DUI: Shawnna Haymon drinks two mixed drinks before crashing into pole, tells police “You tell me what happened.”

25-year-old Shawnna Haymon had a single-vehicle accident where she collided with a utility pole near the Harding Pike and Vossland Drive intersection in the early hours of February 16th. Officers arrived, noticed the extensive front-end damage to her car, and asked if she was injured. Haymon responded by telling officers that she had to talk to her mother and would not answer any questions due to legal reasons. Haymon refused medical services after NFD medics evaluated her, and when officers asked what had happened, she said, “You tell me what happened.” Haymon later stated she was unaware of how she had crashed. Then, as Haymon remained uncooperative, she advised officers that she was coming from work but did not know what time it was. As they interviewed her, they noticed her showing numerous signs of intoxication, using her phone to call her mom repeatedly and demanding a lawyer. She was taken into custody and placed in the back of a patrol car when her friend, Taylar Jacobs, told officers what happened. Jacobs explained that she, Haymon, and her friends came from Kung Fu Saloon near Division Street, where she had two fruity mixed drinks. Officers informed Haymon of implied consent and requested a breath sample, to which Haymon responded by demanding a lawyer. Officers conducted an inventory search of Haymon’s vehicle and located a Glock 42 handgun in her center console with six rounds in the magazine. Haymon was taken into custody for driving under the influence, implied consent, and possessing a firearm while under the influence on February 16th.

VIDEO: Destiny Broome threatens to “air out” Ride and Drive and hides at Wendy’s next door

20-year-old Destiny Broome caused a disturbance at the Ride and Drive on Gallatin Pike on January 12th. Officers arrived at Wendy’s nearby, where a witness helped them locate Broome in the women’s bathroom with the door locked. Her boyfriend, Quinton Mitchum Jr., tried to tell officers that she was not in there and repeatedly interfered while they worked to get Broome out of the bathroom. He yelled at them and tried to enter the bathroom, so they detained him. As officers attempted to handcuff him, he resisted by putting his hands to the front of his body. Officers believed Broome had a firearm in her possession, but Mitchum Jr. insisted it was his. Broome initially refused to exit when they commanded her to, and when she eventually did, she was uncompliant with their orders to put her hands behind her back. Broome repeatedly resisted as they detained her, and a subsequent search yielded a small bag of marijuana in her front pant pocket, a small black bag containing a black semi-automatic handgun, a digital scale, rolling papers, and several 9mm rounds in the trashcan of the restroom.

Ryan Demoss and April Ruiz from Ride and Drive advised officers that Broome had come by to test drive a vehicle, but when she provided her ID, they realized that she and her boyfriend were blacklisted for previously wrecking a car, so they did not allow her. She argued with them, turned over a small table, causing the glass vase that was on it to shatter, before stating, “I will air this b!tch out,” as she put her hand inside her hoodie, where Demoss said he had seen the butt of a black handgun, which she cannot possess being underage. Demoss further explained that he observed Mitchum Jr. remove the gun from Broome’s hoodie and place it in his black bag before they stepped into the Wendy’s, where he positively identified her with the police on a “show-up.” Broome was taken into custody for unlawful use of drug paraphernalia, simple possession, weapon possession under prohibition, resisting arrest, tampering with evidence, vandalism, and two counts of assault with a deadly weapon.

Alabama Man Jesse James Reagan charged with DUI after being kicked out of Barstool Nashville

29-year-old Jesse Reagan was kicked out of Barstool Sports Saturday evening, due to his disruptive behavior and level of intoxication. He then returned to his vehicle, which was parked across the street, and was sitting in the driver’s seat when MNPD Officers made contact with him after being flagged down by Barstool bouncers. Reagan was reportedly visibly intoxicated and had the keys to the vehicle in his pocket. He refused field sobriety tests, stating he knew he would fail. He advised he had a handgun in the vehicle, and it was located, along with multiple empty beer cans, a bottle of wine, and a bottle of Casamigos Tequila. He refused all further testing and was taken into custody, charged with DUI, implied consent, and handgun possession while under the influence.

Lopez Jalecic gets drunk in Walmart, tries stealing officer’s gun

34-year-old Lopez Jalecic was shoplifting at the Wal-Mart on Nolensville Pike on December 7th. Officers were dispatched regarding a suspect who attempted to get the security officer’s gun. They arrived and spoke with Walmart’s loss prevention staff, who advised them that they witnessed Jalecic open bottles of alcoholic beverages and consumed them on the property. They stated that when they tried to detain Jalecic, he became violent and kept reaching for his waistband. When they were able to arrest him, they uncovered a firearm in his waist area, and he kept threatening them until the officers arrived. Officers reviewed the surveillance and observed Jalecic grabbing and consuming bottles of beer. Jalecic was visibly intoxicated as he admitted to drinking the beers and stated numerous times that the loss prevention staff treated him like “he stole something worth a lot more than what he did.” The loss prevention staff wished to prosecute, and Jalecic was taken into custody for theft, possessing a weapon while under the influence, and public intoxication.

James McGee found drunk, unresponsive on State Property

45-year-old James McGee was found unresponsive in the Legislative Garage on State Property on the afternoon of May 12th. The building staff found McGee, called the ambulance and transported him to Centennial Hospital. McGee had a black bag that contained a loaded firearm and an alcoholic beverage. Pictures on the security camera show him drinking alcohol with the black bag on his cleaning machine. He was taken into custody for having a weapon at a posted meeting and being in possession of a firearm while under the influence.

Landon Hale drunkenly brings two loaded guns into Waffle House

23-year-old Landon Hale was at Waffle House holding his gun out in his hand in the early hours of December 4th. Officers arrived, noticed Hale matched the description, and detained him. Hale was visibly intoxicated, as they could smell the odor of alcohol when he spoke. Officers observed the magazine end of a firearm sticking out of Hale’s pocket, searched him, and located two loaded guns. Hale was Mirandized and then admitted to drinking alcohol earlier and owning the two firearms. Witnesses advised he was not pointing the gun or threatening anyone but was holding it out in his hand. Hale was taken into custody for public intoxication and being in possession of a weapon while under the influence.