Man arrested for assaulting girlfriend over a pet’s mishap from earlier in the year

Feat Stuart Dwight

33-year-old Stuart Dwight was charged with aggravated assault after strangling and throwing things at his girlfriend on March 31st during an argument over their dog urinating on their bed.

Man punches girlfriend’s dog in face during assault of girlfriend & female roommate

After cussing and insulting her, Justin Parsley’s girlfriend asked him to leave the room. Instead, he punched her dog in the face, punched his girlfriend in the face breaking her nose, choked their female roommate he had just returned from the bar with, then ‘laughed maniacally’ and fired 5-7 shots at them as they fled the residence.

The Cleo: “just can’t keep up” with all the dog poop inside the building. It’s a shitty situation.

We’ve covered the struggles of the residents of The Cleo in East Nashville before, even mentioned the ‘doggy poop’ problem with photos. Now, The Cleo’s maintenance person says he “just can’t keep up” with all the dog poop inside the building. Cleo maintenance, Bob Miller, says: “We go around daily and pick it up.. Sometimes I feel that I just can’t keep up! It truly is disgusting, and absolutely absurd that the people that live in the building don’t pick up after their dogs. After all it is their home.”…