Sam Hewlett charged in assault of bouncer at Lucky Bastard Saloon in Nashville

26-year-old Samuel Hewlett was told to leave the Lucky Bastard Saloon on Broadway late Saturday night after his disruptive behavior at the Broadway bar. He refused to leave when asked, and bouncers placed their hands on him to escort him outside from the second floor. Hewlett reportedly became aggressive with security and punched one of the bouncers, Carson Quirk, twice in the face. He was then handcuffed and detained for Metro Nashville Police. Officers viewed a recording of the incident and charged Hewlett with assault

Tourist William McGuane jailed after fight at Kid Rock’s Bar in downtown Nashville

51-year-old tourist William McGuane was jailed late December 30th after fighting at Kid Rock’s Bar on Broadway in downtown Nashville. Security staff say they separated all involved parties, and McGuane continued to be confrontational with security. Officers arrived to find him detained and took him into custody. Officers also noted he attempted to fight officers while he was handcuffed.

Tourist Martin McDonald jailed after drunkenly trespassing at downtown construction site

22-year-old tourist Martin McDonald was found extremely intoxicated and trespassing in the closed construction site of the future Chief’s Bar location at 2nd & Commerce in downtown Nashville. He was unable to care for himself and had no one to care for him, so he was taken into custody and transported to booking. 

Cody Bearden assaults bouncers, uses racial slurs at Kid Rock’s bar in downtown Nashville

32-year-old Cody Bearden was with a friend at Kid Rock’s Bar in downtown Nashville late Friday night when his friend fell. Security advised Bearden to take his friend outside of the bar due to his level of intoxication. Bearden, who was visiting from Illinois, then assaulted two bouncers when they attempted to remove him from the bar, and was overheard calling them racial slurs. Bearden was taken into custody and charged with disorderly conduct. 

Tourist Tiffany Densch refuses to leave Honky Tonk Central after being bounced from bar

42-year-old tourist Tiffany Densch was causing a disorderly disturbance at Honky Tonk Central on Broadway in downtown Nashville on May 21 when security asked her to leave the bar. She continued to refuse to leave, even when Metro Nashville Police arrived after being flagged down by venue security. She was given another opportunity by officers and continued to refuse. She was taken into custody and charged with criminal trespass.

Tourist Austin Hubbart charged in brutal assault of wife in Nashville AirBNB

27-year-old Austin Hubbart and his wife, Megan, were visiting Nashville this weekend from Villa Grove, Illinois. The couple was drinking on Broadway Saturday night before returning to their AirBNB on Harmony Way. Both had been drinking in excess, and Austin threw up in the Uber on the way to the AirBNB. He became angry after that, and his rage continued once at their destination. She says he pushed her to the ground, where he repeatedly kicked her in the head and body multiple times, causing her to lose consciousness for an unknown amount of time. Once she awoke, she found him in the bed asleep and called police. Officers took Austin into custody and charged him with felony aggravated assault.

Tourist Patrick Stephens jailed for disorderly conduct at Kid Rock’s Bar in downtown Nashville

36-year-old Patrick Stephens was bounced from Kid Rock’s Bar in downtown Nashville early Saturday morning after fighting another patron. He was resisting security and refused to leave the property. Nearby officers observed the commotion and his level of intoxication and charged him with disorderly conduct and public intoxication as he continued to cause a scene once outside the bar.

Kathleen Reishtein Cooper — too drunk to fly in Nashville; Xanax into the jail

70-year-old Kathleen Cooper was jailed on April 14th after being kicked off a Southwest Airlines flight. Police responded and saw Cooper walking unsteadily down the jet bridge to board the flight as well as dropping her bags onto her head while trying to put her luggage into the overhead bins. When police asked her to exit the plane, she refused, so they had all the passengers deboard the plane except for Cooper, who they had to escort off of the aircraft against her will. They could smell alcohol coming from her breath when asking her how much she had to drink. She claimed to have had one cocktail at the restaurant 400 Degrees inside the airport. It was later discovered that Cooper was in possession of 4 and 3 half pills of Xanax without a prescription that she took into booking.

Nicholas Perrino charged in movie-worthy heist of Great Pyrenees dog from Nashville home

Police say 76-year-old Nicholas Perrino drove his white Cadillac Escalade from Woodstock, IL, to an alley behind Veron Winfrey Ave in Nashville in August 2022. He retrieved tools and gloves from the rear of the vehicle and then began working on a locked gate at the residence as a female exited the vehicle and joined him as the gate was defeated. He then drilled through a lock of the residence and made entry inside, where he took a Great Pyrenees dog belonging to Tiffay Spencer, which the female accomplice assisted in getting into their vehicle. Warrants were issued, and a Grand Jury indictment was obtained. Perrino was booked into custody this week.

Chase Irvin, 18, charged with underage drinking, resisting arrest in downtown Nashville

18-year-old Chase Irvin attempted to enter Redneck Riviera late Saturday night, but was denied entry due to his level of intoxication. Irvin then attempted to charge past the bounces. After failing to do so, he began to throw the signs outside the bar and was detained by security. As officers arrived to take him into custody for public intoxication and disorderly conduct, Irvin attempted to flee while being detained. He was additionally charged with underage drinking and resisting arrest.