DUI: Lowell Beushausen III rear-ends vehicle in parking lot after blowing .192% BAC

55-year-old Lowell Kendall Beushausen III had a car accident in the parking lot across from Barstool Nashville on April 7th. EMS personnel flagged officers down regarding the crash, advising them that Beushausen appeared to be intoxicated. When officers arrived, they observed him in the driver’s seat with an unidentified male passenger, who showed signs of impairment. Officers spoke with the other driver involved, Hadi Zabi. Zabi told them that Beushausen struck the rear end of his parked vehicle while he and his two children sat inside. When officers spoke with Beushausen, he reeked of alcohol and admitted to having 6 or 7 beers as well as a fully loaded .40 caliber H&K handgun in his center console. Officers then secured and inventoried the handgun for evidence. Beushausen III consented to sobriety tests, performed poorly, and agreed to provide a blood sample, resulting in 0.192 BAC%. Beushausen was taken into custody for driving under the influence and possession of a weapon while under the influence.

Florida Tourist Juan Munoz assaults woman at Whiskey Row during argument

21-year-old Juan Camilo Munoz had an altercation with Valentina Montoya at Whiskey Row on Broadway in the early hours of March 3rd. Officers observed Whiskey Row security arguing with Munoz when they arrived. Officers then intervened because the argument became physical. Security spoke with officers, advising them they had witnessed Munoz shove Montoya to the ground. Montoya told detectives that she had slapped Munoz after they argued and that she did not want to press charges. Munoz was visibly intoxicated and aggressive in front of Whiskey Row, so officers deemed him a danger to himself and others. Munoz was taken into custody for public intoxication and domestic assault.

Isiah Charles drunkenly tries to enter police vehicle, tells officer he wants “To go home”

24-year-old Isiah Barry Charles approached a patrol vehicle in the early hours of Christmas Eve. Charles tried to open the vehicle’s front passenger side door, which was locked. The officer exited his vehicle and observed Charles to be highly intoxicated. The officer asked him what he wanted. Charles replied, “To go home,” believing the dog park nearby was his home. He was taken into custody for public intoxication.