Scott-Lee Herbert threatens employees with metal chair at Nectar Urban Cantina

52-year-old Scott-Lee Herbert was seen with a weapon being disorderly at Nectar Urban Cantina on May 21st. When officers arrived, they made contact with two employees at the location. The employees told officers that Herbert came inside and started yelling at customers. When they confronted Herbert, he grabbed a metal chair and threatened to hit them with it. The employees stated that his actions made them fear for their lives, so they backed up and contacted law enforcement. When they did, Herbert dropped the chair and fled the scene. Officers were able to locate him at the Dollar General on Lebanon Pike and detain him. Officers escorted the employees from Nectar Urban Cantina to the mentioned location, and they identified him. After searching Herbert, officers found a hat from Nectar Urban Cantina. The workers informed officers that he had not bought the hat and that it had been stolen. Officers also found an alarm clock, and an employee from Dollar General came outside and told them that he had witnessed Hebert take it from the store. While searching Herbert, officers reported that he continued to resist and pull away after being told not to. Scott-Lee Herbert was taken into custody and charged with two counts of aggravated assault, two counts of theft, and resisting arrest.

Dewey Burks drags girlfriend to their car during argument

40-year-old Dewey Adam Burks had a domestic incident with his girlfriend, Heather Reynolds, at Nashville Palace on May 4th. When officers arrived, witnesses advised them that they observed Burks drag Reynolds to their car while she was yelling and trying to get away from him. Witnesses also said they saw Burks push Reynolds near their vehicle before one of them intervened and separated them until the police got there. Burks told officers he was telling her to come with him to the car but said he never put his hands on her. Reynolds was very frantic as she repeatedly told officers she did not know what happened while crying. Burks was deemed the primary aggressor and then was taken into custody for domestic assault.

Karen Rose assaults her mother over pain pills

40-year-old Karen Rose had a domestic scuffle with her mother, Sherry Lynn Baggett, at her Blanchard Place residence on February 19th. The neighbor, Teresa Hartman, alerted the authorities and advised them when they arrived that she was standing on her front porch when she witnessed Baggett and Rose yelling at each other. She then saw Rose push Baggett, so she called 911. Baggett told officers that Rose argued with her when she wouldn’t give her any more pain medication. The argument escalated when Rose pushed her away from the door and told her she couldn’t come back. Rose spoke to the officers and admitted to arguing with her mother but denied ever putting her hands on her. She was taken into custody for domestic assault.

Jackson Frazier chases man with knife during parking dispute

30-year-old Jackson Frazier was jailed on February 17th when he pulled out a knife over a parking dispute. Gabrielle Hydorn told police that she heard yelling outside of her home on Lebanon Pike. When she walked outside, she saw Frazier chasing her husband, Kevin Hydorn, with a knife until he was able to get away. Frazier told police that he and Kevin got into an argument about a parking situation when suddenly Kevin came up to his vehicle and opened the driver’s side door. Frazier felt threatened and pulled a knife on Kevin. When Kevin backed off, Frazier continued to chase him around his car until he ran off. Kevin told officers that he approached Frazier’s car to speak with him, and that’s when Frazier pulled the knife out and began chasing him.

Fiona Rust bites and latches onto hand of relative, pulls out hair, after being denied alcohol

24-year-old Fiona Rust woke up, enraged, and attacked her blood relatives after feeling threatened. MNPD spoke to Fiona’s relatives on August 11th, the date of the incident, and they said that Fiona was intoxicated and passed out on the floor. The relatives are Alexander Hoskins, Kelly Mcnally, and Megan Mcnally; each told the same story of the incident. They told Fiona that she could not have any more to drink and she passed out on the floor. After they woke her up, she became enraged and attempted to attack Megan. Alexander then stepped between the two but had his arm shoved away, got to Megan, and hit her in the ribs and forearm. Fiona then turned her sights to Kelly, whom she lunged at, bit, and latched onto her hand. Kelly was pulled to the ground by her hair, and Fiona ended her rampage by returning to her room. MNPD officers spoke to a highly intoxicated Fiona, who said she felt threatened and admitted to assaulting the three relatives. Police reported a visible bite mark on Kelly’s hand and pulled-out hair.

Ryan Keesecker charged with DUI after leaving SoundWaves with wife and child

28-year-old Ryan Keesecker was involved in a rear-end accident on Opryland Drive Sunday evening, and first responders alerted police that he was visibly intoxicated. His wife and child were passengers in the vehicle. Officers made contact with Keesecker, who admitted to consuming “two or three beers” at the waterpark they had just left. He performed poorly on field sobriety tests and stopped multiple times during them to talk about his marching band experience. He was taken into custody and charged with DUI with a child. His wife, Destany Keesecker, was initially taken into physical custody but was later released.

Group calls 911 to report Andrea Martinez missing after they abandon her downtown

Citizens on Lischey Avenue called 911 to report a missing person, 22-year-old Andrea Martinez. Police responded to the location, and the parties explained they were all out on Broadway drinking and abandoned Andrea downtown when she became belligerent and aggressive. During the interactions, one of the women received a call from the downtown Hilton Hotel, who had located Andrea as she was disturbing guests and refused to leave despite them having no rooms available. Officers traveled to the Hilton downtown and attempted to arrange somewhere safe for Andrea to go, but she refused all assistance. She was transported to booking and charged with public intoxication.