Public Intox: Mullet man passes out in middle of road

22-year-old Andrew Greene was charged with public intoxication after officers found him passed out and face down in the middle of Horner Avenue where he almost was run over.

Kroger trespasser ‘refuses to listen’ to warnings

50-year-old Damon Washington was charged with public intoxication and criminal trespassing in a Kroger parking lot after being warned twice to stay off the property. Police also found him to be intoxicated and barely able to stand, per report.

Disorderly woman punches and kicks officer while being detained

21-year-old Jameiko Shaw was charged with assault on an officer, disorderly conduct, and public intoxication after she was reported for causing a scene and making suicidal statements over the phone to her friend. She then punched and kicked an officer while trying to detain her to get her medical attention.

Couple argues on the way to booking; he gets jealous of officers and she urinates in public

28-year-old Kevin Machon was charged with DUI and resisting arrest and 32-year-old Mikha Piper was charged with public intoxication when they got into an argument on the way to booking and the man got angry when officers assisted his girlfriend out of the cruiser. She had also peed in front of them.

Hermitage man found unresponsive at Kroger wakes up to spit on medics and an officer

29-year-old Sean Serakowski was charged with assault on an officer and public intoxication when he was found unresponsive at a Kroger but suddenly awoke and was combative with medics and spit on an officer.

Impaired man detained for safety after shrieking at witnesses, throwing himself into lane of traffic

31-year-old Wesley Jones was charged with public intoxication and disorderly conduct when multiple bystanders reported he was shrieking in the middle of the road as well as their faces. When officers located him he hurled himself into the lane of traffic.

Nashville man chases ex telling her that he will never stop coming after her

63-year-old Gerald Richard’s ex-girlfriend filed a report against him last week for threatening to burn her tent down. Now he was charged with a violation of an order of protection by chasing her and telling her that he will never stop coming for her.

Teen to police: “If no one’s getting arrested, I’m getting arrested” #Jailed

19-year-old Zeineb Charles was charged with disorderly conduct, public intoxication, consumption of alcohol under 21, and resisting arrest when someone reported a fight and when officers arrived they encountered her angry, confrontational, screaming, and hitting cars.

Man charged with public intox after fighting in a hotel hallway with another guest

38-year-old Kornelius Bowden was charged with public intoxication after getting into a scuffle with another guest at the Microtel Inn and officers deemed him too intoxicated to care for his own safety.

Nashville man charged after admitting to police that he drank “a lot of alcohol”, per report

40-year-old Kenneth Brinley was charged with public intoxication after police were called to Whole Foods Market on Broadway for a fight in progress and he admitted to consuming “a lot of alcohol” to officers.