Deadreicka Miller taps David Taylor with knife after disparaging his dead relative

David Taylor says 23-year-old Deadreicka Miller made a disparaging remake about one of his dead relatives on February 8. As the argument heated up, Miller reportedly pick up a knife and threatened Taylor. She then tapped the blade on his leg, putting him in fear of bodily injury. A Witness observed the assault. Miller had been staying with Taylor for just a month prior to the incident. She says that Taylor said something about her ex initially, causing her to respond about his dead relative. She is charged with felony aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

Woman climbs on top of husband, pummels his face after he wakes her up to feed twins; per video

Metro Police say 27-year-old Samantha Cox Ward climbed on top of her husband and repeatedly punched him in the face after he woke her up to feed their twins. He then retreated to the bathroom until police arrived at their Antioch home.