DayDrunk: 9 empty wine bottles found in car; woman urinates on herself while in conversation with officer

64-year-old Sally Mattis, of Memphis, was charged with DUI just before 5 p.m. Wednesday at the Harpeth River State Park in Nashville when police found her with 9 open and empty bottles of Barefoot Pinot Grigio in her vehicle, though she claims she only recently drank two. While talking with officers, she urinated all over herself mid-conversation and refused all testing.

Man punches ex-girlfriend when she refuses to give him her car keys

24-year-old Kenchisa Carter was charged with domestic assault and vandalism after he damaged his ex-girlfriend’s vehicle and punched her in the head when she refused to give him her keys.

Arrest: Pimping ain’t dead in Nashville

28-year-old Shawnveccheo Swain is charged with promoting prostitution after admitting to “providing security” for female sex workers at the Lotus Inn and Suites in Nashville. He brought the women from Memphis and paid for the rooms while they worked.

SCOOP: Witness to Antioch murder says she told MNPD shots came from Audi, was ignored, not believed.

SCOOP: It was 21 hours after Kevin Steward was shot and killed before MNPD got the correct suspects and their vehicle information out to the public. However, a witness to the murder that attempted CPR on the victim, told police the shots were fired from a black Audi shortly after it happened – and she says they ignored her, even called her a liar, as they put out the wrong information to the public, not correcting it for nearly 21 hours after the murder

Jason Isabel Instagrammed his ex’s nudes to her children & the world #RevengePorn #Arrested

Jason Isabel is a 36 year old ‘bounty hunter’ according to his online presence. He was arrested overnight in Nashville for ‘booty’ rather than ‘bounty’. Jason Isabel had been in a romantic relationship with the victim, but have since broken up. During the relationship, the victim had sent him a sexual nude image of herself to Isabel, of her and her buttocks, with her anus exposed. She sent it with the understanding that it would remain private between them and not shown to others. After the break-up, Jason Isabel began…

GUN ARREST: Felon Brings Loaded Glock 22 & Drugs to Vanderbilt Emergency Department

Just after 6AM on Friday morning, Larry Shaeffer of Memphis, posted on his Facebook “Otw 2 Nash Vegas anyone wanna ride up? And throw down for the Weekend?” 24 hours later, on Saturday morning, Shaeffer found himself having chest pain and walked into the Vanderbilt Emergency Room. Being from Memphis, he likely didn’t expect the full security check and metal detectors at the entrance. He was carrying a black & gray backpack with drugs and a loaded gun inside. He placed his bag on the security desk and stated there…

Lyft Driver Arrested for Stealing Passenger’s Purse in Nashville

During Nashville’s CMA Fest week in June, rideshare drivers from nearby cities came to Nashville to make some extra cash and help with the projected spike us of rideshare services such as Uber & Lyft.¬†Keleian Dawson, a Memphis resident, was driving in Nashville for Lyft during this week. When he picked up a passenger from Winner’s bar on Division St – he is reported to have kept more than just his fare. According to police reports from the MNPD, he stole his rider’s purse when she fell asleep in his…