Laretha Wheeler & Jamie Pfitzner sold guitars back to store they stole them from

33-year-old Laretha Wheeler & 41-year-old Jamie Pfitzner were charged with theft on December 18th after police say they were caught on video taking two guitars, valued at $1,478.99, from Guitar Center on November 1st just before closing. Video evidence shows Laretha selling both guitars back to Guitar Center the next day. Police say they were able to identify both suspects by cross-referencing Facebook profiles and screenshots of the security footage provided by Guitar Center.

Be gone before I’m home from work: She left & took his TVs — Latasha Black arrested

Eric Savely says he let 32-year-old Latasha Black stay with him for a few days on a temporary basis, and on the last day he requested for her to be gone before he came home from work. She left as he requested, and took both of his televisions with her. Police were able to locate the TVs at a nearby pawn shop, where she used her ID to pawn them for cash. Black is free on pre-trial release.

Total Mechanical Solutions employee charged after pawning items he stole on the job

32-year-old Christopher Shankle was charged with theft of property after video footage proved he stole and pawned drills, batteries, and a battery charger while working on a job at Opry Mills.

Man pawns roommate’s PlayStation, charged with aggravated burglary – $10K bond

Dontez Haynes, 20, could have been at home making hamburger helper for lunch, but instead, he’s likely enjoying a bologna sandwich, courtesy of a Davidson County jail. He is held on a $10,000 bond for aggravated burglary, after pawning his roommate’s PlayStation gaming system.