Too drunk to Uber? Another Nashville Tourist.

MNPD Officer David Crisman was stopped by an Uber driver at 14th Ave S. & Demonbreun. The driver stated he had a passenger that was intoxicated to the point he wasn’t sure what to do with her. The passenger, identified as Jolene McKillop, was unsure about her destination, and kept changing her mind during the ride, not knowing where she really needed or wanted to go. Let without a specific destination, the Uber driver sought assistance.

Too Drunk for the Country Music Hall of Fame

22-year-old Lauren Ianni was determined to be too drunk for the draft. She was day drinking downtown Thursday, when Metro police took her into custody and charged her with public intoxication, disorderly conduct, and trespass, when she was kicked out of the Country Music Hall of Fame, and came back to fight the security guards that kicked her out .

Man arrested after allegedly headbutting wife at Westminster School fundraiser

Dustin Ranger, 29, was arrested and charged with public intoxication Friday night, while attending a fundraiser for Westminster School for Young Children with his wife, at the Clementine event space on Charlotte Pike. He allegedly head-butted his wife during an altercation at the venue.

Man arrested for public intoxication after tipping $22,000 in downtown Nashville bar

Hotel staff advised Joel Boyers had caused a disruption at the bar, after he made several high dollar tips totaling $22,000, causing waitresses to compete to serve him. He was arrested for public intoxication and carrying a firearm in a bar. He is free on pre-trial release.

I go out walking.. After midnight.. To Bellevue.. From the Gulch

Up & Coming Nashville Chef Tyler Goodenough, who is also the longtime eye-candy boyfriend of Alyssa Trahan, was arrested just before 4 AM on Thursday morning, in a drunken attempt to walk to Bellevue… from the Gulch. MNPD Officers observed Tyler Goodenough, 23, stumbling down Laurel St near 11th Ave S in the Gulch, in the middle of the road. Upon contact, Goodenough stated he was intoxicated and “lost, just trying to get to Bellevue”. Officer Lutz reports he smelled of alcohol, was unsteady on his feed, had slurred speech,…

ARRESTED: Two Girls In Their 20’s Streak Gulch Hotel After Eating Marijuana Edibles

According to police reports, in the early hours of Friday morning at Fairfield Inn in the Gulch, Jenna Jean Roggensack(29) & Carly Roggensack(22) were running around the hotel naked. A Hotel employee called the police, stating the two girls continued to “find corners of the hotel to hide in and was not sure if they were even guests”. MNPD finally located the two females sitting on a sidewalk near the hotel, with their legs extended into the roadway. Carly was described as having slurred speech, a strong odor of alcohol,…

ARRESTED: Singer/Songwriter Clay Evans. Public Intox / Disorderly Conduct

Nashville Singer / Songwriter Clay Wisdom Evans, was arrested on his 3rd public intoxication charge this morning, just after last call. Evans was booked into the Davidson County Sheriff’s Office at 3:33 AM. UPDATE: Today’s public intoxication charge has been dismissed, however he remains out on Pre-Trial Diversion from a June 25th arrest for another public intoxication charge, as well as disorderly conduct. Evans was released from custody at just before noon, with an October 2nd court date for his previous charges, still open. Here was the affidavit from last…