Jovani Murillo burns ex-girlfriend’s clothes during altercation

20-year-old Jovani Murillo had a domestic altercation with his ex-girlfriend, Leslie Torres, at her Saturn Drive residence on November 13th. Torres reported that she had recently broken up with Murillo and asked him to return the clothes she had left at his house. Torres later heard a vehicle honk its horn in front of her home, stepped outside, and saw her belongings on fire. Torres observed Murillo get back into his car and drive off. Torres reviewed the footage from her front door camera, which showed him exiting his vehicle, placing her clothes on the ground, and setting them on fire. Torres advised officers that she did not wish to prosecute for the incident and that her damaged property was valued at approximately $100. Murillo was taken into custody for vandalism on February 13th.

Levi Pilgrim jailed after using fake ID to buy alcohol at Nissan Stadium

18-year-old Levi Pilgrim was jailed Saturday afternoon after he was found to be buying and drinking alcohol inside Nissan Stadium. Apex security initially detained Pilgrim, along with the fake ID he was using to purchase the alcohol. Metro Nashville Police arrived and took him into custody, charging him with public intoxication.

Brittney Paredes pushes boyfriend into hotel toilet during argument

35-year-old Brittney Paredes was booked early Saturday morning after assaulting her boyfriend at Hillside Crossing Hotel on Spence Lane. Police spoke with James Blair, who said he and his girlfriend got into an argument, so he went to the bathroom to get away. Paredes followed him and stood in the doorway of the bathroom, not allowing him to exit. According to Blair, Paredes then pushed him, causing him to fall into the toilet. He got up and pushed her back so he could get out of the bathroom. When police questioned Paredes, she admitted to blocking her boyfriend in the bathroom and shoving him. She said when he shoved her, she fell into the side of the bed and scraped her right forearm. Based off of both stories and the injury, police determined Paredes to be the primary aggressor, and she was transported to booking.

Marcel Labib strangles husband who wouldn’t help her change a flat tire

31-year-old Marcel Labib is accused of putting her husband, Youssef Shawk, in a rear choke hold until he was unable to breathe and scratching at his face when he refused to come to her aid with a flat tire. When she called him to help her, as she was stranded, he reminded her of his “hand injury” and advised her to call a tow truck instead. After the tire was fixed and she returned home, Marcel reminded Youssef that she cooks, cleans, and takes care of the home and that he could at least attempt to help her. He says she was irate and came at him, scratching at his face. As he attempted to shield his face, he says she put him in a rear choke hold, preventing him from breathing. The assault occurred in front of their two minor children, who attempted to separate their parents. Marcel is charged with domestic assault with bodily injury.