Patrick Allen drunkenly strangles wife during Valentine’s Day altercation

24-year-old Patrick Allen had a domestic incident with Kaysha Wilson, his girlfriend, at a Hermitage Park Drive apartment on February 15th. Officers arrived and spoke with Wilson, who advised them that the incident started on the evening of February 14th. Wilson advised that she and Allen had dinner with her family, during which she added a family member to their tab, causing him to become upset and ask why she did that. Wilson told him it was not a big deal and that she would CashApp him $7 for their meal. Then, they went to Lucky’s Bar & Grill on Stewarts Ferry Pike and continued drinking through the night. While at the bar, Allen was irritated and highly intoxicated, accusing Wilson of speaking to other men. Wilson told Allen they should return to the Hermitage Park Drive apartment where they were staying for the night. Wilson told officers she grabbed his phone because he almost left it at the bar. When they arrived at the apartment, Allen started yelling at her, demanding the phone, so Wilson told him it was on the counter and went to the bathroom. Then, Wilson said she was afraid since she had never witnessed Allen behaving like that. So, Wilson locked herself in the restroom, where Allen kicked the door open and held her down while punching her repeatedly. Officers observed the visible injuries she sustained, which were consistent with her statement. Wilson further explained how Allen placed her in a chokehold during the struggle, constricting her airways until she fought him off and left the apartment. Wilson stated another incident occurred later that day, which she reported separately. Wilson was unsure where he could have run off to and then told officers that she wished to prosecute for the attack. Allen was taken into custody for domestic assault on February 21st.

Yoenis Tovar assaults husband with multiple objects during altercation, tells him “I’m going to kill you”

26-year-old Yoenis Luz Anaya Tovar assaulted her husband, Bryan Hernandez De las Salas, at their shared apartment on Lebanon Pike in the late hours of January 19th. Hernandez spoke with officers, advising them that he and Tovar argued when she began making offensive comments about his mother. Hernandez made similar comments in return, which angered Tovar. Tovar started punching Hernandez in the head, leaving visible injuries, which prompted Hernandez to record her. Tovar then grabbed and struck Hernandez with a cooking pot. Hernandez further explained that amid the action, Tovar got a towel, wrapped it around his throat, and tightened it, hindering his breathing. Tovar let Hernandez go when she saw his eyes start to roll to the back of his head. Tovar then grabbed a kitchen knife, put it to Hernandez’s throat, and told him, “I’m going to kill you,” before slicing his hand with a pair of scissors, leaving a laceration. Hernandez provided the video to officers, showing Tovar striking and strangling him in the nude. As they reviewed it, the videos started to disappear as if someone were deleting them. Hernandez stated that the only other person who had access to the account with the videos was Tovar. Officers observed the apparent injuries that Hernandez sustained, which were consistent with his statements. Officers searched the area and located Tovar in her vehicle in the parking lot. Officers asked Tovar if she knew why they were there, and she said, “Probably because he called about an assault,” but insisted that nothing had happened. Tovar was deemed the primary aggressor and was taken into custody for domestic assault.

DUI: Ryan Hopes drinks multiple beers and some Jim Beam before driving

44-year-old Ryan Hopes was standing by the back of his pickup truck as officers arrived at Briley Parkway regarding a domestic disturbance in the early hours of December 16th. He admitted to having driven the truck there and having drank 4-5 beers as well as some of the Jim Beam located in his vehicle. He was visibly intoxicated, refused to perform sobriety tests, and was taken into custody for driving under the influence.

DUI: Vanderbilt Doctor Derrick Sowder hits motorcycle rider & flees the scene

43-year-old Vanderbilt Doctor Derrick Sowder was jailed on April 15th for a hit and run on Lebanon Pike. A witness provided police with Sowder’s license plate number, and they found him parking his vehicle in his driveway as they arrived. There was significant damage to his vehicle, consistent with the crash that took place approximately a mile away. Sowder told police that he had been hit by an unknown vehicle and drove home without stopping after the crash. Sowder appeared to be intoxicated and admitted to drinking a glass of wine about 3 hours before the crash. His speech was slow and slurred, and he had watery bloodshot eyes. Mr. Sowder’s boyfriend, James Lindsey, took a rideshare to his house after hearing about the crash and told police that He and Sowder each had about four glasses of wine at his house before Mr. Sowder left to drive home. Mr. Sowder hit Elliot Mullins on a motorcycle, and he suffered a compound fracture to his leg.

DUI: Armando Bucio vomiting from vehicle at Broadway intersection at 1 a.m.

27-year-old Armando Bucio was at the intersection of Broadway and 4th at 1:15 a.m. Saturday when officers observed him open his driver’s side door and vomit onto the ground. Officers approached to check on his welfare and immediately observed him to be extremely intoxicated. He performed poorly on field sobriety tests and stated he had one Whisky & Coke and one shot of tequila prior to driving. He would later blow a 0.120% BAC on a breathalyzer.

Michelle Carter bounced from Tootsie’s after Jelly Roll concert

42-year-old Michelle Carter was asked to leave Tootsie’s bar in downtown Nashville in the early hours of Saturday morning, and once outside, continued to ask to go back inside to retrieve her purse and cell phone. Bouncers refused her request but advised they would retrieve it for her. She stated it was with a man named “Kevin,” but he was not located inside. When asked to provide the phone number of someone who could pick her up, she gave the number of her estranged husband, in Memphis. She was unable to name her hotel so she could be transported there, and was eventually taken into custody for public intoxication. When informed of her charges, Carter explained that she was just enjoying her night after the Jelly Roll concert, and she was not driving, so she couldn’t be charged with public intoxication.

Lucas Emily charged after trying to fight & yelling racial slurs at cops at Jelly Roll concert

Police say 22-year-old Lucas Emily took off his shirt and assumed a fighting stance at the Jelly Roll concert at Bridgestone Arena Friday night as he attempted to fight other patrons. He caused such a disturbance he had to be removed from the venue and refused to comply with commands from officers when they attempted to escort him out. He reportedly reeked of alcohol and yelled obscenities and racial slurs toward officers attempting to place him into a patrol car, and he refused to get inside. Officers restrained him and placed him inside the car for transport, and he then kicked at the officers while continuing to cause a disturbance.

Marcel Labib strangles husband who wouldn’t help her change a flat tire

31-year-old Marcel Labib is accused of putting her husband, Youssef Shawk, in a rear choke hold until he was unable to breathe and scratching at his face when he refused to come to her aid with a flat tire. When she called him to help her, as she was stranded, he reminded her of his “hand injury” and advised her to call a tow truck instead. After the tire was fixed and she returned home, Marcel reminded Youssef that she cooks, cleans, and takes care of the home and that he could at least attempt to help her. He says she was irate and came at him, scratching at his face. As he attempted to shield his face, he says she put him in a rear choke hold, preventing him from breathing. The assault occurred in front of their two minor children, who attempted to separate their parents. Marcel is charged with domestic assault with bodily injury.

Tourist from Ohio, William Brunnett, charged in assault of his wife during Nashville vacation

Metro Nashville Police officers working the Entertainment District Initiative Saturday night in downtown Nashville observed 63-year-old William Brunnett of Twinsburg, Ohio, wrap his hands around the back of his wife’s head while attempting to pull her down and away from Layla’s Honky Tonk. His wife, Laura Brunnett, attempted to push him off and away from her as officers approached the altercation and separated the parties. As officers were placing William into custody for domestic assault, he claimed he was having heat issues and possibly a heart attack. He was then transported to Metro General Hospital for clearance before being booked into jail.

Halee Persinger charged after punching boyfriend in face during cocaine withdrawals

22-year-old Halee Anne Persinger and the father of her children, Isaiah Cooke, were visiting her parents earlier this week when she became upset that she no longer had custody of her children and couldn’t take them back with her. Both her mother and Isaiah told police about her history of drug use and that she was currently withdrawing from cocaine and was acting erratically. When Isaiah took her outside to attempt to defuse the situation away from the children, she punched him in the face, which was also witnessed by her mother, Leslie Jones.