Total Mechanical Solutions employee charged after pawning items he stole on the job

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32-year-old Christopher Shankle was charged with theft of property after video footage proved he stole and pawned drills, batteries, and a battery charger while working on a job at Opry Mills.

On June 20th, Brett Westerman was at 433 Opry Mills Drive working when Christopher Shankle, who works for Total Mechanical Solutions, arrived. After Westerman led Shankle to the business, he left him there to work. He claimed when he returned to the business he was missing two Dewalt drills, two Dewalt batteries, and a battery charger. When he confronted Shankle, he denied doing it.

Christopher Shankle (MNPD)
Christopher Shankle (MNPD)

Metro Nashville Police Officer Jason Smith checked a pawnshop database which showed that the items were pawned on July 20th. Video footage was pulled from the pawnshop, showing Shankle entered the store with the items he was accused of taking.

Westerman stated he wrote “aw” on the batteries as well as “bw” on the drill. Officer Smith visited the pawnshop to view the items. He noted the “B” on the drill had been sanded off and replaced with a “CS” but was still visible, and “aw” was found on the batteries. Westerman confirmed the handwriting to be his.

Christopher Shankle was arrested and charged with theft of property. He was released on a $1,000 bond.

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