Group calls 911 to report Andrea Martinez missing after they abandon her downtown

Citizens on Lischey Avenue called 911 to report a missing person, 22-year-old Andrea Martinez. Police responded to the location, and the parties explained they were all out on Broadway drinking and abandoned Andrea downtown when she became belligerent and aggressive. During the interactions, one of the women received a call from the downtown Hilton Hotel, who had located Andrea as she was disturbing guests and refused to leave despite them having no rooms available. Officers traveled to the Hilton downtown and attempted to arrange somewhere safe for Andrea to go, but she refused all assistance. She was transported to booking and charged with public intoxication.

Tourist Stacie Gibson charged in brutal assault of daughter in downtown Nashville hotel

51-year-old Stacie LeBeau Gibson is charged with the brutal assault of her adult daughter inside a downtown Nashville hotel room late Saturday evening. Caylie Gibson called 911 from the DoubleTree hotel to report she was being assaulted by her mother, who was punching her at the time of the call; the dispatcher confirmed the commotion. Stacie bit her daughter’s fingers and ripped her hair out. Officers arrived to find multiple locks of the victim’s hair on the floor, visible bald spots on the victim’s head, a deep cup on her forehead, a cut to her left cheek, scratches on her neck, and bite marks on multiple fingers. Staci told police she wasn’t sure who initially started the fight. Caylie returned a few punches in self defense.