Laretha Wheeler & Jamie Pfitzner sold guitars back to store they stole them from

33-year-old Laretha Wheeler & 41-year-old Jamie Pfitzner were charged with theft on December 18th after police say they were caught on video taking two guitars, valued at $1,478.99, from Guitar Center on November 1st just before closing. Video evidence shows Laretha selling both guitars back to Guitar Center the next day. Police say they were able to identify both suspects by cross-referencing Facebook profiles and screenshots of the security footage provided by Guitar Center.

Woman caught at location where she stole a Les Paul guitar the day before

21-year-old Kayla Pendergast was charged with theft after the manager of Guitar Center reported to police that she was seen on their security footage stealing a Les Paul guitar.

Nashville Musician charged with stealing guitars from store using multiple schemes

Nashville Musician Leighton Moylan is charged with theft of merchandise after police say he admitted to ordering a custom guitar into Guitar Center and shipping it to his friend’s house, where he picked it up. He offered to return the guitar once charges were filed.