Justyn Tacey assaults mother after she takes his phone after he takes brother’s Gatorade

18-year-old Justyn Tacey was pushed to the edge after his mother took his phone, and he was later jailed for domestic assault. On July 30th, MNPD officers arrived at Windypine Dr. and spoke to Rebekah Tacey, Justyn’s mother, who said that she and Justyn began arguing after she took his phone. She told police that she took his phone after he took his brother’s Gatorade. Justyn came into Rebekah’s room, irate, took his phone, got into her face, cussed at her, and pushed her. She said that she then pushed him back; the brother stated that he saw the whole incident and that she did so in self-defense. When police spoke to Justyn, he said that Rebekah pulled him onto her after he received his phone back, and he pushed her just to get away. After hearing all the accounts, police decided that Justyn was the primary aggressor, so he was placed into custody.

Jeffery Brewington assaults girlfriend with laptop

38-year-old Jeffery Brewington was jailed on July 10th after throwing a laptop at his girlfriend’s head as she snuck into her apartment on Welshwood Drive. Tamaira Willingham told police that she arrived at her apartment after working a long day and saw her boyfriend in front of her apartment drunk, so she intentionally took an alternate route to get into her unit so he wouldn’t see her. According to Tamaira, as she was unlocking her door, Brewigton threw a laptop at her face, which knocked her glasses off and cut her eyelid. She then let him into her apartment to talk. Brewington initially stated that he threw the laptop out of frustration but never admitted that it hit her, but later on, he told the police that he was scared after he threw the laptop at her because it made her bleed. Brewington was arrested and transported to booking.

Houston Tynes-Clinch jailed after punching sister in face

25-year-old Brian Tynes-Clinch was jailed on July 4th after assaulting his sister when he came home drunk. Police spoke with Cali Tynes-Clinch after the incident, who stated that she was at their home on Kingsbury Drive hanging out with a friend when Brian came home drunk and started arguing about how she got “babied by their parents.” Cali said the argument escalated when Brian pinned her against a wall in the kitchen and then repeatedly punched her in the face. Cali’s friend witnessed the assault and said Cali was punched in the face 3-4 times. Cali and her friend then got in her car and called the police. Police saw pictures of Cali’s face from after the incident that showed redness consistent with her statements.

Sara Jessica Hudson charged with DUI after Edmonson Pike crash

Officers responded to a multi-vehicle accidence scene Saturday involving at least three parties. One of the drivers, 36-year-old Sarah Hudson, told police she did not know what happened and was visibly intoxicated when officers arrived. Witnesses say one of the vehicles initially hit a ‘boulder’ on the roadway and got stuck when another vehicle pulled behind them to assist. Hudson then reportedly came upon the two vehicles, striking the rear vehicle, causing it to spin and make contact with occupants who were standing outside the vehicle. She was taken into custody and charged with DUI.

DUI: Brittany Chambers passed out behind the wheel at Lipscomb after “two shots”

37-year-old Brittany Chambers was jailed on March 31st after passing out behind the wheel at the Maplehurst Ave and Granny White Pike intersection. When police arrived on the scene, Lipscomb security told them they were doing a perimeter check of the university and drove past the vehicle many times, sitting in the same spot. Chambers was still sitting in the same place when the officers arrived. Chambers told police that she had dropped her friend off and was headed home but was unsure of where she was because she was only in Nashville for work. She admitted to the police that she consumed two shots of alcohol before driving. Officers could smell alcohol coming from her breath as she spoke. Chambers agreed to sobriety tests, performed poorly, and was taken to booking.

Kaylee Gentry, 20, admits to drinking tequila prior to DUI injury crash

20-year-old Kaylee Gentry says she consumed “one and a half tequila drinks” prior to crashing her car near Marengo Ln & McNairy Ln in the early hours of Saturday morning, causing injuries to others. Gentry was sitting on the ground when officers arrived and was unsteady and had to brace herself to stand to speak to them. She performed poorly on field sobriety tests and later blew a 0.192& BAC, more than double the legal in Tennessee.

DUI: Charles Young dazed and confused after crash on I-65 Sunday

Police say 24-year-old Charles Young of Oklahoma was either asleep or unconscious when they located him crashed out in a woodline along I-65 N at mile marker 75 in the early hours of Sunday morning. He reportedly reeked of alcohol as they assisted him from the driver’s seat of the white SUV. When asked where he was going, he stated, “to Franklin.” When asked where he was coming from, he stated, “8000 Mabel”, which is a street in Franklin. When asked if he had any alcohol to drink, he stated, “8000 Mabel.” When asked how many drinks he had tonight, he finally requested a lawyer, which was also his response when asked to conduct field sobriety tests and take a breathalyzer or blood test.

Jackson Martin has “no idea” how a key fob to a stolen car got into his pants

20-year-old Jackson Martin says he was just “out walking his dog” and was never inside any stolen vehicle, and has no idea how the key fob to the stolen vehicle got inside his pants pocket. That’s what Martin told police as Dawn Smith’s stolen Lexus was pinged to a Players Court address Saturday. Martin had reportedly driven the vehicle to the location for someone to repair a broken headlight. Multiple people at the location confirmed that Martin drove the vehicle there and observed him in the driver’s seat.

Mikhail Petrov charged with public intoxication at Play Dance Bar after altercation

Metro Nashville Police responded to an assault call on Friday night at Play Dance Bar to find 36-year-old Mikhail Petrov standing outside the club acting erratic and reeking of alcohol. Before police arrived, security at Nashville’s most prominent gay club detained Petrov due to a physical altercation with staff. Petrov was transported to booking and charged with public intoxication.

Robin Underwood charged with DUI after South Nashville crash

Metro Nashville Police say 41-year-old Robin Underwood collided with another vehicle near Old Hickory and Edmonson Pike. As officers approached Underwood in the driver’s seat of her vehicle, they reportedly smelled alcohol and she admitted to drinking “two beers” before driving. She stated she was having chest pain so was transported to the hospital, where she was cleared. After she was released from the hospital, she was asked to do field sobriety tests, which she performed poorly on. She was transported to booking and charged with DUI.