Simeon Dehart charged with DUI after crash on McCrory Lane

22-year-old Simeon Dehart was jailed on May 27th after flipping his truck into a ditch on Mccrory Lane. When police arrived on the scene, Dehart was being checked out by EMTs and appeared to have no injuries. He was identified by his Pennsylvania driver’s license. Police could smell alcohol coming from his body as they spoke to him. They also noticed his red, watery eyes. The vehicle search yielded a loaded handgun in the center console and several Colt 45 beer cans. Police asked Dehart if he had anything to drink, and he said he had a couple of beers around 7 am that morning before driving from Pennsylvania. Dehart agreed to sobriety tests and performed poorly. Due to his test results, his physical indicators, and the open containers in the vehicle, he was taken into custody and transported to booking.

Michael Arnold found with two handguns after DUI traffic stop on I-440

34-year-old Michael Arnold of Bethesda, MD, was traveling over 90 mph on I-440 when he swerved and nearly struck a police patrol vehicle Saturday evening. Officers conducted a traffic stop and found Arnold to be extremely intoxicated and reeking of alcohol. He performed poorly on field sobriety tests and later blew a 0.247% BAC on a breathalyzer. Inside the vehicle, officers discovered four empty Whiteclaw cans, one empty Twisted Tea can, and two consumed screwdrivers. A Glock handgun was located in the driver’s side door, and a Colt revolver was in an unlocked compartment.

Billy Hentz charged in Hermitage DUI hit-and-run after leaving Double E’s Bar

62-year-old Billy Hentz fled from a crash scene earlier this month in Hermitage. Angelique Spitaliere told police he fled after crashing into her vehicle and that he appeared to be intoxicated. He was observed in the nearby Publix parking lot, sitting in the front seat of his white Ford Taurus. Hentz told police he was on his way home from Double E’s Bar & Grill, where he consumed two beers and stopped in the Publix parking lot to attend to a flat tire. Officers noted extensive front-end damage to his vehicle, which had open alcohol containers and a firearm inside. Hentz performed poorly on field sobriety tests and was charged with DUI 2nd, among other charges.

Brian Mayers charged after bringing a gun to a fight in downtown Nashville

Metro Nashville Police encountered 45-year-old Brian Mayers of Georgia at 3rd & Broadway after he had just been involved in a fight with multiple other individuals. None of the other individuals wish to prosecute for the assault. While speaking to Mayers, officers noticed his level of intoxication and his inability to care for himself. He was taken into custody for public intoxication. During a search incident to arrest, a loaded Springfield Armory 9mm handgun was located in his waistband.

Justin Burks charged with DUI after driving the wrong way on Interstate Drive

27-year-old Justin Burks was observed driving his vehicle the wrong way on Interstate Drive in downtown Nashville just before 1 a.m. Saturday. Officers followed him as he was unable to maintain his lane of travel and repeatedly changed lanes without any warning. During a subsequent traffic stop, officers say Burks reeked of alcohol and refused to exit the vehicle when ordered to do so. He was eventually taken into custody and charged with DUI and for the loaded firearm that was next to him in the vehicle.

DUI: Isaiah Carter passes out behind wheel at an intersection with a handgun

Officers responded to the intersection of Old Hickory Blvd & Nolensville Pike in the early hours of Sunday morning. The 23-year-old driver Isaiah Carter and his front seat passenger, Karla Campos, were found unconscious in the white Infinity sedan. Carter was visibly intoxicated and performed poorly on field sobriety tests once he regained consciousness. He admitted to drinking “two beers” earlier in the night. He would later blow a 0.125% BAC on a breathalyzer and was also charged with the handgun he carried in the car.

McDUI: Troy White passed out behind the wheel in drive-thru with two loaded handguns

Police found 56-year-old Troy White asleep in his vehicle at McDonald’s drive-thru at 1:30 a.m. Sunday. He initially seemed unconscious but slowly acknowledged people were around, but could not follow simple commands. Police say he reeked of alcohol, and he stated he had been drinking at a nearby bar where he had “four bottles of beer.” He performed poorly on field sobriety tests, and during a search of his vehicle incident to arrest, two loaded handguns were found around his seat, once under it, and the other next to the center console.

DUI: Ariel Thomas says she took Percocet & swigs from Paul Masson whiskey bottle

23-year-old Ariel Thomas was stopped for speeding and during the interaction with an officer, she admitted to “drinking a swig” from an open bottle of Paul Masson Whiskey, which she was carrying in a pouch on her shirt, and taking a Percocet. A second empty bottle of whiskey was also in the vehicle, along with other various open containers of alcohol. Also found in the vehicle was a small amount of marijuana and a loaded Taurus pistol. What wasn’t found was a valid license to drive, as she currently didn’t have one issued to her.

Carah Johnson charged with DUI while wearing her “I Love Beer” hat

Metro Nashville Police say they encountered 22-year-old Carah Johnson in the back of an ambulance after she rolled her vehicle, and atop her head was a hat that read “I Love Beer”. She immediately admitted to drinking before driving, and then crashing after driving too fast. They say she became “dramatic and emotional” with mood swings from crying to agitation, which included throwing several of her personal items in frustration. She produced a handgun from her person prior to attempting field sobriety tests.

DUI: Tyler Miller passes a cop at 95 mph after leaving ‘Hidden Bar’ in downtown Nashville

36-year-old Tyler James Miller sped past a Metro Nasvhille Police officer at 95 mph on I-65 last weekend. The officer conducted a traffic stop during which Miller stated he was driving to his home in Antioch, however, that was in the opposite direction of his travel. He further stated he had been downtown drinking at the “Hidden Bar” inside the Noelle Hotel. Miller performed poorly on field sobriety tests. He admitted to having a handgun in the vehicle and was additionally charged for that.