Mohamed Kadi threatens Airbnb guests after creeping by in his car

27-year-old Mohamed Kadi was taken into custody for vandalism, evading arrest, and resisting arrest on March 12th. A party called the police regarding an individual, later identified as Kadi, driving past their Airbnb on Sigler Street, parking, and then staring at them. They explained that one group member went to speak to him, during which he became angry, exiting his car with a hammer and walking toward them. Then, after a brief argument, Kadi turned his attention to Jeanette Knox’s car and started vandalizing it before fleeing. While officers spoke with the party, Kadi began yelling at them from a nearby street but walked away as the officers approached him. The officers then drove and caught up to Kadi on Music Circle North, where they ordered him to stop so they could speak with him, but he continued to run away until they threatened to taser him. Then, while they were attempting to detain him, he became actively resistive, forcing them to wait for backup to get him to the patrol car.

Glenn Sharber booked for trespassing on MDHA property

23-year-old Glenn Sharber was booked for trespassing and evading arrest on 12th Avenue South on January 8th. Officers responded to a call regarding a black male with dreads and a pink backpack pointing a gun at someone on December 2nd. When officers arrived, they noticed Sharber, who matched the description given in the call. Sharber was walking towards the building when officers ordered him to stop. Sharber then banged on the door to be let into the residence and closed the door behind him. Sharber exited via the back of the residence, where another officer was present. During the investigation, officers learned that Sharber was on the MDHA banned list for all properties. Sharber was given a state citation for criminal trespassing and evading arrest. Glenn Sharber was booked on the citation on January 8th

Man charged with threatening ex-girlfriend after she reported his crimes to police — Diante Wilkes

Diante Wilkes FEAT

28-year-old Diante Wilkes is charged with breaking into his ex-girlfriend’s car and taking her speakers. Once he learned she had reported the incident and warrants had been issued for his arrest he reportedly began to text his ex, Jessica Carter, and make threats of physical violence if she didn’t “cancel the warrants”.

In addition to the open warrants for theft and auto burglary, Wilkes was booked into the Metro Nashville Jail earlier this week, also charged with coercion of a witness. He remains jailed in lieu of a $7,500 bond.

DUI: woman ‘sleeps it off’ behind wheel of running vehicle overnight, still blows 0.087 the next morning — Lindsey Dixon

34-year-old Lindsey Dixon was charged with DUI Friday morning after officers found her slumped over the wheel of a running vehicle on Music Circle East. Initially concerned she may be in need of medical attention, officers stopped to check on her, at which time she began telling officers the story of why she was parked in this location, which they noted she “was rambling and talking in circles, but did manage to tell officers she had been drinking the night before”. She eventually blew a 0.087 BAC, even after having been asleep behind the wheel of the running car for a few hours. Dixon was booked into the Metro Nashville Jail and is free on pre-trial release.