Nicholas Perrino charged in movie-worthy heist of Great Pyrenees dog from Nashville home

Police say 76-year-old Nicholas Perrino drove his white Cadillac Escalade from Woodstock, IL, to an alley behind Veron Winfrey Ave in Nashville in August 2022. He retrieved tools and gloves from the rear of the vehicle and then began working on a locked gate at the residence as a female exited the vehicle and joined him as the gate was defeated. He then drilled through a lock of the residence and made entry inside, where he took a Great Pyrenees dog belonging to Tiffay Spencer, which the female accomplice assisted in getting into their vehicle. Warrants were issued, and a Grand Jury indictment was obtained. Perrino was booked into custody this week.

Maira Medina Perez tosses roommate’s clothes from dryer, kicks her dog

62-year-old Maria Medina Perez reportedly and her roommate, Jennifer Sandoval, were in an argument on February 3 after Maria took Jennifer’s clothes out of the dryer and walked all over them on the ground. An argument erupted, and Jennifer attempted to leave the situation and take her dog for a walk. Maria blocked the front door to prevent her from leaving and pushed her on the right shoulder. Maria then kicked Jennifer’s dog.

Mikelin Evette Beck charged with biting, hitting, and scratching a woman who was walking a dog

56-year-old Mikelin Evette Beck was jailed this weekend on an outstanding warrant from October charging her with the assault of Teresa Alvarado. Beck reportedly approached the victim as she was walking her dog outside her house, grabbing her arm, hitting her on the back of her neck with her elbow, scratching her face, and biting her arm. The victim had a knot on the back of her neck, and scratches and bruises on her body as a result of the assault.

Safa Homayoon says his father assaulted his dog, so he assaulted his windshield with a computer

43-year-old Safa Homayoon admits damaging his father’s computer by throwing it at his car, but says he only did so because his father hit his dog. Police responded to the Beechwood Ave call on July 9th when Seth Homayoon reported that his son, Safa Homayoon, was agitated about a situation and had taken his computer, but wasn’t sure what he did with it. As they visited the carport of the home, they observed the car’s damaged windshield glass and a damaged computer beside it.

Man arrested for assaulting girlfriend over a pet’s mishap from earlier in the year

Feat Stuart Dwight

33-year-old Stuart Dwight was charged with aggravated assault after strangling and throwing things at his girlfriend on March 31st during an argument over their dog urinating on their bed.

Man punches girlfriend’s dog in face during assault of girlfriend & female roommate

After cussing and insulting her, Justin Parsley’s girlfriend asked him to leave the room. Instead, he punched her dog in the face, punched his girlfriend in the face breaking her nose, choked their female roommate he had just returned from the bar with, then ‘laughed maniacally’ and fired 5-7 shots at them as they fled the residence.

The Cleo: “just can’t keep up” with all the dog poop inside the building. It’s a shitty situation.

We’ve covered the struggles of the residents of The Cleo in East Nashville before, even mentioned the ‘doggy poop’ problem with photos. Now, The Cleo’s maintenance person says he “just can’t keep up” with all the dog poop inside the building. Cleo maintenance, Bob Miller, says: “We go around daily and pick it up.. Sometimes I feel that I just can’t keep up! It truly is disgusting, and absolutely absurd that the people that live in the building don’t pick up after their dogs. After all it is their home.”…