Hector Salmeanto steals woman’s car from her workplace

32-year-old Hector Arel Salmeanto stole Makenzie Harris’s car from her workplace, HCA/Centennial Development, on May 1st. Officers were dispatched to a Georgia Avenue residence regarding a call stating there was a male Hispanic, later identified as Salmeanto, getting out of a vehicle in a valley behind his house and attempting to jump over his fence. When officers arrived, they located Salmeanto, who was sweating and could not provide a legitimate story on how he obtained the vehicle or ended up at their dispatched location. Officers asked Salmeanto who owned the car, and he gave them two names of those he believed were the registered owners.

Then, officers found and spoke with Harris, the stolen vehicle owner, who stated her car had been taken from work and called it in at 4:59 p.m. Harris stated the patrol officers had not made it to her job, so her car was not yet reported as stolen. She gave officers a description of Salmeanto from the camera footage outside her workplace. Officers had located Salmeanto in the immediate area of the vehicle and found the vehicle’s keys on his person. The vehicle was estimated to be approximately $9,000.  Salmeanto was taken into custody for vehicle theft.

Apple Airtag leads police to stolen vehicle driven by Corey Little

18-year-old Corey Little was jailed after police observed him driving a vehicle that was reported stolen on September 12th. Kayla Guthrie called the police, stating that her Audi was stolen, and using an AirTag, she was able to track it to Ogden Drive and Mayer Lane. An officer began heading in that direction and ended up directly behind the vehicle while en route traveling on Ogden Drive. The Audi suddenly stopped in the middle of the road, and the driver exited. The driver then walked toward the patrol vehicle and was immediately detained by police. He stated that he didn’t know the car was stolen and that he had been walking on County Hospital Road when a friend from Middle school pulled up next to him and asked him to get in. After a few minutes of driving around, the friend, Tony, offered to sell the car to Mr. Little for $500. Little had no driver’s license but still agreed to purchase the vehicle. The approximate value of the Audi is over $60,000.

Kevin Hatter found in stolen vehicle with improper tags

18-year-old Kevin Hatter was driving a Kia Sportage with a temp tag belonging to a Honda Accord on August 31st. Kevin raced away from the first traffic stop that detectives attempted to make with the help of MNPD AirONE helicopter near Dickerson Pike and Maplewood Trace. The detectives did not follow but found the vehicle parked outside Buffalo Trail Apartments, and Kevin and the passenger exited the vehicle. Kevin was taken into custody. He told the police he was the driver and had recently purchased the vehicle. However, NCIC records showed that the vehicle was reported stolen.

Justin Taylor charged in theft of Chrysler Aspen

40-year-old Justin Taylor was found to be in possession of a stolen vehicle on Nolensville Pike after he pulled out in front of a patrol vehicle, nearly causing a wreck. After running the plate, officers realized it returned to a stolen vehicle and initiated a felony stop and arrest. Taylor claimed he was in the process of buying the truck from his boss but was unable to provide any paperwork, and the vehicle owner recovered the vehicle from the tow-in lot.

Man points gun at girlfriend when she denies him access to her phone

22-year-old Sean Johnson was charged with two counts of assault, theft, and resisting arrest after his girlfriend claimed he pointed a gun at her, shoved her, and fled in a stolen car when he got upset over a phone call she received from her aunt.

Woman found driving stolen car with weed jailed on $10k bond

41-year-old Shakeita Harris was charged with vehicle theft, marijuana possession, drug paraphernalia, and driving on a revoked license after being stopped for not maintaining her lane. The vehicle she was driving had been reported stolen.

Fugitive teen found with stolen motorcycle; lies to cops about who he is

19-year-old Quentin Harris was charged with aggravated burglary, conditions of release violation, theft, possession of marijuana, possession of burglary tools, and criminal impersonation after he was caught with a stolen motorcycle.

Car thief goes by first and middle name; uses both when being questioned by police

27-year-old Jonathan Ervin was charged with theft after he admitted he was the same “Curtis” who stole the car he was sitting in which had no ignition console.

Man charged with theft when found asleep in stolen vehicle

44-year-old Terry Hackett was charged with theft of a vehicle when he was found sleeping in a stolen vehicle at Hampton Inn & Suites.

Nashville nurse charged with theft, found with syringe used for rectal injections

37-year-old Lauren Towery was charged with paraphernalia, theft of property, and theft of vehicle when her boyfriend of two weeks told authorities in June that she had stolen his car. She was caught on July 13th and told officers a syringe found on her was used to inject methamphetamine rectally.