Man charged after his name is used to sell stolen phone

37-year-old Aaron Nettles was charged with theft of property and burglary of a motor vehicle after police deduced he broke into a woman’s car by checking the name of the person who sold her stolen phone.

Young man spotted with pistol tucked in pants runs from police when approached

19-year-old Deatric Woods was charged with theft of property, evading arrest, and unlawful possession of a weapon after he ran from police and ditched a gun.

Total Mechanical Solutions employee charged after pawning items he stole on the job

32-year-old Christopher Shankle was charged with theft of property after video footage proved he stole and pawned drills, batteries, and a battery charger while working on a job at Opry Mills.

Walmart shoplifter caught with more than he stole

27-year-old Jonathan Ervin was charged with theft of merchandise and possession of meth and marijuana after he was caught stealing shirts from Walmart.

Man walks in for a drink, tries to walk out with cash register

29-year-old Durgham Al-Mosawi was charged with theft of property and vandalism after two Little Caesars employees detained him while he tried to steal their cash register.

Serial shoplifter caught stealing gummy bears and a case of Mike’s Hard Lemonade

32-year-old Brandon King was charged with theft of property after a Walgreens employee reported him to officers for neglecting to pay for his gummy bears and case of hard lemonade.

Florida fugitive found with loaded firearm; also has large amounts of cash and marijuana

21-year-old Princeton Reece was charged with a felony drug offense, theft of property, and possession of a firearm when officers spotted him matching the description of a male in relation to recent vehicle break-ins the area.

Man breaks into ex’s home & disables security system; steals door stops & window jacks

41-year-old James Milam was charged with domestic assault, burglary, and theft when he broke into his ex’s house twice by prying open a wrought-iron door, knocking a Plexiglas window out of a door, and stealing her door stops.

Woman throws water bottle at boyfriend and takes his work vehicle for a ride

34-year-old De Ambre Mckoy was charged with theft of property, theft of a vehicle, and domestic assault after an argument where she took her boyfriend’s wallet and work vehicle.

Opportunistic thief swipes pistol from unsuspecting man

26-year-old Dewey Adams was charged with theft after he swiped a pistol from the hands of an unsuspecting man and later sold it for $100.