Man charged with stealing 7 scoops of ice cream from Rivergate Mall — Michael Bowden

Police charged 40-year-old Michael Bowden with theft after the manager of Ocean’s Ice Cream inside Rivergate Mall provided police with a security video showing the temporary mall employee climbing over the counter and taking seven scoops of ice cream from the business. A commissioner released him on his own recognizance.

Nashville nurse charged with theft, found with syringe used for rectal injections

37-year-old Lauren Towery was charged with paraphernalia, theft of property, and theft of vehicle when her boyfriend of two weeks told authorities in June that she had stolen his car. She was caught on July 13th and told officers a syringe found on her was used to inject methamphetamine rectally.

Dumb Criminal: Robert Kinnaman Deposits Checks from Stolen Purse into his own Bank Account.

Robert Kinnaman was arrested Saturday 12/23 multiple outstanding warrants from 2016 – including two drug possession citations, and a paraphernalia citation – but those weren’t the most interesting. The ‘Theft over $1,000’ charge was the one that screams “Dumb Criminal”. According to the victim, in October of last year she was shopping inside the Rivergate Mall when her purse was stolen. Over the next couple of weeks, Robert Kinnaman (the defendant) deposited 6 checks into his personal Suntrust bank account, that were inside the stolen purse. The checks totaled $1962.00.…