Jackson Martin has “no idea” how a key fob to a stolen car got into his pants

20-year-old Jackson Martin says he was just “out walking his dog” and was never inside any stolen vehicle, and has no idea how the key fob to the stolen vehicle got inside his pants pocket. That’s what Martin told police as Dawn Smith’s stolen Lexus was pinged to a Players Court address Saturday. Martin had reportedly driven the vehicle to the location for someone to repair a broken headlight. Multiple people at the location confirmed that Martin drove the vehicle there and observed him in the driver’s seat.

Mikhail Petrov charged with public intoxication at Play Dance Bar after altercation

Metro Nashville Police responded to an assault call on Friday night at Play Dance Bar to find 36-year-old Mikhail Petrov standing outside the club acting erratic and reeking of alcohol. Before police arrived, security at Nashville’s most prominent gay club detained Petrov due to a physical altercation with staff. Petrov was transported to booking and charged with public intoxication.

Robin Underwood charged with DUI after South Nashville crash

Metro Nashville Police say 41-year-old Robin Underwood collided with another vehicle near Old Hickory and Edmonson Pike. As officers approached Underwood in the driver’s seat of her vehicle, they reportedly smelled alcohol and she admitted to drinking “two beers” before driving. She stated she was having chest pain so was transported to the hospital, where she was cleared. After she was released from the hospital, she was asked to do field sobriety tests, which she performed poorly on. She was transported to booking and charged with DUI.

Cole Steele charged after smashing cinderblock into car, passing out inside as he burglarizes it

Multiple witnesses observed 23-year-old Cole Steele looking into car windows and rummaging through vehicles in the 700 block of 18th Ave S. around 1 a.m. Saturday, where he eventually smashed a cinderblock into a grey Nissan Versa belonging to Zamira Vasquez multiple times, destroying the driver’s side window. He began to rummage through the vehicle and then passed out inside. As medics arrived, he fled the area. Just after 2 a.m., officers received more calls about him in the 800 block of the same street, and he was taken into custody. Steele told officers he only broke into his own vehicle after someone vandalized it, and had no idea about anything else.

Safa Homayoon says his father assaulted his dog, so he assaulted his windshield with a computer

43-year-old Safa Homayoon admits damaging his father’s computer by throwing it at his car, but says he only did so because his father hit his dog. Police responded to the Beechwood Ave call on July 9th when Seth Homayoon reported that his son, Safa Homayoon, was agitated about a situation and had taken his computer, but wasn’t sure what he did with it. As they visited the carport of the home, they observed the car’s damaged windshield glass and a damaged computer beside it.

Police say daughter attempted to run over her mother using her vehicle with child inside — De Yana Johnson

21-year-old De Yana Johnson is free on a $15,000 bond after police say she intentionally drove her vehicle into her mother’s vehicle while attempting to hit her mother, and her juvenile child was inside the car, unrestrained. The domestic disturbance reportedly started over her moving out of the residence and escalated when De Yana grabbed a crowbar from her vehicle and threatened her mother, Pasonica Tillman, with it before getting into her vehicle and attempting to run over her mother. Johnson faces felony vandalism, child endangerment, and aggravated assault with deadly weapon charges.