Steven Clarke Jr. causes crash, goes home like nothing happened

22-year-old Steven Clarke Jr. was involved in a hit-and-run collision near Saundersville Road and Andrew Jackson Parkway on the night of March 30th. When officers arrived, they spoke with the other driver, Ashley Noble, and two witnesses, Aaron Boyd and David Foster. They advised officers that a white sedan drove into Noble’s vehicle, leaving bruises and cuts on her face, and left the scene. One of the witnesses added that he followed Clarke Jr. to a Morgan Drive address. Officers went and located a white sedan with heavy front-end damage, which matched the description they were given. When officers arrived, Clarke Jr.’s father approached them, and they asked him if he had been driving the car. Clarke Jr.’s father replied, “No, that was my son. He is inside.” He then went to retrieve Clarke Jr. for the police. When Clarke Jr. came back outside, officers noticed he had a laceration on his lip consistent with having been in a vehicle collision. Clarke Jr. also showed signs of disorientation and matched Noble’s description. During the officers’ investigation, they located a beer can on the floorboard of his vehicle. Clarke Jr. was taken into custody for failure to file a report of an accident with injury or damage, failure to give information/render aid, leaving the scene of an accident, and leaving the scene of a personal injury accident.

David Reed strikes parking garage manager with vehicle when line takes too long

50-year-old David Reed of Glasgow, KY, was in a parking garage on Broadway in downtown Nashville Saturday afternoon when the manager of the garage was controlling traffic to ensure the license plate cameras were recording each plate. Reed became angered at the slow pace and began to yell profanities out the window and honk his horn at the traffic and the manager, Brandon Mefford, who was now in front of his vehicle. Witnesses say he then yelled for the manager to “get the f*/k out of the way!” and drove forward, pushing the manager with his vehicle and continuing up the ramp without stomping, which was also documented on video. 

Kenneth Maschek pretends to be a cop, pulls a man’s pants down to “search him”

51-year-old Kenneth Daniel Maschek of Chicago was disorderly at the Sheraton Hotel on Union Street late January 15th. Officers arrived and spoke with the complainant, who advised them that Maschek claimed to be a police officer, threw him to the ground using a hip toss, searched him by pulling his pants down, and detained him in the elevator. The complainant had an acquaintance with him who told officers that Maschek snatched his phone out of his hand. Maschek spoke with officers and told them that he subdued the individuals in the elevator because he thought they had a gun and were going to “shoot up the place.” Officers did not find evidence showing that they had a weapon, but the victim of the hip toss admitted to having loose bullets and a magazine. Maschek was visibly intoxicated and admitted to having “some beers.” Then, he told them that he only claimed to be a police officer because it was a two-on-one situation, and he wanted to intimidate them. The two citizens involved did not wish to prosecute, but Maschek was taken into custody for public intoxication and criminal impersonation of an officer.

Alabama Man Jesse James Reagan charged with DUI after being kicked out of Barstool Nashville

29-year-old Jesse Reagan was kicked out of Barstool Sports Saturday evening, due to his disruptive behavior and level of intoxication. He then returned to his vehicle, which was parked across the street, and was sitting in the driver’s seat when MNPD Officers made contact with him after being flagged down by Barstool bouncers. Reagan was reportedly visibly intoxicated and had the keys to the vehicle in his pocket. He refused field sobriety tests, stating he knew he would fail. He advised he had a handgun in the vehicle, and it was located, along with multiple empty beer cans, a bottle of wine, and a bottle of Casamigos Tequila. He refused all further testing and was taken into custody, charged with DUI, implied consent, and handgun possession while under the influence.

Michael Breton squares up with wife during dispute over lighter

65-year-old Michael Breton was involved in a domestic altercation with his wife, Annette Chevallier, at the Holiday Inn on Broadway on the 16th of December. The conflict started when Chevallier lost her ID and debit card on Broadway, which caused an argument that made Breton increasingly agitated. While the two were standing near the hot dog vendor at 8th Avenue North and Broadway, Breton demanded that Chevallier give him his lighter. This led to Chevallier throwing Breton’s lighter at his feet. Breton retaliated by squaring up with her and pushing her onto her back. Shortly after, they both returned to their hotel, where Breton continued to be verbally aggressive and abusive towards her. Officers spoke with witnesses at the hot dog vendor stand, and they confirmed that Breton put his hands on Chevallier, causing her to fall. When Officers talked to Breton, he denied having used any physical force on his wife. Breton was taken into custody and charged with domestic assault.

Ahren Bohanan charged with DUI after crash in downtown Nashville

30-year-old Ahren Bohanan was involved in a car accident at 3rd Ave. N after drinking six Coors Lights on October 20th. Officers were dispatched to the scene and observed a disabled Jeep as they arrived. Bohanan, who performs under the name ‘Ahren Liston,’ was visibly intoxicated and unaware of what happened to his Jeep but was able to remember that he had six Coors Lights as he spoke to officers. Bohanan consented to sobriety tests and performed poorly before being taken into custody for driving under the influence.

Terri Sutherland shatters wine glass on boyfriend, covering them both in glass & wine

Sutherland was jailed early Tuesday morning after throwing wine from a glass at her boyfriend during an argument at their home on 9th Avenue. Sutherland admitted to throwing the wine at him but explained that “she wanted to splatter him a little bit.” Allen Thompson stated, “Last night, she got really out of control. She threw a glass of wine at me; most of it went over my head, but then she threw the glass and hit my arm. It didn’t cut me or anything, but it broke into, you know, a hundred pieces.” Sutherland told police that she didn’t intentionally break the glass, and it broke when she was bringing it down from throwing the wine out of it. Based on her admission and Thompson’s statement, Sutherland was taken into custody and charged with domestic assault.