Malachi Nelson attempts to break into US Bank ATM with large rock

32-year-old Malachi Nelson was taken into custody on June 18th for vandalism. Officers responded to a robbery alarm at the Lebanon Pike US Bank. When they arrived, they located Nelson walking toward the entrance of the closed bank. Officers found the damaged ATM door, which initially triggered the notification to the police. They also noticed the lower keylock door had been pried open. Then, officers discovered a large rock near the ATM. US Bank employees provided officers with footage of the occurrence, showing Nelson standing near the ATM for several minutes. Nelson then grabbed a knife from his pocket and opened its exterior door. After this, Nelson walked to the grass, picked up a rock, and started hitting the safe. After multiple unsuccessful attempts, he started walking to the front door. Nelson was then detained for the incident.

Rocco Cipriano pushes woman to the ground during attack & holds her down

29-year-old Nicolas “Rocco” Cipriano was involved in a domestic disturbance with Hayley Murphy at Morris Apartments on October 30th. Officers were dispatched and observed Murphy crying on the ground, being comforted by a friend, Mr. Michael Ward Leverrier, when they arrived. Leverrier told officers that he heard Murphy and Cipriano screaming at each other and observed him holding her down on the ground. Then, Leverrier stated he stopped Cipriano from hurting Murphy and told him to walk home due to his level of anger and intoxication. Cipriano let Murphy up after Leverrier told him to calm down. Cipriano was taken into custody and charged with domestic assault.

DUI: Todd Siebert charged after driving into tree & building in downtown Nashville

Metro Nashville Police say 31-year-old Todd Siebert drove his Ford F-150 into a tree and then into the side of a building near Prentice Avenue in downtown Nashville in the early hours of Wednesday morning. He spoke with slurred speech and was visibly intoxicated. He stated he had two cocktails at Mother’s Ruin in Germantown before driving. He performed poorly on field sobriety tests and later blew a 0.12% BAC on a breathalyzer.

DUI: Samuel West drives into the side of Lucky’s 3-Star Bar in Nashville

26-year-old Samuel West told police he came from Broadway, where he “didn’t have a single drop of alcohol” before crashing his Jeep Wrangler into the side of Lucky’s 3-Star Bar just south of downtown Nashville Sunday night, causing extensive damage to the building. He claimed he simply swerved to avoid a car. West reeked of alcohol and performed poorly on field sobriety tests. He was taken into custody and charged with DUI.

DUI: Arjun Kaczor charged after crashing into utility pole on West End

25-year-old Arjun Kaczor was stumbling around outside his white BMW sedan when officers responded to 31st & Park Plaza in the early hours of Saturday morning. Kaczor had just crashed his car into a utility pole and was treated at the scene by Nashville Fire Medics. Officers say he reeked of alcohol and performed poorly on field sobriety tests. Kaczor was transported to booking and charged with DUI.

Jill Harp to West End Hotel: “I’m staying here, with or without a room!”

43-year-old Jill Harp was found in the lobby of the Graduate Nashville Hotel near Vanderbilt in the early morning hours of January 6. Police say she was not a guest of the hotel, and security had asked her to leave the property multiple times. Harp reportedly told security she needed a place to sleep and was going to stay at the hotel “with or without a room!” As officers arrived to take her into custody for criminal trespass, she slipped her handcuffs once inside the patrol car, and she maneuvered in a way that allowed her to attempt to kick out the back window during transport to booking.

Wayne Northern says he didn’t drink before DUI crash

Metro Nashville Police say 31-year-old Daanwayne “Wayne” Northern was unconscious behind the wheel of his black SUV when they found him collided with a barrier wall at 14th & Broadway in the early hours of Thursday morning. Once he was awake and alert, Northern claimed she didn’t have anything to drink and was coming from his girlfriend’s apartment on Broadway. Officers report he reeked of alcohol and had slurred speech during their interactions. He performed poorly on field sobriety tests and was taken into custody for DUI.

Lovers lash out, unable to find a stripper to spend money on — Adrianna Scivally, arrested

21-year-old Adrianna Scivally and Joshiana Moore have been lovers for the past six years but are currently broken up, though they still live together. Early Saturday morning, the two were at Deja Vu on Church Street in Nashville, where they decided to spend their money on a specific dancer that they both had an interest in. However, when they couldn’t find that specific stripper, Scivally became irate and began to push and hit her on-again/off-again lover. She retrieved an iPad from the vehicle and hit the victim in the head with it, leaving a significant bruise on the victim. The two then had a fistfight in the parking lot until police arrived.

DUI: Police knock on Jordan Rafferty’s door when she simply goes home after a hit-and-run

27-year-old Jordan Rafferty blew a 0.183% BAC on a breathalyzer when police eventually tracked her down and knocked on her door after she crashed her silver Mazda sedan into a flatbed construction vehicle on Murphy Road and fled the scene. Her car sustained “severe front end damage” and was located in the parking lot of her apartment complex with all airbags deployed. She claims someone at the scene told her to drive home and not worry about it. Witnesses at the scene say she fled the scene as quickly as she collided with the truck. Her Instagram story revealed her at a table with drinks at Otto’s Bar just before the hit-and-run. Rafferty admitted to having “a few glasses” of wine.

Man in bathrobe assaults ex-girlfriend on toilet, smashes iPhone, jealous over new lover — Tyler Fogarty

32-year-old Tyler Fogarty is charged with domestic assault and vandalism after a series of visits to his ex-girlfriend’s home this week using a spare key he retained. The victim reports on the first night she sustained bruises to her arms and chest after he pulled her from a bathroom toilet, dragging her across the floor in an attempt to take her iPhone due to being jealous over her dating another man. The following night, he reappeared at 3 a.m. wearing a bathrobe and again confronted her about the same issue. During this visit, he was able to take the phone and the victim was able to use her Apple Watch to call 911 as he destroyed her iPhone after looking through it. Tyler Fogarty is free on a $4,500 bond.