Cynthia Ferguson booked after stealing $315 worth of merchandise at JCPenney

63-year-old Cynthia Ferguson was caught stealing merchandise from JCPenney at Rivergate Mall on June 7th. Responding officers located Ferguson and were informed that she was observed concealing $315 worth of items in her purse before trying to exit the store without paying. She was then cited for the incident that day. Ferguson was later booked on the citation of theft on July 2nd.

Cassandra Dula steals $437 worth of children’s clothes at JCPenney

43-year-old Cassandra Jeannette Dula stole merchandise from JCPenney on June 7th. Kenneth Payne, the store’s asset protection manager, observed Dula enter the kids’ department, grab several children’s clothing items, and place them in her large handbag before leaving the store without paying. He added that he followed her while on the phone with the police. When officers arrived, they located Dula at The Honey Baked Ham Company and transported her to JCPenney for prosecution. The value of the stolen merchandise was $437.97. Dula was taken into custody for theft of merchandise.

Sonya Bolden booked after stealing $800 from JCPenney, says she has “Gambling Problem”

50-year-old Sonya Monique “Nikki” Bolden was booked on the citation of theft on March 26th. On March 1st, management at JC Penney realized that their tills were off at the end of the night. Kenneth Payne, the asset protection manager, investigated, during which he discovered that Bolden had been taking money. When Payne interviewed Bolden, she admitted to taking approximately $800 since October 2023. Bolden added that she had a gambling problem. Bolden was cited for the incident that day. Bolden was booked on the citation of theft on March 27th.

Joshua Garmon steals $15 worth of merchandise from JCPenney

34-year-old Joshua Garmon, an employee at Madtown Coffee, tried to exit with merchandise without paying at JC Penney in the Rivergate Mall on February 25th. The loss prevention officer observed this, caught him, and then detained him, during which they discovered $15.00 worth of stolen items. When officers arrived, they cited Garmon for the incident on February 25th. Garmon was taken into custody on March 18th.

Kyle Paisley booked on Kentucky warrant after shoplifting at JCPenney

31-year-old Kyle Paisley was booked on March 15th for shoplifting from JCPenney at the Rivergate Mall. When officers arrived, they observed Kyle outside the store with multiple stolen items. Officers located a black dress priced at $69, another black dress priced at $89, and a black shirt priced at $44. The officers reviewed camera footage that revealed Kyle grabbed the items from the shelf and went behind a wall to put them in his backpack before leaving the store. The items stolen totaled $202. When officers ran Kyle’s information, they discovered an outstanding arrest warrant for stolen property out of Paducah, Kentucky. Paducah stated they would extradite Paisley for the warrant. Paisley was taken into custody on March 15th and charged with theft and fugitive from justice.

Robert Carden booked for stealing $192 worth of merchandise from Rivergate Mall

24-year-old Robert Carden was issued a citation after he was caught shoplifting $192 worth of merchandise from JCPenney located in Rivergate Mall on October 8th. Carden was booked on the outstanding citation this week.

Elexus Reed charged after stealing clothes from JCPenny’s

25-year-old Elexus Reed was at JCPenney’s in Rivergate Parkway on October 10th when she attempted to leave while not paying. An employee witnessed Reed taking the tags off the clothes and trying to hide them. The items totaled to $192.00 in value. Officers took Reed into custody and charged her with shoplifting.