Teen charged with vandalism after breaking bed & TV because he can’t find his phone charger

feat Kirkendoll Devonta

19-year-old Devonta Kirkendoll was charged with vandalism after damaging items that belong to family members.

Homeless woman vandalizes restaurant after accusing them of “serving children to eat”

34-year-old Sarah Raetzloff was charged with 3 counts of vandalism when she ripped out the irrigation system in a restaurant after claiming to find a bone of a child in their trash can.

Man stalks woman after assault charge; violates order of protection

30-year-old Christopher Deberry was charged with an order of protection violation, vandalism, and evading arrest after making contact with a woman who had an active order of protection against him at her home and work.

Homeless woman slashes tire in Thorntons parking lot

38-year-old Bobbie Dolan was charged with vandalism after she slashed a woman’s tire at Thorntons on Charlotte Pike.

Elderly woman breaks window by “knocking on it” to retrieve food stamp card

67-year-old Brenda Bryant was charged with vandalism after breaking out a window in an attempt to retrieve her food stamp card from someone else’s home.

Hermitage man destroys mother’s bedroom door while she’s inside

22-year-old Preston Weatherby was charged with vandalism of his mother’s door during an altercation in Hermitage. Weatherby was reportedly inebriated and damaged his mother’s door in multiple places after she attempted to remove herself from the argument.

Ex-boyfriend stops to get mail, vandalizes vehicle, is accused of gun threat

33-year-old Brett Brown was charged with two counts of domestic assault and vandalism when he stopped at his ex-girlfriend’s home to get his mail and vandalized her son’s vehicle and allegedly threatened them.

Nashville man assaults ex-girlfriend, vandalizes her car while their child watches

21-year-old Mario Mcadoo was charged with domestic assault and vandalism of his after he was involved in an altercation with his ex-girlfriend where he punched her in the arm three times, told her to pull over so he could “beat her ass”, did damage to her car, then bit her on the hand while their child observed from the backseat.