DUI: Aimable Musafiri crashes into multiple cars, resists arrest after drinking 2 beers

34-year-old Aimable Musafiri was involved in a three-car accident near Rice Road and Edge O Lake Drive on February 23rd. Officers arrived and spoke to all parties involved, during which Musafiri admitted to having two beers and taking flu medicine. Officers noticed Musafiri showing signs of intoxication before asking him to participate in sobriety tests. However, Musafiri told officers no and refused to take sobriety tests. Officers then attempted to detain Musafiri, to which he resisted, pushing away from officers. Once Musafiri was arrested and informed of implied consent, he declined to provide a breath sample. Musafiri was taken into custody for driving under the influence, implied consent, and resisting arrest.

DUI: Jacob Menendez drinks 3 cans of Truly before trying to drive past police roadblock

22-year-old Jacob Menendez tried to drive past a police roadblock on February 11th. Officers were working on a traffic crash when they noticed Menendez trying to drive through oncoming traffic to pass a police roadblock, so they ordered him to stop. Officers noticed a strong odor of alcohol and an open case of Truly Hard Seltzers on the passenger floorboard as they approached the driver’s side of Menendez’s vehicle. Menendez admitted to having three cans of Truly, consented to sobriety tests, and performed poorly. Menendez then provided a blood sample after being informed of implied consent. Menendez was taken into custody for driving under the influence.

China Rose charged after fleeing scene of a hit-and-run

26-year-old China Rose was issued a citation on December 5th after a hit-and-run incident on Laurenwood Drive in Antioch. Officers located the owner of the 2017 Jeep Cherokee. Rose admitted to officers that she had just been involved in a crash and left the scene immediately after. Rose was issued a state citation for leaving the scene of an accident and was booked on the charge this week.

Nashville TikToker Quention Pringle jailed after smashing girlfriend’s wall & mirror, fleeing from police

28-year-old TikToker “CueballCapalot0”, AKA Quention Pringle, was jailed early Saturday morning in Nashville after vandalizing his girlfriend’s property and running from police. Taylor Barlow told police she had gotten angry with Pringle while he was on a live broadcast, and they had an argument, which led to him punching her wall and mirror and throwing his computer monitor at the window, breaking it. Once the argument moved outside, Pringle reportedly used his arm to hit the windshield of her vehicle. He initially refused to speak with responding officers and ran from them as they told him to stop at least three times. He denied the vandalism but was determined to be the primary aggressor and was taken into custody.

Anthony Jenkins jailed after disorderly conduct at TRAX bar in Nashville

Officers were called to Trax bar on Ensley Boulevard for an assault in progress on October 9 in which 29-year-old Anthony Jenkins was allegedly involved. When officers arrived and began investigating the incident, they stated that Jenkins became more upset and began to yell at the victim. It’s also reported that Jenkins was told by officers and other patrons to stay away from the victim before he tried lunging at him to re-initiate a physical altercation. Due to this, the officers determined that the defendant was disorderly and his behavior would continue, so he was taken into custody.

DUI: Aymin Mechel jailed after crashing into a parked vehicle

40-year-old Aymin Mechel was found at the scene of an accident with his vehicle and another parked vehicle. Police spoke to Aymin, who, per the report, reeked of cologne, was unsteady on his feet, and had bloodshot eyes. While speaking to Aymin, police noted that his breath smelled of alcohol. Aymin told police that he hit the parked car and consented to do sobriety tests. After the first test, when he showed clear signs of intoxication, he refused to continue to do tests and argued with the officer. After he was placed into custody, he refused to consent to a breathalyzer or a blood draw. In booking, he admitted to police that he was intoxicated during the accident.

Ta’Niah Cole jailed after putting hands on boyfriend during an argument

19-year-old Ta’Niah Cole was jailed on July 1st for assaulting her boyfriend when an argument turned physical. When police arrived, they spoke with Cole, who explained that she and her boyfriend were in an argument, and she pushed him. Then he walked outside and called the police, and the altercation ended. Police spoke with the victim separately, and he confirmed that he and Cole were arguing when she pushed him. They argued for some time after the push until she hit him in the shoulder. According to the victim, that’s when he called the police and stood outside until they arrived. After the victim made his statement, he showed the officers text messages from Cole saying that she was sorry for “putting hands on you.” Cole admitted to the text messages and showed them to the police, and she was taken into custody.

Donya Marandi had “two beers” before drunken fiery crash on interstate

37-year-old Donya Marandi told police she had “a few beers” before causing a fiery collision on I-24W late Friday night. An officer was en route to an unrelated call when he observed Marandi wreck into another vehicle in the left lane. As he stopped to investigate, he noticed that Marandi’s engine was billowing heavy smoke and helped her to get to his patrol car for safety. She had to balance herself with the concrete median and the officer’s arm due to her level of intoxication. She admitted to drinking “a few beers” and continued to ask if her car was on fire, and was surprised each time to learn that it was.

DUI: Nixon Agurcia Cruz continued to drive with airbags deployed after crash

21-year-old Nixon Agurcia Cruz was charged with DUI on Sunday after being stopped by police for driving 20 mph under the speed limit. The vehicle appeared to have been in an accident as the airbags were deployed. When Agurcia saw the police, he immediately stumbled out of his car, almost falling over. With the odor of alcohol emitting from his body, he admitted to having two beers before driving and agreed to sobriety tests which he performed poorly on. Officers discovered after running his information that Agurcia did not have a driver’s license.