Parker Evans jailed after fight over girlfriend’s phone; he takes it from her and she pulls a gun to retrieve it

30-year-old Parker Evans admits to getting into a fight with his girlfriend, Samantha Risner, on October 15. The two argued over her possessing a video of him during a previous argument. He became upset and demanded that she delete the video. He followed her around the house in an attempt to take her phone and eventually shoved her to the ground, placing both knees on her and holding her neck and head to the floor. She eventually gave up the phone, and he let her go. Risner says she still feared for her safety, so she retrieved a handgun and demanded her phone back. She says she held it to her side, while Evans says she pointed it at him. He was taken into custody as the primary aggressor and transported to booking.

Mitchell Smail throws bowl of food at wife, strangles her, during argument about dishes

Police were called to a residence in Hermitage on October 10 for an alleged domestic assault between 36-year-old Mitchell Smail and his wife, Rebekah Smail, following an argument about washing dishes. According to the victim, her husband pushed her in the kitchen before reportedly telling her that he would “F*/k you up.” When she attempted to flee the residence with their child due to this, she stated that her husband grabbed her by the hair and pulled her to the ground before strangling her with his hands. The victim refused medical treatment, and officers stated that neither she nor the baby were hurt.

When officers asked the defendant what happened, he stated that he was arguing with his wife when he threw a bowl of food at the wall out of frustration. He also states that he grabbed his wife’s arm for the same reason, but he wasn’t trying to hurt her. When she then tried to leave, he admitted that he did attempt to prevent her from leaving because “he did not want her to disturb the neighbors.” Due to the fact that the victim and the defendant stated that Rebekah Smail was assaulted in the kitchen, officers took the defendant into custody later that night.

Amjed Alzedan threatens to kill his mother-in-law during argument

24-year-old Amjed Alzedan was booked early Tuesday morning after his mother-in-law reported that he threatened to harm her and her daughter. Taghrid Yasin stated that when she came home, she was immediately involved in a dispute over money by her husband. He became aggressive and argumentative, telling his mother-in-law, “If I don’t kill y’all, I will get someone else to do it.” The mother-in-law grabbed her phone to call the police, but Alzedan snatched it from her and pushed her against the wall.

Sheterika Waters attacks baby’s daddy after his girlfriend calls her phone

18-year-old Shetericka Waters reportedly assaulted Romarious James at her apartment after his girlfriend called her. Police received the report from Romarious when they arrived at the residence on August 30th. He said they were initially play fighting, and it became serious when his girlfriend texted him. After she called Shetericka, she began hitting Romarious and pulled his hair. He said that the assault upset him, so he left the apartment. Shetericka first told the police that Romarious punched her multiple times after she refused to have sex with him. Later, she clarified to police that they were only play fighting and that Romarious only hit her after she became serious. She admitted hitting him and pulling his hair due to being upset about his girlfriend calling her. Also, she told police that she was pregnant with Roamrious’ child. Police determined her to be the primary aggressor based on both stories and arrested her for domestic assault.

Fiona Rust bites and latches onto hand of relative, pulls out hair, after being denied alcohol

24-year-old Fiona Rust woke up, enraged, and attacked her blood relatives after feeling threatened. MNPD spoke to Fiona’s relatives on August 11th, the date of the incident, and they said that Fiona was intoxicated and passed out on the floor. The relatives are Alexander Hoskins, Kelly Mcnally, and Megan Mcnally; each told the same story of the incident. They told Fiona that she could not have any more to drink and she passed out on the floor. After they woke her up, she became enraged and attempted to attack Megan. Alexander then stepped between the two but had his arm shoved away, got to Megan, and hit her in the ribs and forearm. Fiona then turned her sights to Kelly, whom she lunged at, bit, and latched onto her hand. Kelly was pulled to the ground by her hair, and Fiona ended her rampage by returning to her room. MNPD officers spoke to a highly intoxicated Fiona, who said she felt threatened and admitted to assaulting the three relatives. Police reported a visible bite mark on Kelly’s hand and pulled-out hair.

Kenneth Harris jailed after wild sexual assault of two juveniles, one his cousin

34-year-old Kenneth Harris told his juvenile cousin that he would “eat out her c**chie and drive her crazy.” On April 30th, Kenneth, at Cayce Homes, reportedly grabbed his live-in female cousin’s jacket, told her, “I’ll eat out your c**chie and drive you crazy,” and then grabbed her butt. After several adults confronted him, he admitted grabbing his juvenile female cousin’s butt, claiming he was intoxicated during the incident. A week later on June 7th, around 2 am at his mother’s house, which he resides in at Cayce Homes, he grazed against another fifteen-year-old girl’s buttocks on the way up the stairs while she was leaning against the rail. On the way back down the stairs, Kenneth reportedly had an erect penis, rubbed it on her butt, and smirked at her before walking away. The victim and her friend both said that they saw Kenneth do so.

Justyn Tacey assaults mother after she takes his phone after he takes brother’s Gatorade

18-year-old Justyn Tacey was pushed to the edge after his mother took his phone, and he was later jailed for domestic assault. On July 30th, MNPD officers arrived at Windypine Dr. and spoke to Rebekah Tacey, Justyn’s mother, who said that she and Justyn began arguing after she took his phone. She told police that she took his phone after he took his brother’s Gatorade. Justyn came into Rebekah’s room, irate, took his phone, got into her face, cussed at her, and pushed her. She said that she then pushed him back; the brother stated that he saw the whole incident and that she did so in self-defense. When police spoke to Justyn, he said that Rebekah pulled him onto her after he received his phone back, and he pushed her just to get away. After hearing all the accounts, police decided that Justyn was the primary aggressor, so he was placed into custody.

Raisbel Gil charged with pushing roommate during argument

24-year-old Raisbel Gil pushed her roommate, Karin Martinez, during an argument about Karin talking behind her back, resulting in a domestic assault charge. On July, 24th MNPD came to an apartment on Edmondson Pike and spoke to Raisbel’s roommate, Karin, who said that she and Raisbel argued earlier. She said that the argument started due to Raisbel accusing Karin of talking badly behind her back. During the argument, Karin said that Raisbel grabbed her by the shirt and pushed her. Police spoke to Raisbel who said that they did argue and she did push her in the kitchen before leaving.

Rachael Hall grabs man by biceps, pushes him into a chair

37-year-old Rachael Hall was charged with domestic assault when her roommate stepped between her and another person arguing and she shoved the victim, Andrew Jones, into a chair. On July 22nd MNPD arrived at Ridge Hill Dr. and spoke with Rachael, Andrew, and another person about a domestic disturbance. All three described the same scene of Rachael arguing with the other person, Andrew tried to step in the middle, but Rachael grabbed him by the biceps and pushed him into a chair.

Gelber Alvarado Cux charged with assault during ‘fit of rage’

33-year-old Gelber Alvarado Cux was charged with domestic assault after his wife and brother-in-law told police that he assaulted them in a fit of rage due to allegations of assault toward their child. On July 21st, police responded to a domestic call and utilized a translator to speak to Kindy Azvcely, Gelber’s wife, who told them that she witnessed Gelber holding their child in a way to restrict the child’s breathing. She stated that she confronted him, and he denied it and became irate. A physical altercation occurred between him and his wife, she grabbed his shirt resulting in her falling, and he began to kick her. She escaped the house and ran outside to tell her brother, Erwin Iran, who spoke with Gelber. Gelber assaulted Erwin too. He denied the entire encounter to the police, yet they determined him to be the primary aggressor due to Kindy and Erwin’s account.