Madelyn Blevin jailed downtown after drunkenly fighting with a man and police officers

22-year-old Madelyn Blevin was fighting with a man on the sidewalk of 7th Ave when police intervened on September 21st. After being separated, Madelyn got into the police officer’s face and began cursing at them. She kept walking towards the male she was fighting with, and the police told her not to, so she continued to get in their faces. Police noticed a smell of alcohol on Madelyn as she refused to back off of them. They attempted to place her into custody, and she resisted by locking her arms, pulling, and walking away. She continued to pull away from the police, but they eventually were able to take her into custody and transport her to booking.

Michelle Hall assaults nurse at Metro General Hospital after losing consciousness at BNA

52-year-old Michelle Hall was transported to Metro General Hospital after losing consciousness at the Nashville International Airport during an arrest for public intoxication on Sunday. She was handcuffed to the stretcher inside an NFD ambulance that transported her after she requested medical attention. Officer Pallan was at the hospital with Michelle while Nurse Jamie Fisher took Michelle’s vitals and started an IV. While performing those tasks, Michelle, handcuffed to either side of a table, kicked at Jamie and struck her arm while being combative as the nurse was doing her job.

Brandin Ochs jailed after disorderly behavior at Jason Aldean’s bar in downtown Nashville

40-year-old Brandin Ochs was found by police outside of Jason Aldean’s bar early Saturday morning, refusing to leave. Police were told he removed a sign from the sidewalk and refused to find safe transportation home due to his extreme level of intoxication. He refused the taxi that the police offered to get him and had visible indications of intoxication. The officers arrested him for public intoxication due to his refusing to leave and for his own safety.

Donovan Medina drunkenly asks to be arrested; officer obliges

22-year-old Donovan Medina told police officers to take him home when he flagged them at 18th Ave and Chet Atkins Pl. on September 15th. Police described him as having a strong odor of alcohol on his breath, and was unsteady on his feet. Also, Donovan was not wearing any shoes or a shirt. He was yelling random things while police attempted to speak to him, and when asked if he wanted medical help, he asked to be arrested instead. Officers fulfilled his wish and charged him with public intoxication.

Kristen McAloon too drunk to fly at Nashville International Airport

Nashville International Airport officers identified 35-year-old Kristen McAloon after being called for her being irate due to being denied boarding her flight. Kristen was not cooperating with JetBlue airline staff when police contacted her. She told police she only had two beers at the airport through slurred speech. Police told her to leave the gate and that she would be escorted by a taxi because she was refunded for the flight for being too intoxicated. She began to yell and cuss, causing police to place her into custody for public intoxication.

Atlanta Tourist Brian Gary jailed after partying too hard at Second Fiddle bar in Nashville

34-year-old Brian Gary was jailed after causing a disturbance at Second Fiddle bar on Broadway in downtown Nashville Thursday night. Security at the venue told police that Gary was so intoxicated he was falling into people. He was asked to leave and repeatedly refused. He told police he “wasn’t worried about it” when they repeated the demand to leave the property. He was given one last opportunity to walk away and was transported to booking when he refused.

VIDEO: Brenten Jones climbs spotlight tower during Artic Monkeys concert at Ascend

26-year-old Brenten Jones entered a roped-off area and climbed a 40-foot spotlight tower at Ascend Amphitheater during the Arctic Monkeys concert on September 12th. The report states that two light operators in harnesses attempted to help Brenten down the tower, but he fought with them and refused to come down. After he eventually came down, police attempted to place him into custody, but he refused to comply with police, pulling his arms free during detainment. Brenten reportedly reeked of alcohol and was taken into custody.

Alexis Wilson walks into AJ’s bar, pulls down her pants, urinates all over the floor

31-year-old Alexis Wilson asked AJ’s Bar security if she could use the restroom inside the bar but did not make it. Police arrived at the bar and spoke with security, who flagged them down about the situation. The security said they agreed to let Alexis into the bar to utilize the restroom, but she pulled her pants down in the bar’s doorway and urinated on the floor instead. They said that they then took her back outside. Police reported that Alexis was visibly intoxicated, so she was arrested for public intoxication.

Tourist Johnathan Potoeski jailed after being bounced from Second Fiddle on Broadway

35-year-old Johnathan Potoeski was kicked out of the Second Fiddle bar in downtown Nashville early Saturday night due to his behavior and annoyance to other patrons at the venue. Officers arrived after he refused to leave the property, and after he refused a second time, he was taken into custody and charged with public intoxication and disorderly conduct. 

Elizabeth Silva jailed after being kicked off plane — too drunk to fly

27-year-old Elizabeth Silva was jailed late Sunday night after being deboarded from her flight due to being intoxicated. When police arrived at the gate, they spoke with Silva; she was distraught, crying and repeating herself multiple times. Officers detected the odor of alcohol on her and noticed she was unbalanced and slurring. She repeatedly refused to leave the secure side of the airport and raised her voice at the officers when they advised her to do so due to her being deboarded. At this point, officers determined Ms. Silva could not care for herself, and she was placed into custody.