Tourist Kyle Dowling fights after getting kicked out of Honky Tonk Central in Nashville

25-year-old Chicago tourist Kyle Dowling was involved in a fight outside Honky Tonk Central in downtown Nashville late Friday night. Police say he had been kicked out of the bar due to his extreme level of intoxication. He continued fighting until being separated by responding officers. He was taken into custody and charged with disorderly conduct.

Brittney Paredes pushes boyfriend into hotel toilet during argument

35-year-old Brittney Paredes was booked early Saturday morning after assaulting her boyfriend at Hillside Crossing Hotel on Spence Lane. Police spoke with James Blair, who said he and his girlfriend got into an argument, so he went to the bathroom to get away. Paredes followed him and stood in the doorway of the bathroom, not allowing him to exit. According to Blair, Paredes then pushed him, causing him to fall into the toilet. He got up and pushed her back so he could get out of the bathroom. When police questioned Paredes, she admitted to blocking her boyfriend in the bathroom and shoving him. She said when he shoved her, she fell into the side of the bed and scraped her right forearm. Based off of both stories and the injury, police determined Paredes to be the primary aggressor, and she was transported to booking.

Devin Blakley charged with selling wine to a minor at Downtown Nashville Wine & Spirits

Agents with the TABC say 22-year-old Devin Blakley sold alcohol to an informant during a minor compliance check on March 30. Agents used a minor with an ID confirming they were 19 years of age. Special agents observed as Blakley sold the minor informant a bottle of SweetWater wine. Blakley was booked on that charge this week.

Florida man Brian Hastreiter drunk and disorderly in downtown Nashville bar

38-year-old Brian Hastreiter was kicked out of the Lucky Bastard Saloon in downtown Nashville in the early hours of Saturday morning for his disorderly behavior in the bar. He returned a title of three times, eventually causing security to alert Metro Nashville Police to have him trespassed and removed from the property. Officers arrived and took Hastreiter into custody and transported him to booking.

Jill Harp to West End Hotel: “I’m staying here, with or without a room!”

43-year-old Jill Harp was found in the lobby of the Graduate Nashville Hotel near Vanderbilt in the early morning hours of January 6. Police say she was not a guest of the hotel, and security had asked her to leave the property multiple times. Harp reportedly told security she needed a place to sleep and was going to stay at the hotel “with or without a room!” As officers arrived to take her into custody for criminal trespass, she slipped her handcuffs once inside the patrol car, and she maneuvered in a way that allowed her to attempt to kick out the back window during transport to booking.

Joshua Berrios too drunk and disorderly for downtown Nashville

23-year-old Joshua Berrios was very drunk and disorderly outside Miranda Lambert’s Casa Rosa late Friday night. Metro Nashville Police officers working the Entertainment District Initiative say he was instead and reeked of alcohol. He was unable to care for himself and was taken into custody and charged with public intoxication.

Married tourists visit Nashville Jail while on vacation in Music City — Ralph & Rhiannon Martinez

Metro Nashville Police Officer Jaren Breece responded to a fight call at Dierks Bentley’s Whiskey Row on Broadway in downtown Nashville to find 44-year-old Rhiannon Martinez ending her fight with another patron, and he advised her to leave the property. She cursed toward the other involved party and began to leave but turned back around and continued to instigate the fight further. She was extremely intoxicated and unable to care for herself, so she was arrested for public intoxication and disorderly conduct. As she was being placed into custody, 51-year-old Ralph Martinez began to interfere with her arrest and was advised to stop. As he continued to interfere after being given chances to walk away, he was also placed into custody and charged with disorderly conduct and public intoxication.

Chicago couple Lori Haarmann & Eric Frostick jailed in Nashville after drunken downtown fight

Metro Nashville Police Officers working the Entertainment District Initiative in downtown Nashville were flagged down by citizens on the sidewalk outside of Jason Aldean’s Kitchen + Rooftop Bar, where an altercation was taking place between two tourists from Chicago, 45-year-old Lori Ann Haarmann and her husband, 48-year-old Eric Frostick. Multiple witnesses report Eric was pulling and hitting his wife while attempting to force her into a rideshare vehicle. Bouncers from the bar report her holding onto the railing and refusing to get into the vehicle with her husband while fighting back against his assault.

Eric denied any altercation when police arrived and told officers his ripped shirt and scratches on his body occurred “when we were having sex… that is how it happened.” Officers first arrested Eric for domestic assault and public intoxication, and then due to Lori’s level of intoxication and inability to care for herself, she was also charged with public intoxication.

Drunken tourist Piotr Walaszek makes it onto the roof of downtown Nashville bar

Metro Nashville police responded to Miranda Lambert’s Casa Rosa just before 2 a.m. Saturday for a report of a disorderly person. Officers found that 25-year-old Piotr Walaszek had made his way onto the roof of the venue. Staff escorted police to the roof access area, and officers located the man extremely intoxicated and stumbling around. After repeated refusals to leave the property, Walaszek was taken into custody and charged with criminal trespass.

Aaron Madura charged with assault of his father in downtown Nashville

Motorcycle officer Hazzard observed 22-year-old Aaron Madura push his father on the sidewalk near 6th & Demonbreun in downtown Nashville. He turned his motorcycle around and followed behind the two, at which point he also observed Aaron slap his father, Frank Madura, in the back of the neck. As Hazzard was placing Madura into custody for domestic assault he says he “bucked up” on him to resist arrest after he was already in cuffs.