Dude, that’s not your friend’s car… Drunk man climbs inside stranger’s car — Tavis Cobb

21-year-old Tavis Cobb was leaning against a car in the Commerce St garage downtown Sunday night, believing it was his friend’s vehicle. When someone came up to the car and unlocked it, Tavis climbed inside, too intoxicated to realize it was neither his friend, nor his friend’s vehicle. He was unable to call anyone, he didn’t have a phone with him, and only knew he was “in Nashville”. Cobb was charged with public intoxication and taken to booking for the night.

Tourist charged after punching bouncer in face when asked for ID at Honky Tonk Central — Lazaro Wilkerson

25-year-old Lazaro Wilkerson, from Kentucky, is charged with assault and public intoxication after he attempted to enter Honky Tonk Central in #DowntownNashville and reportedly punched the bouncer in the face who asked for his identification. #bspotter

Paducah man charged in aggravated statutory rape of 16-year-old in Nashville

42-year-old David K, Tindell, who was 38 at the time of the incident, is charged with the aggravated statutory rape of a 16-year-old child in Nashville. The incident occurred in January of 2018 in Nashville. He has had multiple hearings in the case to date, and his next scheduled hearing in Nashville is coming up in August. He faces related charges in multiple other jurisdictions.

Woman shatters father’s window and cuts girlfriend with box cutters in separate incidents

29-year-old Lacey Stone was charged with vandalism and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon after she shattered a window at her father’s house and cut her girlfriend with a pair of box cutters.

ARREST: 20yo Mitchell Wagner Pulls Out Penis in Women’s Restroom @ Vanderbilt Stadium, Urinates Everywhere

20 year-old Mitchell Wagner was at yesterday’s Vanderbilt vs. UK game at Vanderbilt Stadium. Then he had to go use the restroom. Per a MNPD police report, just after 4PM, Wagner entered the women’s restroom at Vanderbilt Stadium, pulled out his penis, and began urinating all over the restroom. Wagner was reportedly very unsteady on his feet, and confused. Upon police arriving he admitted to having a “few drinks” at the football game, despite being underage. Wagner was taken into custody and charged with Public Intoxication & Underage alcohol consumption,…

ARREST: East Nashville Prostitution, “bobbing her head in the driver’s lap” for $30

On Monday afternoon, MNPD officers observed Christian Prather “bobbing her head in the driver’s lap” of a Chevy Silverado in the parking lot of the Quality Inn on Brick Church Pike.The driver’s belt and pants zipper were undone. Under Miranda, the driver stated that he agreed to pay the defendant $30 of U.S. Currency in exchange for oral sex. Under Miranda, the defendant stated she agreed to perform a sexual act on the driver for $200 an hour, or $160 a half hour. Prather has outstanding warrant for a Parole…