre-trial release after fleeing from police working the street racing initiative Friday night. AirOne was surveilling the area near Firestone Parkway and Old Hickory Blvd when Vassar, driving a matte black Chevrolet Corvette, was seen doing donuts in the parking lot of a Thornton’s convenience store [video below], where there was a “sea of vehicles,” according to police, who say Vassar had already fled a traffic stop. As he exited the parking lot, he traversed to I-24 with multiple police vehicles in pursuit with full lights and sirens. AirOne noted that Vasser bailed out of the vehicle on Crossing Place and fled on foot until he was apprehended nearby. Police say he tensed up and pulled away while being arrested, and the tag on the Corvette belonged to a Ford vehicle.

Timothy Weems charged with DUI after drinking at the Thirsty Turtle Bar in Nashville

51-year-old Timothy Weems told Metro Nashville Police he consumed “6 to 7 beers” at the Thirsty Turtle bar before driving in the early hours of Friday morning in Antioch. Officers initially made the traffic stop on his vehicle after he was varying between fast and slow speeds and repeatedly crossing over the double-yellow lines. Weems was transported to booking, and charged with DUI.

Christina Johnson pours water on husband to wake him up to discuss their relationship

53-year-old Christina Beatrice Johnson is charged with the domestic assault of her husband, Augustine Odinukaeze. She reportedly believed he was cheating due to calls to his phone coming from different area codes, so while he was asleep in bed, she threw water on him to wake him up, so they could discuss the matter. He says he attempted to leave the room, but she blocked his way and smacked him in the face during the argument. She then reportedly threatened to shoot him.

Justin Burks charged with DUI after driving the wrong way on Interstate Drive

27-year-old Justin Burks was observed driving his vehicle the wrong way on Interstate Drive in downtown Nashville just before 1 a.m. Saturday. Officers followed him as he was unable to maintain his lane of travel and repeatedly changed lanes without any warning. During a subsequent traffic stop, officers say Burks reeked of alcohol and refused to exit the vehicle when ordered to do so. He was eventually taken into custody and charged with DUI and for the loaded firearm that was next to him in the vehicle.

Darisha Heard breaks out windows, her mother sits on her until police arrive to restrain her

Metro Nashville Police arrived at the home of Isha Ford to find her 34-year-old Darisha Heard outside and very intoxicated. The two had been in an argument, according to the mother, after Darisha’s young son told Isha that Darisha had been driving while drunk. The child was sent upstairs, and the mother and daughter reportedly began to brawl. Darisha is accused of smashing out a living room window and attempting to smash through a second window until she was stopped by her mother. Darisha punched her mother in the face during this tussle, and her mother then had to physically sit on her daughter until officers arrived, at which time she went outside the home. The mother suffered a bruised and blackened eye and glass shards embedded in her body.

Meaghan Cormack charged in assault of boyfriend after instigating & recording their conversation

30-year-old Meaghan M Cormack and her boyfriend, Lewis Owenby, left Broadway late Friday night and were headed back to their Antioch Home when they stopped at a Nashville Fire Station, where police found them in response to a domestic disturbance call, just blocks from their residence. Lewis was driving her car, and police say both parties had been drinking heavily throughout the night. Meaghan believed there “might be issues between then” and began to record their conversation on the ride home. The audio recording revealed she provoked the victim as he yelled for her to stop. He says she continued to attempt to grab the steering wheel from him and take control of the vehicle from the passenger seat. She then reportedly began to assault her boyfriend on his face, leaving fresh marks and cuts which were documented by officers. Officers determined Meaghan Cormack to be the primary aggressor and took her into custody, charging her with domestic assault.

Antioch: Komlanvi Houssounoukpe assaults wife, takes phone away when she calls 911

Metro Nashville 911 operators received a call on August 12th and heard a female, later identified as Maggie Rhodes, attempting to give an address in Antioch before a struggle ensued and she screamed “quit hitting me” as the line disconnected. Officers responded to the Antioch home, and she stated she had been arguing with her husband, 44-year-old Komlanvi Houssounoukpe, throughout the day, and he had punched her in the face several times. She explained he took her phone when she called 911, and he still had the phone in his possession when officers spoke to him. Officers documented several abrasions on the victim, including a swollen eye.

#FOOD: Antioch IHOP scores 75; tree branch is found stored on prep table

The IHOP on Target Drive in Antioch scored a 75 on a health inspection Monday afternoon. 15 pounds of food were embargoed from the restaurant after the open cooler at the prep table was not maintaining food at a safe temperature as it was ‘cooling’ at over 55 degrees. The inspector noted excessive fly activity in the kitchen and found a tree branch was inexplicably stored on the prep table. Other causes of concern included the food in the walk-in freezer was thawing instead of freezing, employees handling dirty dishes then clean plates with no handwashing, and excessive build-up and dirt throughout cook line, walls, and ceilings.

Dah Gay, Joshua Bautista, & Sa Mo jailed after traffic stop reveals marijuana & handgun

Metro Nashville Police initiated a traffic stop on a white Dodge Charger on Paragon Mills Road on August 4th after it was speeding and ran a stop sith. Officers had also observed the same vehicle recently quickly leaving 95 Wallace Road when police entered the area. Inside that car was 22-year-old Sa Lo Mo was driving the vehicle, which was registered to him. 24-year-old Dah Gay was in the passenger seat, with 23-year-old Joshua Batista in the back. During the traffic stop, officers say they smelled the odor of marijuana, which Sa Mo confirmed was not hemp, and could see “remnants” of marijuana inside the car, along with small plastic baggies. A search of the vehicle revealed a .40 cal bullet wrapped in a plastic bag, a digital scape, a Glock 23 handgun with 10 rounds, and 69 grams of marijuana. Sa Mo had $1,195 in cash that was seized. No one claimed possession of the gun, so all three were charged using constructive possession.