Danny Sherrell smashes windows of multiple vehicles, steals Hyundai Sonata

18-year-old Danny Sherrell was taken into custody on November 7th for burglaries that occurred at Summerfield Place Apartments and Piccadilly Apartments on October 1. Xavier Henderson and James Oglesby advised officers that the windows of their vehicles were broken out and provided footage showing Sherrell and another suspect arriving in a silver sedan with a rear driver’s side door broken out at Summer Place Apartments and were pulling on car door handles.

Later that day, Andrew Weiss reported that his black Hyundai Sonata was stolen from Piccadilly Apartments. Officers recovered Weiss’s car at a home on Precious Drive, and the resident provided surveillance showing Sherrell parking the car and walking away. Deputies were notified that Sherrell and his accomplice were staying at Elm Hill Pike behind an apartment building and were given footage revealing them wearing the same clothes as the suspects. Sherell was identified with assistance from an MNPD SRO at McGavock High School and was charged with theft of property and two counts of burglarizing a vehicle.

Travis Williams charged with DUI after driving through wind storm damage

42-year-old Travis Williams was charged with driving drunk through a roadblock that was put in place due to powerlines being down at Mall Access Rd on Friday evening. Police say there was an obvious odor of alcohol coming from Mr. Williams. He agreed to do sobriety tests and performed poorly. Mr. Williams was taken into custody and refused to provide a blood sample.

Laretha Wheeler & Jamie Pfitzner sold guitars back to store they stole them from

33-year-old Laretha Wheeler & 41-year-old Jamie Pfitzner were charged with theft on December 18th after police say they were caught on video taking two guitars, valued at $1,478.99, from Guitar Center on November 1st just before closing. Video evidence shows Laretha selling both guitars back to Guitar Center the next day. Police say they were able to identify both suspects by cross-referencing Facebook profiles and screenshots of the security footage provided by Guitar Center.

Man doing donuts in parking lot asks cop if his driving was any good — Nicholas Ruffino

Goodlettsville Police say 28-year-old Nicholas Ruffino was driving his gray Nissan Rogue in the parking lot of Rivergate Mall Thursday evening. Officer Thomas Eisenbraun says he observed Ruffino doing donuts in the parking lot, and abruptly stopped when he noticed the patrol car. Ruffino reportedly jumped out of his vehicle and stated he was just “letting off some steam” before asking the officer if his driving “was any good?” Mall security stated he had been driving around vehicles and light poles in the parking lot. Ruffino immediately took a plea at his hearing the next morning, agreeing to pay the $106 in court costs, and the case was dismissed.

DUI: Anthony Denton drunk drove himself to the police station, did field sobriety tests in the parking lot

Goodlettsville Police officers were standing in the rear of police headquarters Saturday when 32-year-old Anthony Denton drove his Chrysler sedan into the rear parking lot and over a curb while officers watched. He told them he had come to city hall to help his brother, who he said worked for the city. In the middle of performing field sobriety tests, Denton stopped and stated he was intoxicated. He was charged with DUI.

DUI: Hooters Girl asleep behind the wheel, hits the gas when police use air horn to wake her up #TikTok

21-year-old Mya Peterson, who has over 100,000 followers on TikTok(@that_mixeddchickk) where she’s gone viral from dancing in her Hooters Girl work uniform, was found asleep behind the wheel early Friday morning, heavily intoxicated after stopping at a local bar to have “four or five shots” after work. Police boxed in her car, shook her car, even used an airhorn to attempt to wake her.

Woman calls boyfriend after intoxicated camper-mate scuffs up car

24-year-old Carlos Smith was charged with public intoxication and vandalism after he got drunk and punched his friend’s car, breaking the mirror and leaving dents down both sides.

Madison woman charged with DUI and assault after being asked to move her car

24-year-old Briana Cooper was charged with driving under the influence, assault, and implied consent after she attacked a woman that asked to move her car because she was parked too close and police later found her to be intoxicated, per report.

Woman charged after causing a scene at a local apartment complex and refusing to leave

22-year-old Tycohyia Clark was charged with disorderly conduct, criminal trespass, and resisting arrest after yelling, causing a scene, and refusing to leave an apartment complex after three warnings from police. While being placed in custody, she pulled away, fought against officers, and refused to sit in the patrol car.