Kenneth Zook assaults girlfriend, accuses cop of trying to get her phone number

32-year-old Kenneth Michael Zook was drinking with his girlfriend, Kelsey Gazarek, at Tootsie’s in downtown Nashville on November 23rd. The two got into an argument when she was dancing with another man. Zook assaulted the man, and they were all tossed out of the bar for fighting. The couple went across the street to Walk of Fame Park, where he admits he pushed her off a concrete structure she was sitting on. He then accused the responding officer of attempting to get his girlfriend’s phone number and became verbally combative. He was transported to booking and charged with domestic assault.

Jonathan Cheatham accused of cheating — and assaulting his girlfriend

24-year-old Jonathan Cheatham is charged with domestic assault after his girlfriend of 7-years, Shonterra Smith, provided police with a video showing him approaching her and slapping a phone from her hand, which she says placed her in fear for her safety. Smith says the argument initially began when she caught him messaging other women and confronted him. Cheatham says he was only upset because she had taken his phone charger.

Jada Mitchell charged with pushing her boyfriend’s sister during argument

Alisha Lawson told police that she and her brother’s girlfriend, 21-year-old Jada Mitchell, got into a verbal argument which escalated to cursing and yelling, as Mitchell has been staying in their home for the past month. Lawson told Mitchell to leave, and Mitchell shoved her out of the way as she exited the home and went to her car. She is charged with domestic assault.

America Michel beat ex-boyfriend with passport, poured shaken soda on him

21-year-old America Michel Xiqui-Vega says she stopped working at the Viva Market on Monday due to the toxic relationships with her co-workers, which included her ex-boyfriend, Alder Pablo-Pascual. She returned to the store Tuesday to speak with the manager, and her ex, Pablo, was working. She became upset with him, shook a soda bottle she was carrying, poured it all over her ex, then took out her passport and began slapping him with it. Store security video captured the entire incident. She is charged with domestic assault.

Tourist John Krish charged with assault of wife at Grand Ole Opry House

64-year-old John Thomas Krish and his wife, Vickie, were attending a show at the Grand Ole Opry House this week when Thomas became “drunk and belligerent” and wouldn’t stop poking his wife in the ribs. The victim says she asked staff to move seats so his disorderly conduct wouldn’t interrupt others at the show. As they moved seats, she says John began to jab her in the ribs repeatedly and shoved her in the back of the head several times once they were in their new seats. Metro Police were eventually called to the scene, and witnesses confirmed the disturbance and assault on the wife. Krish was taken into custody and charged with domestic assault.

Tourist from Ohio, William Brunnett, charged in assault of his wife during Nashville vacation

Metro Nashville Police officers working the Entertainment District Initiative Saturday night in downtown Nashville observed 63-year-old William Brunnett of Twinsburg, Ohio, wrap his hands around the back of his wife’s head while attempting to pull her down and away from Layla’s Honky Tonk. His wife, Laura Brunnett, attempted to push him off and away from her as officers approached the altercation and separated the parties. As officers were placing William into custody for domestic assault, he claimed he was having heat issues and possibly a heart attack. He was then transported to Metro General Hospital for clearance before being booked into jail.

Rose Emegbagha charged with assault after attempting to illegally evict a roommate

Nonye Ibeneme says he came home on Sunday, and his roommate, 37-year-old Rose Emegbagha, blocked him from entering the door and told him he didn’t live there anymore. Rose reportedly used her body to block his entry into his bedroom door and shoved him as he entered anyways, as he did still live there, and no proper eviction paperwork has been filed with the courts. Police arrived and charged Rose with domestic assault and transported her to jail.

Stefon Bristol charged in repeated assault of his fiancée

Justine Armijo says she was having an argument on Saturday afternoon with her fiancé, 23-year-old Stefon Bristol. Armijo says Stefon grabbed her by the chin during the argument and began to yell at her. She asked him to stop because she still had bruises from their last incident. He reportedly stopped but then pulled her from the bed onto the floor and punched her in the chest. She says he then slapped her in the face before he left the apartment to go to work.

Chance Kuban calls 911 on his mother, Virginia Kuban, after she threw a foam pumpkin at him

53-year-old Virginia Kuban owns her house and is responsible for all the bills – including those of her 26-year-old son Chance Kuban who lives with her. She says Chance drinks alcohol, and when he drinks, he becomes annoying and won’t leave her alone. On Sunday night, when Chance was drunk, she stated she was going to her room, and in response, he called her a “b*-*h” and a “c-*t”, to which he freely admitted to responding officers. Virginia says these words from her son upset her, and she threw a small remote control at him, striking him in the leg, and she also threw decorative foam pumpkins at him. Chance was not injured but told police he found the contact to be provocative and upsetting to him, which is why he called 911.

Joquesha Crawford slaps lover after he tells her how he feels about her while in bed

23-year-old Joquesha Crawford says she was lying in bed with the father of her child, Floyd Zunk, and slapped him in the face when he called her a “weak *ss b*-ch” just before 7 a.m. Tuesday. Police arrived and spoke with both parties. Zunk says it was an argument that was escalating when she slapped him. She was taken into custody and charged with domestic assault.