Cynthia Ferguson booked after stealing $315 worth of merchandise at JCPenney

63-year-old Cynthia Ferguson was caught stealing merchandise from JCPenney at Rivergate Mall on June 7th. Responding officers located Ferguson and were informed that she was observed concealing $315 worth of items in her purse before trying to exit the store without paying. She was then cited for the incident that day. Ferguson was later booked on the citation of theft on July 2nd.

Tyler Johnson breaks into park, distributes vodka and marijuana to minors

18-year-old Tyler Johnson was taken into custody for burglary, setting fire to property, and contributing to the delinquency of a minor on June 9th. Around 10 a.m., Gracie Wimsatt, a Pleasant Green Park Pool employee, alerted the authorities that when they were opening the pool this morning, she noticed the lock and chain for the front gate was missing, adding that it was locked and secured by the staff around 7:45 p.m. on June 8th. When she entered the pool area to see if anyone was still there, she discovered the large trashcan by the poolside had caught on fire with a small grill inside, and two tables, one plastic and one metal, were destroyed.

The total value of the damaged property was $455. When officers reviewed the flock camera, they identified one of the individuals, a minor, who stated he was at a party at the pool hosted by a male who went by the name “TR,” later identified as Johnson. He added that he was drinking and smoking marijuana at the party. Johnson agreed to meet with police at the precinct, where he advised that he messaged someone on Instagram who was selling a key to the park. He explained that he met the unidentified male in a white SUV at the park, who left the key near the bushes. Johnson stated, “I opened both of the gates myself. I threw the chain, and I am not sure where it went.” Then, he admitted to bringing marijuana and vodka to the party, and when he was leaving, he threw his small metal grill into the plastic trashcan.

DUI: Kennedy Patterson says “I slept it off already” after police find cornucopia of liquor in car

25-year-old Kennedy Augusta Patterson was found unresponsive after being involved in a car accident near a Mystic Hill Drive residence around 8:31 a.m. on May 25th. Christian Moffett, a firefighter, spoke with responding officers, telling them that Patterson was woken up after a “sternum rub” and that he removed the key from the ignition. Moffett then made sure it was in park and put the key on top of the car. When officers spoke with Patterson, he was sitting in the driver’s seat, so they asked him to exit the vehicle. While questioning Patterson, officers noticed he reeked of alcohol as he told them he did not crash into the trailer in the driveway. Patterson added that he was unsure how he ended up there.

After running Patterson’s information through NCIC, officers discovered his license was suspended. He consented to sobriety tests, performed poorly, and, after being informed of implied consent, refused to provide a chemical sample. During a subsequent search, officers located a Glock 26 9mm with a round in the chamber under the driver’s seat, two empty bottles of E&J Brandy, one empty bottle of Bacardi Vodka, and an empty bottle of Don Julio Tequila on the passenger floorboard. While sitting in intake, Patterson stated, “I am not even intoxicated anymore. I slept it off already.” Patterson was taken into custody for driving under the influence, possession of a weapon while under the influence, driving with a suspended license, and an implied consent violation.

DUI: Ali Rezai causes car crash, too drunk to complete sobriety tests

58-year-old Ali Rezai was involved in a two-car accident on SR-386 East near Conference Drive around 1 p.m. on March 29th. Officers were dispatched to the scene, and Rezai spoke with them when they arrived. He reeked of alcohol as they asked him via a translator to take sobriety tests. He consented and performed poorly, unable to maintain his balance, so officers stopped the testing for his safety. Rezai agreed to provide a blood sample, was transported to Nashville General Hospital, and was taken into custody for driving under the influence.

Jarrod Gunn threatens Motel 6 employee, tells him “I am going to kill you”

35-year-old Jarrod Gunn, an employee of Staff Zone, had an incident with Ricky Shane Wyatt Miller, a Motel 6 employee, at Motel 6 on Cartwright Street on February 22nd. When officers arrived, they spoke with Miller, who advised them that Gunn told him, “I am going to kill you,” and that he was afraid he might follow through with his statement. Gunn was then cited for assault on February 22nd. Gunn was booked on the citation on March 19th.

Kyle Paisley booked on Kentucky warrant after shoplifting at JCPenney

31-year-old Kyle Paisley was booked on March 15th for shoplifting from JCPenney at the Rivergate Mall. When officers arrived, they observed Kyle outside the store with multiple stolen items. Officers located a black dress priced at $69, another black dress priced at $89, and a black shirt priced at $44. The officers reviewed camera footage that revealed Kyle grabbed the items from the shelf and went behind a wall to put them in his backpack before leaving the store. The items stolen totaled $202. When officers ran Kyle’s information, they discovered an outstanding arrest warrant for stolen property out of Paducah, Kentucky. Paducah stated they would extradite Paisley for the warrant. Paisley was taken into custody on March 15th and charged with theft and fugitive from justice.

Joseph Brush carves the word “B*tch” into man’s Jeep Renegade for sleeping with his wife

38-year-old Joseph Brush vandalized Jordan Milliken’s blue Jeep Renegade at the Days Inn on Conference Drive in the early hours of February 3rd. Officers arrived and observed the Renegade with holes consistent with knife punctures on all four tires and the word “b*tch” carved into the driver’s side door. While looking at the damage, Milliken approached officers, telling them he had received a text message from Brush that contained a picture of the rear of the Jeep and the damage. Then, Milliken explained that Brush was angry at him because he had been sleeping with Brush’s wife. Milliken said he called 911 immediately after noticing the damage. Officers went to the Days Inn and asked staff if there was camera footage from the previous night. When Officers reviewed the footage, it showed Brush pulling his Nissan Pathfinder into the parking spot next to Milliken’s Jeep. Brush then exited his vehicle, squatted down on the driver’s side of the jeep, and began poking the tires with an unknown object. The total amount of damage caused costs approximately $1,536. Officers got Brush’s information and asked him to come to the police department, which he did, and then he was taken into custody for vandalism.

Cory Gardner uses Tesla to strike motorist who cut him off in traffic

33-year-old Cory Gardner used his Tesla T-3 to strike another vehicle that had cut him off in traffic. Police say a vehicle cut him off on Northcreek Blvd in Goodlettsville on December 19. As both vehicles approached the intersection at Long Hollow Pike, Cory was in the left lane, and the other vehicle in the right. When the light turned green, Cory turned right from the left lane, striking the vehicle that had cut him off earlier. He was cited for reckless driving and booked on that charge this week.

DUI: Cleophius Counts drinks 24oz Busch can while driving

67-year-old Cleophius Counts was stopped at Exit 1 for a moving violation on the morning of December 13th. Officers observed a strong odor of marijuana emitting from the vehicle as they approached Counts and asked him to exit the car. Counts admitted to having a 24oz Busch beer can in the driver’s side door that he had been drinking. Counts consented to sobriety tests, performed poorly, and was taken into custody for driving under the influence and an open can violation.

Benjamin Gooding jailed after failing to move over for an emergency vehicle on roadway

32-year-old Benjamin Gooding failed to move out of the way of a traffic stop in his Jeep and told the officer, “I’m sorry.” On August 1st, an officer pulled over to help Tennessee State Trooper Ryan Declan conduct a traffic stop on I-65. The officer placed his vehicle directly behind the trooper’s vehicle to direct traffic. At this time, a dark-colored Jeep Wagoneer did not move over and failed to slow down while passing. The officer pulled the vehicle over, and Benjamin was the driver. Benjamin told the officer, “I’m sorry,” when the officer told him of the offense. He was placed into custody and transported to booking.