Woman crashes car on Hwy 70; police find marijuana and alprazolam

27-year-old Raven Lockridge was charged with driving under the influence, driving while license revoked, possession of marijuana, and possession of a controlled substance after she told paramedics she used marijuana before she wrecked her car.

Man charged after assaulting pregnant sister; yanks child out of moving car

28-year-old Treon Harvell was charged with two counts of domestic assault, child endangerment, and vandalism after he assaulted the mother of his child and snatched his son out of her moving car as she attempted to flee.

Teen charged with vehicular assault after admitting in ER that he was drinking before accident

19-year-old Yehiys Nigatu was charged with vehicular assault after he hit another driver head-on and spontaneously admitted, in front of MNPD in the emergency room, to drinking a quarter of a bottle of vodka before driving.

Woman found driving stolen car with weed jailed on $10k bond

41-year-old Shakeita Harris was charged with vehicle theft, marijuana possession, drug paraphernalia, and driving on a revoked license after being stopped for not maintaining her lane. The vehicle she was driving had been reported stolen.

Woman charged after assaulting healthcare provider during check-in

28-year-old Julia Willford was charged with assault on a healthcare provider after she hit a healthcare worker in the head with a binder and threw a thermometer at his face.

Woman charged with domestic assault; threatens to shoot father

20-year-old Amaya Eason was charged with domestic assault after telling her father she would “shoot him with his own gun” in front of the police.

Husband mushes and strangles wife during love scuffle

25-year-old Jevonne Wilson was charged with aggravated assault after he mushed his wife in the face and strangled her during an argument.

Man accused of pinning down roommate and swinging at her

34-year-old Roderick Beach was charged with domestic assault after he allegedly grabbed a woman around her neck and attempted to punch her.

Man charged after he angrily hurls bricks and dents wife’s car

28-year-old Ceyndrick Holt was charged with vandalism after chucking bricks against his wife’s vehicle and told police he “threw rocks” at it when he came back to the scene of the crime.

Woman charged after beating boyfriend on two occasions; he records being hit

24-year-old Asia Robinson was charged with two counts of domestic assault after her boyfriend recorded a fight between them where slapped and scratched him.