Illinois Realtor Adrian Cave charged in Valentine’s Day rape in Nashville

32-year-old Illinois Realtor Adrian Cave was booked into the Metro Nashville Jail Wednesday after a Davidson County Grand Jury indicted him on a charge of rape. The true bill returned by the Grand Jury in May alleges that Adrian May raped a person on Valentine’s Day of 2021 in Nashville.

Drunken tourist Piotr Walaszek makes it onto the roof of downtown Nashville bar

Metro Nashville police responded to Miranda Lambert’s Casa Rosa just before 2 a.m. Saturday for a report of a disorderly person. Officers found that 25-year-old Piotr Walaszek had made his way onto the roof of the venue. Staff escorted police to the roof access area, and officers located the man extremely intoxicated and stumbling around. After repeated refusals to leave the property, Walaszek was taken into custody and charged with criminal trespass.

Tourist bites Nashville Police Officer & Medic — Jessica Russell free on Pre-Trial Release

33-year-old Jessica Rose Russell was found in downtown Nashville extremely intoxicated, unable to care for herself, and believing she was in Illinois. Medics were in the process of assisting her when she became combative, and officers arrived to assist. As they were attempting to get her onto the gurney, she attempted to free herself from the soft restraints they had placed on her and became more aggressive. She lunged at medics several times and eventually bit medic Alexander Martin, but did not break the skin. Then she latched her mouth onto Officer Timothy Lehnert, breaking the skiing and drawing blood. Both Russell and Officer Lehnert were treated at the hospital. Russell is now free on pre-trial release.

Allie Hutchinson charged in DUI crash in Nashville — 0.204% BAC on breathalyzer

Metro Nashville Police found 23-year-old Allison ‘Allie’ Hutchinson sitting in the driver’s seat of her car as they responded to a traffic collision on March 13th. She smelled of alcohol and had slurred speech, and performed poorly on field sobriety tests. Once given a breathalyzer, she blew a 0.204% BAC.

Aaron Madura charged with assault of his father in downtown Nashville

Motorcycle officer Hazzard observed 22-year-old Aaron Madura push his father on the sidewalk near 6th & Demonbreun in downtown Nashville. He turned his motorcycle around and followed behind the two, at which point he also observed Aaron slap his father, Frank Madura, in the back of the neck. As Hazzard was placing Madura into custody for domestic assault he says he “bucked up” on him to resist arrest after he was already in cuffs.

Curtis Washum charged in assault & strangulation of juvenile brother

25-year-old Curtis Washum just moved to live with his mother in Nashville last week. On the same day he moved in, she states he became disrespectful. Police say his juvenile brother overheard him being disrespectful and told him to not speak to their mother in such a way, and Curtis pushed him and bit him in the face, and attempted to strangle the child, also causing several scratches to the child’s body, which were documented by police.

Illinois woman charged after wild night at Tootsie’s Bar in downtown Nashville — Bethany Priester

Metro Police say 54-year-old Bethany Priester was asked to leave Tootsie’s Bar in downtown Nashville in the early hours of Sunday morning and outright refused and caused quite the scene. Bar staff reported she was randomly stealing seats of other patrons as they stood up for a moment, and eventually threw a drink at staff. She was eventually physically removed from the bar, which is when police arrived. She was reportedly swaying while standing and was heavily intoxicated. She was arrested and charged with public intoxication.

DUI: The man passed out behind the wheel of his Tesla would like his lawyer — Jeff Halm

Metro Nashville Police say they found 34-year-old Jeffrey Halm passed out behind the wheel of his Tesla at the corner of Gallatin Ave. & Eastland Ave. in the early hours of Monday morning. It took multiple attempts to get Halm alert and awake, at which time he became hesitant to exit the vehicle. He reportedly swayed back and forth and answered every question with “I want my lawyer”, over and over again. Police located an unopened bottle of beer in the cupholder.

Drunk man charged after “cussing out a kid on the plane” — Thomas Hook arrested

Airport Police say k 28-year-old Tommy Hook was “cussing out a kid on the plane” according to gate agents at Nashville International Airport. Hook was initially calm with officers but would sneak in an occasional “asshole” remark to the Southwest manager via a quick yell. He was removed from the plane so it could take off without him. When he realized he would not make the flight to Chicago that day, he started screaming expletives across the airport and became aggressive. He was taken into custody, despite his resistance, and transported to jail.