Man fires at ex while she and her children are in their vehicle; tries again a few hours later

29-year-old Raphael Hughes was charged with two counts of attempted homicide and two counts of child endangerment after shooting at his ex and chasing her down in her own vehicle.

Man charged after he angrily hurls bricks and dents wife’s car

28-year-old Ceyndrick Holt was charged with vandalism after chucking bricks against his wife’s vehicle and told police he “threw rocks” at it when he came back to the scene of the crime.

Woman calls boyfriend after intoxicated camper-mate scuffs up car

24-year-old Carlos Smith was charged with public intoxication and vandalism after he got drunk and punched his friend’s car, breaking the mirror and leaving dents down both sides.

Woman denies burning boyfriend’s clothes despite recording video of herself doing it

30-year-old Candice Gamble was charged with vandalism of $1,000 or less after she recorded herself burning her boyfriend’s clothes.

Woman with domestic assault charge arrested after 5+ months on the run

38-year-old Laquinta Smith was charged with vandalism and domestic assault after she purposefully backed into her ex’s car because he wouldn’t give her something she demanded.

“I stabbed a b*tch”; “look what you made me do” says woman who stabbed a b*tch

24-year-old Destiny Gurley was charged with assault, resisting, evading arrest, vandalism, and burglary after a woman said she beat her, tied her up, drove her across town, and stabbed her when she tried to escape.

Woman fights cheating girlfriend, breaks TV and other items

21-year-old Tykenya Todd was charged with vandalism and domestic assault after she found out her girlfriend was cheating on her, then got into a fight with her and broke a TV and other items.

Police stop woman from sabotaging mother’s gas tank with gravel

25-year-old Dominique Chapman was charged with two counts of domestic vandalism after officers witnessed her trying to put rocks in her mother’s gas tank.

Teen charged with vandalism after breaking bed & TV because he can’t find his phone charger

feat Kirkendoll Devonta

19-year-old Devonta Kirkendoll was charged with vandalism after damaging items that belong to family members.

Homeless woman vandalizes restaurant after accusing them of “serving children to eat”

34-year-old Sarah Raetzloff was charged with 3 counts of vandalism when she ripped out the irrigation system in a restaurant after claiming to find a bone of a child in their trash can.